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In this episode, the hosts get fact-checked about Apple Podcasts episode artwork, discuss the new IAB Podcast Ad Revenue Study, and argue that it's not podcasts, but the listeners, that are the problem when it comes to ratings.  Tom Webster also drops in to share some exciting news & actionable insights for the indie podcaster. Conan Shares His Theory About “The Daily” Podcast | Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend Podcasts Episode ArtworkIf you use Apple Podcasts, please unfollow this podcast & see if the episodic artwork shows for you. (Then follow us again ASAP!)Tweet us @Buzzsprout or send an email to titled Buzzcast Episode Artwork to let us know if it worked for you!IAB U.S. Podcast Advertising Survey Results with Tom WebsterFollow Tom on Twitter @webby2001 & listen to his podcast, I Hear Things Changes Free Account Duration users on the free plan are now limited to 40 minutes, even for one-on-one meetings. We recommend switching to or! Are Podcasts Getting Worse? is hosted by Alban Brooke @albanbrooke, Kevin Finn @kfinn, and Jordan Blair @jordanpodsThanks for listening and keep podcasting!Podcasting Q&AGet the best tips and strategies to launch, grow, and monetize your podcast.Listen on: Apple Podcasts   The Enthusiasm ProjectDeep dives exploring the world of what it means to be an independent creator.Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify How to Start a PodcastA serial podcast that teaches you how to create a podcast from scratch.Listen on: Apple Podcasts  
In this episode, we reveal the new cohost of Buzzcast, chat about podcast merch, the pros and cons of premium podcast subscriptions, the death of live audio, and answer some Buzzsprout Facebook Community Questions.  Links from this episode:How To Start A Podcast (The Podcast)Buzzsprout Cotton Bureau MerchApple Podcast: Prepare for annual subscriptioin plansApple Podcast: New listening reports for subscriptionsFacebook is pulling back from its foray into podcastingSpotify axes its Spotify Greenroom Creator Fund
Welcome Arielle NissenblattFollow upLast week we talked about Spotify's new TikTok style podcast discovery. If you'd like to check it out on iOS open Safari and go to spotify:internal:podcastclipsExplainer on TikTokspotify:internal:podcastclipsApple Podcasts Releases Follower NumbersFollowers = clicked the ⊕ follow button (similar to download numbers)Listeners = listened to 1 second (22%, 18%, 22%)Engaged listener = 20min or 40% of episode (14%, 14%, 20%)ACast Spam turned up to 11One podcast consultant reporting that Acast had spammed his client within seconds of signing with a competitor. A majority of Acast’s mailings seen by Podnews omit a physical postal address, which is required by US law. One unsolicited Acast email claims that “you subscribed to our newsletter via the beefree·io website”, but BeeFree has denied any affiliation with Acast. Acast’s emails also reference Mailup Inc; but mail headers reveal that Acast’s emails are sent using a competitor, Mailgun (via customer·io).Hit Spam early and oftenTopicsSpotify is promoting fake music artistsSpotify builds platform on the back of top music artistsSpotify convinces users to use their playlistsSpotify creates their own content and promotes it in their playlistsArtists are left with no distribution and no moneyBuzzsprout Platform Stats+5.8% listens across the platformApple is up to 37.4%, Spotify to 27.9%Spotify users listening to less podcasts (Edison Research)Or Spotify favoring owned content?Podcast download chartsTop 1% - 3,994Top 5% - 795Top 10% - 335Top 25% - 93Top 50% - 30How do Apple Podcasts charts work?listeningfollows completion rateRatings, reviews, and sharesWNYC built a bot to get their shows into Apple PodcastsNPR monitored when their show fell out of the rankings, ran Facebook ads to get it back, then turned them offAlban heard this story at Podcast MovementNPR issued a statementWNYCWe'll be heading to two conferences next month, and we'd love to see you there!The Podcast Show in London from May 25th-26thBlk Pod Festival in Atlanta, Georgia from May 28th-29thValue4Value + Review
