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George Ruiz is the race director of The Tahoe Rim Trail Race. He is also a passionated ultra runner. We had a talk about running and the love of being a race director.
On this podcast I follow up on the dream of going to the Olympics and how to deal with not reaching your goals. We also talk about the current situation in the US. We talk about running and marketing. Let´s just say we get around on this podcast.
This podcast is about Jiu-Jitsu, mindset, how to be better every day and overcoming adversities. Joachim Christensen (born November 7, 1978) is a Danish mixed martial artist. He was the Superior Challenge light heavyweight champion, as well as the German Mixed Martial Arts Championship (GMC) light heavyweight champion. He also competed in the light heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He currently signed to Absolute Championship Berkut (ACB).
Arnar Vigfusson was the co-founder and first CEO and chairman of Mjonir Fight Gym in Iceland. He is a 2nd degree black belt and have worked with numerous UFC fighters. He is also a multiple time national champ in BJJ gi and nogi. In this episode we talk about his current job at Olympian Fight Gym and his work with Mark O. Madsen The Olympian, who is signed with the UFC and is fighting March 7, 2020 in Las Vegas. Inn the end of the show we get to talk about what to watch out for when choosing a BJJ gym and what BJJ has done for Arnar's life.



I had the pleasure getting Mario Mason on the mikes for the second time We talk about loosing weight, suplements and some great advise for loosing some pounds. Marios Goal is to make it to the US Olympic Games. Risk It Media is going to follow his journey and try to raise some money to help him out. Let´s get Mario to the Olympics.
I had the pleasure getting Mario Mason on the mikes. We talk about hard times and getting a second chance in his wrestling career. Marios Goal is to make it to the US Olympic Games. Risk It Media is going to follow his journey and try to raise some money to help him out. Let´s get Mario to the Olympics.
This podcast is about Jiu Jitsu and going after your dreams 100%. JP has quit his day job in order to follow his dream of becoming one of the best in the world. JP is a brown belt and fight out of ATOS in California, US. We talk about training, competition, mindset and of course the time he rolled with Conor McGregor in Chris Haueter's garage.
Shimon Mochizuki was the first Dane to achieve the belt rank of black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a rank awarded by Leonardo Vieira, being also one of Europe’s most successful coaches. From his Checkmat team affiliate academy ‘Arte Suave’, Mochizuki has developed some of the finest grapplers in Europe, competitors such as Alexander Trans, Ida Hansson, Shanti Abelha, Janni Larsson or Camila Hansen to name a few. We have a talk about Jiu Jitsu, entrepreneurship etc.
In this podcast you will meet Kim Sørensen, inspirational trail runner with expertise in trail running gear. He works for Salomon Scandinavia and handles all the big clients in the region. Kim has been a big part of developing trail running in Denmark over the last decade.We talk about how trail running has develop over the years and then we get som insight in what works for Kim as a runner. This podcast is about trail running, gear and tips enjoy.
Conversations with Salomon Denmark athlete Christian Madsen. Christian Madsen is a good friend of mine and psychologist. He is an age group World Champion in Mountain Running for Teams and the owner off Fullperformance. We talk about running, mindset and advice for running.
A mixed martial arts athlete transitions to ultra running. This conversation is about MMA, training, long-distance running and mindset. Kenneth did a 232 km run on the Island of Bornholm in Denmark in November 2018 celebrating his 40 years birthday. Kenneth is also a former Cage Warrior World Champion in MMA. This is a conversation with Kenneth Rosfort-Nees straight out of Copenhagen, Denmark.
Mads Burnell born March 6, 1994 is a Danish mixed martial artist. He competes in featherweight division of the Cage Warriors.Professional mixed martial artist since 2013, Burnell has also competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He was the European Championship Brazilian jiu-jitsu European No-Gi Champion in 2014. Mads received his BJJ black belt from Chris Haueter after 3 years of intense training at the young age of 21. This puts him amongst europe’s youngest black belts.
Gabriel Messuti has created many brands and businesses. He and his wife currently own and operate a yoga, float, cryo and wellness center in NJ. His desire is to inspire others to empower themselves, so he shares the life tools he has gained, allowing them to experience their highest self, whatever that may be.
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