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If you're down to hear a few mates talk complete nonsense, you've found the right podcast. We can't guarantee it'll be good at all, but hey! Just like our name it makes no sense, completely random, never know what to expect, it's Absolute Cactus with Rob, Larnelle & Azzan.
4 Episodes
Intro 2. There's a mint thief at work 3. Mango gets attacked 4. Azzan has an addiction 5. Instant film writers 6. Fake costume game 7. Another world record attempt 8. South African Politics
Intro 2. World Record attempt 3. What's that spread? 4. Can we be millionaires? 5. Australian sport suggestions 6. Pied Piper of Christmas update
Intro 2. Faking bad presents 3. Should we be promoting Santa? 4. The Pied Piper of Christmas 5. Festive bad luck 6. 12 Days of Christmas cost 7. Grinch 8. Last Christmas
Intro 2. Eddie Murphy 3. Surprise birthday 4. Trolley Man 5. Larnelle's Kris Kringle 6. Creaming soda saga 7. Pokemon 8. Lion King anticipation 9. So In Sync aftermath
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