In this episode, Sam Sethi (cohost of PodLand News) joins the crew to break down all the big announcements at Podcast Movement Evolutions from the rise of TikTok for podcast discoverability to new updates from YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. Learn everything you need to know on this week's episode of Buzzcast!Special BuzzBoost Shoutouts to Ross, Kyrin, Carol, Dave, and Kyle for supporting the show.If you'd like us to drop a Podcast Promo for your show into a future episode of Buzzcast, simply:Record a 30-second promo (with or without music)Email the audio file alongside a title and relevant links to support@buzzsprout.comLinks from this episode:PME Infinite Dial Insights [Alban's Twitter Thread]Spotify is testing a new "TikTok style scrolling" EarBuds Podcast Collective NewsletterYouTube podcasting plansApple Podcasts introduces Follower metrics, MP3 support for subscription audio, and moreValue 4 Value podcasts
In this episode, Jordan Blair joins the crew to discuss several innovative audio apps, why YouTube is paying podcasters to create video content, Apple Podcasts' newest feature, and why companies are sending spam emails to podcasters.Special BuzzBoost Shoutouts to Kyrin, Dave, and Andy for supporting the show.Be sure to check out Jordan's podcast Dreamful on your favorite podcast listening app.Links from this episode:Racket launches an app for 99-second micro podcastsRun the airwaves with Amp, the live radio app from AmazonYouTube is reportedly paying podcasters to film their showsiOS 15.4: What’s New for Apple PodcastsDorktales Storytime podcast offers classic tales to raise awareness about autism
In this episode, the crew discusses Alban's TikTok stardom, some indie podcast apps that are on the rise, and what we think of Twitter jumping into podcasts.Special BuzzBoost Shoutouts to Kyrin, Dave, Chris, Nick, and Eric for supporting the show. Links from this episode:In Defense of Third-Party Podcast Solutions (Chartable Article by Bryan Barletta)How to Start a Podcast is refreshed for 2022 feat. Alban, Gilon, and TravisFollow Buzzsprout on TikTokListen to the Buzzcast episode where we discussed going viral on TikTokSubmit your Fiction podcast to Apollo (Twitter thread)
In this episode, the crew discusses Spotify's recent murders and acquisitions (*sorry* mergers and acquisitions), how to submit your show to be featured in Apple Podcasts, and why streaming cryptocurrency to your favorite podcaster may be the future of monetization.Shoutouts to Dave Jones at Podcast Index and Kyrin from the Mere Mortals podcast for sending us our first Satoshis!Value 4 Value:See which podcasts support "value 4 value"Download Castamatic from the iOS App StoreDM Kevin on Twitter to earn some free SatoshisUse CashApp's refer a friend referral link to earn some free Bitcoin/USDUpdates from Apple Podcasts:New instructions for submitting to Apple Podcasts' New and NoteworthyUsing chapters on Apple PodcastsOther Links Mentioned in this Episode:Spotify Acquires Podsights and ChartableComplete the Podnews podcast platform survey
Note: This episode was recorded on Wednesday, February 2nd so we only address the controversy around covid misinformation in the Joe Rogan Experience. Since then there have been additional controversies about racist comments resulting in many episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience being removed from Spotify.-------------In this episode, the crew discusses Apple Podcasts' resurgence in Buzzsprout's Global Stats, what's going on over at Spotify, and what it takes to make podcasting a full-time job.Upcoming Podcast Conferences:Podcast Movement Evolutions, March 23-26Blk Pod Festival, May 28-29Podfest Expo, May 26-29Links from this episode:Buzzsprout's Global Stats for JanuarySpotify Is Removing Neil Young Songs After He Complains of ‘Misinformation’ (New York Times)Joe Rogan, Confined to Spotify, is Losing Influence (The Verge)Improve Podcast's Study of Podcasters
In this episode, the crew discusses Riverside's new Android app, Travis' propensity to leave Apple Podcasts reviews on his own shows, how the landscape of podcast monetization is shifting, and what features we'd include in our dream podcast microphone.
