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James is joined by Ian Ziskin to talk about leading transformational change. Ian is the lead author of "The Secret Sauce for Leading Transformational Change", a book of diverse and sometimes conflicting perspectives on transformational change from CEOs and other senior business leaders, CHROs and other senior HR leaders, transformational change experts, authors, coaches, and consultants.
In this episode, Jane explores the experience of work during a period of bereavement with researcher and leadership expert Naomi Collins.
Jane is joined by Dr Jutta Tobias Mortlock for an episode all about MIndfulness and Leadership. The conversation explores what mindfulness is in the context of organisational leadership and the ways in which leaders can think and learn from mindfulness research whilst navigating an increasingly uncertain world.
James is joined by Fiona McBride, a consultant and yoga instrutor, for a conversation all about the pace of work and the power of slowing down. The conversation explores some othe benefits of pausing, and how we can do more of it. It also looks at some of the ways that leaders and managers can bring a more mindful pace to the cadence of their teams.
James is joined by Taslim Tharani for a podcast all about loneliness and connection, with a particular view to their roles in the workplace. The conversation explores what they are and what they feel like, their prevalence and how we can affect them in our own lives. It goes on to look at what we might be able to do as leaders and managers to improve connection and reduce loneliness in the workplace, and the benefits this might bring for individuals and organizations.
James is joined by Emma Lloyd from Create the Ripple for an episode all about Kindness. The conversation explores what kindness is, the benefits of kindness in the workplace, how we might be kinder as individuals and what we might be able to do to enable more kindness in our teams and organizations.
James is joined by Zena Me for a super interesting conversation about trauma in organizations. The discussion explores how understanding past traumas and the behaviors they give rise to can help us create transformational change in organizations. The conversation also goes on to explore the role of elders and eldership in organizations and society.
James is joined by Claire from Now Go Create to discuss creativity and burnout. The conversation starts with an exploration of what creativity is, what the creative process is like and what it takes be be creative. It then moves on to look at what burnout is like in a creative space, what to watch out for and how to recover if you are burned out.
In this episode, James is joined by Valentina Hynes to talk about Burnout. In this episode we discuss what burnout is, some of the different factors that contribute to it and some of the things to watch out for as warning signs. The conversation also explores some of the things we can do to get ourselves back on track if we have experienced burnout.
James is joined by an old friend of the show, Rob Robson, and a new friend of the show, Helen Amery, to talk about Flow. Helen and Rob have different views on it, and the conversation explores this interesting and important concept from a range of angles.
James is joined by Dr. Raphael Chiuzi from the University of Toronto to talk about bullshit jobs. The conversation explores David Graeber's ideas, what BS jobs are and the impacts they have on individuals. We also talk about some of the things we can do to bring more fulfillment into our own jobs.
Jane joins James in listening to his conversation with Lior Locher to discuss certainty and ambiguity. The conversation explores the structures and scaffolding that shapes our understanding of what is certain and how we can be better at thriving with ambiguity in our careers and work. 
James is joined by Kevin Monroe to speak about gratitude and the power of gratitude in our work an in our lives. The conversation explores what gratitude is, how gratitude can change how we think and feel and how we can create habits that help us bring more gratitude into our lives. Kevin also shares some thoughts on how gratitude can be brought into the workplace.
James is joined by Kaumudi Goda from Singapore to talk about the role that cognitive biases play in our lives. The conversation explores what cognitive biases are, how they may appear and how they affect what we do. To bring the subject to live, Kaumudi explores how biases affect our views and actions in relation to climate change and sustainability.
James is joined by Mark Gilroy for an exploration of introversion and extraversion. The conversation covers what these different terms mean, the different preferences different people can have and why understanding your own and others preferences could be helpful. A super fun conversation with lots to learn in it!
James is joined by friend of the show, Jeff Weigh, to talk about the role of personal values in improving happiness and fulfillment in the workplace. The conversation explores some of the great content in Jeff's new book, "Suck! Now What?", including some ways that individuals can identify their own personal values.
James and Jane have a conversation about Psychological Safety. It explores that psych safety is, why it matters and some of the things you can do to increase it in your teams as a leader and manager. It's a topic we think is really important, so we hope you enjoy it.
James and Jane are joined by Chris Jones, CEO of England Athletics, to talk about leadership in the world of sport. The conversation explores what leadership is like in athletics and sport, the importance of being people focused and the lessons Chris has learned over his career. It's a warm and thought provoking exploration of leading.
James and Jane are joined by author and speaker Dr. Tina Hallis from Positive Edge to talk about positive thinking and psychology. The conversation explore what positive thinking is, the benefits of being a more positive thinker and the steps you can take to increase positivity for yourself, your team or your organization.
James and Jane are joined again by friend of the show, author and founder of PTHR to talk about "reinvention labs". The conversation explores some of the current challenges with learning and development in teams, and explains how a more "lab" based approach can help teams effectively grow and develop in relation to specific, important topics.
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