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Resources for help with Cancer: Resources:Metastatic Breast Cancer Network  Peer Support Hotline:  888-500-0370Living Beyond Breast Cancer Peer Support 888-753-5222Cancer Support Helpline 888-793-9355 (M-F 9-9 EST, Saturday/Sunday 9-5 EST)American Cancer Society 24/7 Help 1-800-227-2345
Poetry with a Purpose
All things books with Kim Harms & Tina Conrad!
Lauren is a breast cancer thriver, a returning guest (LOVE HER) and studied holistic healing.  Leaving a life of accounting, she became an entrepreneur focused on helping others during and after breast cancer journeys.  Lauren describes "Radical Honesty" and owning our truths.  She describes how we are all our own best healers.  I also loved the phrase "what's coming is going".   Lauren has amazing resources including a free ebook on nutrition.  Together, we discuss mental health and Lauren's challenges with food and her feelings on being overwhelmed and anxious.   You can find Lauren at @iambreastcancerthriver on IGPodcast:  Breast Cancer Thriver
Ginger is the Director of Corporate Relations for American Cancer Society, in Grand Rapids Michigan.  Ginger was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014, working in the non-profit sector.  After the impact of non-profit organizations and Covid, Ginger found a position with ACS and is now a Reach to Recovery Volunteer.  This pairs survivors and newly diagnosed people together, almost as a mentorship, listening ear program.
Annette describes her family history with cancer, her mother is a 2 time breast cancer survivor, her father battled bladder cancer twice and maternal aunt and cousin also faced breast cancer.  Annette describes her cancer diagnosis and her deep fear of a recurrence, given her family's experience.  Annette describes how her mental health concerns started in her 20's after a separation from her first marriage resulting in insomnia, medication and therapy.  Annette describes how she faces anxiety and sleeplessness still to this day.  Annette speaks of the breastie community and how she identifies herself as a breastie.  netluna18
Nikki was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 years ago.  She discusses the impact of cancer on her husband and caretaker.  His fears of a recurrence and depression changed him.  Nikki describes how she perseveres,  she is an self-proclaimed eternal optimist, but she lost the love of her life and then faced Covid shutdowns, causing her plans with friends to be delayed.  Nikki is looking to turn her pain into purpose by helping others. Some books Nikki recommends are The Universe has your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein and Oprah's What I Know for Sure, links below.  just_bemore
Ann was the first person to reach out when I announced I was taking guests for mental health.  Ann experienced a series of events in 2012 starting with her mother's death from endometrial cancer in 2012 and then diagnosed 4 months later with Stage 2, Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  Before breast cancer, Ann experienced mild depression with anxiety, however was recently diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.   Ann also describes manic episodes and the impact on her life.  Ann encourages others to take one day at a time and to not be afraid to ask for help. @luckygirlbyann_2
Kelly was diagnosed with breast cancer originally in 2012, with a double mastectomy.  Just recently, Kelly was diagnosed with a recurrence, this time Her2+.   Kelly describes the impact that breast cancer has had on her family (mom diagnosed in 1986, and sister diagnosed in 2020 with metastatic breast cancer). Kelly describes the faith journey and how Sister Mary, a nun from her aunt's funeral has been placed in her journey.  Kelly describes her favorite Bible Verse, Proverbs 16, "We can make our own plans, but the Lord gives the right answer."  Our lives are in God's hands.  Kelly also describes cold capping and the importance of listening to yourself and listening to your body.IG:  kelly_breast_cancer_journeyIG:  kellyogt
Pastor John Scott, is a devoted Cubs fan, an amazing father and husband and pastor to Crosspoint Lutheran Church.   Pastor John describes how God shows up in incredible ways and how faith is the foundation of hope to help in the difficult and dark days. Pastor John reminds us that the Word of God advises us that there are hard times.  It states that in this world, YOU WILL HAVE TROUBLE, BUT TAKE HEART!  If anyone is wanting to know how to pray, 1) Give Thanks 2) Ask for something (yourself and others) and 3) Confess, open your heart is Carolina born, a bourbon and travel enthusiast, loves cupcakes and making lists. She is a AYA Cancer Advocate.  She describes her recent cancer diagnosis, graduated from chemo on 1/21/21, still has radiation and her exchange surgery to go.  She describes that you have to be your own advocate, "I know me better than you!"Lauren describes feeling abandoned by God and didn't know why she was being punished.  She did ask God, What is the message?!  Lauren is also a podcast host of Blended Kids and Life with Little Ones. 