In this episode, the crew discusses Spotify's new podcast ratings, how to start a successful podcast in 2022, and what we predict will totally happen in the podcasting industry this year.Links from this episode:HTSAP Audio PodcastHTSAP VideoBuzzsprout CourseNext Level Tools to Power Up Your Podcast [Buzzsprout Overview]7x Tips to Avoid PODFADE in 2022Mic giveaway post
In this episode, the crew discusses our holiday plans, new features that were just introduced inside of Buzzsprout, the future of the podcast advertising ecosystem, and how to create a podcast directory as a marketing strategy for your show.Check out the totally legit bios written using the new host/co-host feature for each of us on the official Buzzcast website.Links from this episode:Add host & co-host information to your Buzzsprout siteSay goodbye to your favorite podcast promo codes (The Verge Article)Travis' new podcast directory:
In this episode, the crew discusses the Buzzsprout global stats for November, the rumor mill surrounding YouTube's potential push into podcasting, and what the new Infrastructure Bill passed by Congress means for value4value monetization.Links from this episode:Buzzsprout's Global Stats for NovemberMythbusting: are downloads from 'AppleCoreMedia' mostly from Apple Podcasts?How to do value4value and earn Bitcoin from your podcast
Twila Dang, founder of Matriarch Digital Media, shares her journey of transitioning from radio to podcasting, why it's important to dream big, and some things you should know before joining a podcast network.Check out Matriarch Digital Media and follow Twila on Twitter
In this episode, the crew breaks down Instagram's new Link Sticker, Alban gives us an update on the Facebook Podcasts rollout, and we share our favorite tips and strategies from our most recent blog post.Links from this episode:80 Podcasting Tips to Start a Successful Podcast [Blog]How to make your mic sound BETTER [Video]Can a Samson Q2U sound like a Shure SM7B? [Video]When should you monetize your podcast? [Video]
In this episode, the crew reminisces on the origins of the Buzzsprout YouTube channel, we discuss several updates to Facebook Podcasts (Google Podcasts), Spotify introducing video podcasts, and reveal the podcast setups that each person uses to record Buzzcast.YouTube videos we mention:Rode PodMic vs Audio-Technica ATR2100Best Podcast Microphones Under $100How to Start a Podcast: The Step-by-Step Guide [2021]Boom Arms we mention:Rode PSA 1 and PSA 1+Blue CompassGator FrameworksOC White with Premium MountAlban's Podcast Setup:Shure SM7BOC WhiteScarlett 2i2 (3rd gen)Kevin's Podcast Setup:Heil PR40WindscreenPRSM shock mountPSA 1Rodecaster ProOneodio HeadphonesTravis' Podcast Setup:Rode ProcasterWS2 foam coverRode PSM1 shock mountPSA 1Cloudlifter CL-1Scarlett 2i2 (2nd gen)Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphonesReview Buzzcast in Podchaser or Apple Podcasts to let us know what you think of the show.
In this episode, the crew recaps our trip to ShePodcasts Live, Apple's new article detailing how auto downloads work in Apple Podcasts, and Eric Nuzum's article with relevant tips for indie podcasters.Links from this episode:Automatic Downloads on Apple PodcastsFive Pieces of Advice for Those Interested in Podcasting by Eric NuzumSubscribe to Eric Nuzum's newsletter: The Audio InsurgentSupport these Buzzsprout podcasts:Marked Safe: A Disaster PodcastEclectic Stories of the ParanormalPNW Haunts & HomicidesReview Buzzcast in Podchaser or Apple Podcasts to let us know what you think of the show.
In this episode, the crew discusses the fallout of the FB and IG blackout, what's going on with Facebook podcasts, why Heavyweight is going exclusive to Spotify, and answer some listener questions from Podcasting Q&A.Register for ShePodcasts Live in Arizona and RSVP for the Buzzsprout meetup.Review Buzzcast in Podchaser or Apple Podcasts to let us know what you think of the show.
In this episode, Travis is back from paternity leave to discuss the new features rolling out to Buzzsprout customers, Alban breaks down how one podcast leveraged TikTok to 10x their audience, and we play the very first edition of "This or That"Links from this episode:The viral TikTok video that catapulted Marked Safe Podcasts' downloads (mildly explicit)Alban's full breakdownReview Buzzcast in Podchaser or Apple Podcasts to let us know what you think of the show.
*face palm*

*face palm*


This is what happens when Travis goes on Paternity Leave...
In this episode, the crew discusses why we're hitting pause on uploading Buzzcast to YouTube, Dave Jones joins the show to talk about Podcasting 2.0, and we open up the mailbag to answer your podcasting questions.Links from this episode:Check out Podcast IndexZapier for automated social media postsHow to Rebrand Your PodcastReview Buzzcast in Podchaser or Apple Podcasts to let us know what you think of the show.
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i love your show and your tips. Im starting a true crime podcast and I was wondering about the theme music for my show. I noticed a few shows i listen to get music from bandcamp. now if I buy a song and or albulm from bandcamp would that give me the permissions needed to use it as my theme song and or songs in my show? Or is that a seperate fee.

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