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Author: Raffi G

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Combatives Academy Podcast. Combat training for ordinary people and anything goes situations.
2 Episodes
In this podcast, Raffi Gabriel explains the martial arts renaissance happening now around the world. What is martial arts is explored in detail? The origin of all martial arts is explained. Hunting and Fighting are compared. Affective Aggression vs Predatory Aggression. Pattern practice in martial arts training. The useful terms Emic and Etic, are defined for use in discussing martial arts.Support the show (
In this podcast #1, Raffi Gabriel introduces the Combatives Academy philosophy of weapons based training for the average person. He covers the benefits of training in Jeet Kune Do, Silat, Grappling and Escrima as the core of an effective Combatives curriculum. A brief history of the blade based Filipino martial arts of Bahala Na Escrima is discussed. The podcast concludes with a discussion on fitness and the importance of a positive mental outlook.Support the show (
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