Donation for Rachel Engstrom, in honor of her late husband: Link Engstrom is the author  of “Wife, Widow, Now What?” which is based on her young cancer wife, then widow and beyond experience. It’s written to help those going through the cancer world, supporters, caregivers etc- with a plethora of resources, along with my journey.   It’s a pretty groundbreaking resource.  Rachel wants to help share her insights with the world.  Cancer is such an ugly and awful illness, and my story and resource guide offers a unique gift to those going through it all and any other all supporters. 
Kathy is a Jesus disciple, cancer survivor, resilient!Kathy was diagnosed with Stage 2, TNBC in July of 2016.  She shares her plans for her 5th cancerversary, a big milestone in the cancer community.  Kathy describes God experiences and the journey of consequence.  Kathy describes how she very clearly heard God speak to her, encouraging a friend to get a mammogram.  This friend was diagnosed with breast cancer nearly 2 months after Kathy. with Breast Cancer in April of 2015, Heidi was 34 years old.  Heidi underwent a lumpectomy, radiation and chemo.  Heidi is Stage 2, ER/PR+, HER2-.  Heidi describes how faith is truly a "practice", allowing the thought, the spirit and the feeling to lead her to action.  Heidi describes the vision that she had the day before her diagnosis and her experience that led her even closer in her faith.   She describes we can either be a victim or a victor.Heidi's fave Bible verse is Ecclesiastes 3:11, He has made everything beautiful in its time.  He has also set eternity in the human heart.  Yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. Heidi's tip is finding a sisterhood and being vulnerable.
Taylor and Rena are one of my fave Mother Daughter Duos!Taylor was 23 years old at her diagnosis, with 2 young children.  Taylor describes how faith is the only thing that kept her from breaking.  Rena, a trained nurse, was a huge advocate for Taylor, researching all things and sharing with her medical information.Favorite bible versesTaylor's Job 13:15 "Though He slay me, yet I will Trust him"Rena's Psalms 91:2 "He is my refuge"Taylor describes the importance of not bottling it up, find someone to cry to.  You can't go through this alone.  Rena describes the importance of Praying and Advocating!
Faith > Fear Series Eliana is diagnosed with DCIS in October of 2019.  Eliana describes the daily practice of exercising her faith on a daily basis.  Eliana describes her favorite Bible verse as Psalm 91, "Whoever dwells in the shelter of the most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.  I will say of the Lord "He is my refuge and my fortress.  My God in whom I trust. "Eliana describes a transition from being a people pleaser to focusing on what makes her happy.  She describes how every day is a different day and the importance of little steps. 
Cecelia and I discuss her diagnosis (on 9/9/19, with Stage 3 Breast Cancer).  Cecelia then had a recurrence on 10/5/20 which made her very angry at God for a few hours.  Cecelia is active in the church and experienced others support as they prayed over her. Cecelia describes her favorite bible passage as James 1:12 "Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promise to those who love Him". Cecelia describes the grace for those that may not understand a cancer journey.  Not everyone will know what to say, how to react, so to give them grace. 
Rosalie discusses the full circle of the benefits of therapy during her cancer journey (massage, physical) to becoming a trained therapist herself.  Rosalie describes the importance of giving back all that she has received.Rosalie discusses the love and lessons of Christopher Reeves book, Still Me.  Rosalie describes finding your purpose and coming back to yourself!
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