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Wake Up and Shine On with an unfiltered discussion on all things spirituality, consciousness, religion, holistic health, and more in the Bring Me 2 Life Podcast with Selomon and Shannon Shine!
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Join Selomon and Shantastic Shine for the final episode of the Elemental series! This time they discuss the element of Earth. This element is connected to nature, the body, stability, and more...
Learn about the scientific and spiritual aspects of the element of air. Join Selomon and Shannon Shine for episode 212 of the Bring Me 2 Life Podcast.
Selomon delivers a message of inspiration and motivation. He explores a few quotes about hope including Albert Einstein who said, "Learn from yesterday, live for today, and hope for tomorrow." Don't let go. Listen to the message for more inspiration and motivation in this hectic world.
Connect with the element of water in the latest episode of the Bring Me 2 Life Podcast. Selomon and Shannon Shine discuss where the 4 elements originated from, the scientific explanation of the elements along with the spiritual ideas of what water represents. Find more at
Shannon dives deep into the chakras and how they helped her work through her childhood fears to help her tap into her Shine Time Vibe. In case you miss the announcement Shannon also released her first book called Alignment which is actually more of a handbook to help you work with each energy center and emotions like fear, guilt, shame, and embrace more love, confidence, and strength. 

 You can find out more about Shannon and her book at and make sure to show some love on the various social media platforms.
Selomon and Shannon Shine talk about Expressing the Inner Child with Spiritual Empowerment Coach Lauren Bruno. Lauren has been helping spiritual women release pain, guilt, and shame from past toxic relationships in order to empower radiating confidence and love from within. Learn more about her at
This may be a hard topic, but being able to work through and rewrite your trauma can have tremendously beneficial affects to the body, spirit, and mind. Join Selomon and Shannon Shine for episode 208 of the Bring Me 2 Life Podcast. Check out
Why is it important that we connect with our younger selves? What benefits are there associated with this kind of practice? Listen to episode 207 of the Bring Me 2 Life Podcast with Selomon and Shannon
Selomon interviews The Cinema Scribe Brent Marchant about his same sex relationship with his partner Trevor Laster. What has it been like for them as a same sex couple? How has the time changed since they first got together? Listen in for this and much more on episode 206 of the Bring Me 2 Life Podcast! Find Brent at
Learn how to distinguish energy from people, places, or things that are not in harmony with your own. Shannon and Selomon share personal experiences that they've learned from as well as share some tips on how to protect yourself and heal those uncomfortable experiences.
Since 2005 Patrick has been strumming his guitar, slapping the bass, pounding on drums, and peacefully sitting at his computer for hours at a time to create the perfect blend of sounds and energies all while rehearsing for what is now known as Momentology Music. Since walking on the musical path, he has been a DJ, a bass player in 5 bands, a producer for 2 of them, and the dual role of being both a DJ & bass player in one. These bands performed multi-genre music ranging from jam-rock, metal, jazz, dubstep, psychedelic infused funktronica, and everything in-between.
Selomon and Shannon Shine talk about what's to come from everything happening in the world recently.
This is a Round Table Discussion with Selomon and Shannon Shine as they talk with the group from Selomon's Divine Expression and Creativity program about what creative outlets they have been able to connect with that allows their souls to be nourished.
Hosts of the Bring Me 2 Life Podcast offer their compassionate response to the 2020 pandemic.
Learn about Allan. The Wanderlust kid from Nebraska who travels all over the world documenting his incredible experiences. His goal is to inspire others to live their dream. Shannon Shine and Selomon speak with him about his time working on giant cell phone towers where people risk their lives everyday. He also shares multiple stories of some crazy adventures.
Divinity can be hard to describe at times. Selomon and Shannon Shine discuss what they consider to be the divine and how we can all channel more of it. Tune in and let us know what quote caught your attention!
Shannon and Selo dive into their spiritual up bringing. Selo grew up in a spiritual family, but Shannon's spiritual upbringing was a bit, detached? Shannon shares some funny stories about youth groups she attended and how her "jackass punk friends" weren't thrilled with her attempts at getting them involved with bible school. Church is an interesting topic for these two but in this episode you learn about some funny and not so funny experiences they both had growing up as spiritual beings in a religious world. Remember to share your experiences and discussions in our Facebook group were we would love to hear from YOU. more at https://www.bringme2life.comGain access to exclusive episodes, videos, and more at
In this episode Selomon and Shannon Shine talk about putting themselves out there in a bigger way, laughter and how healing it is, meditation, and much more.The duo drink cacao and get energized as they discuss how holding space for each other to grow is so important. Sometimes there are stories that need to be shared but not necessarily put on blast. Shannon and Selo discuss the juicy details of their new PATREON offers and how you can support the growth of this network as well as get exclusive access to discussions on topics that are more for the “inner tribe” you can get access to these exclusive episodes by joining us on our PATREON at more at
Owl Be a Creator Ep 145

Owl Be a Creator Ep 145


This podcast is all about the power of creation and how it is so healing. The duo shares their connection to the magical OWL spirit and how it continues to come to them through their journeys. Selo gives us the scoop on how he once unexpectedly fed an owl in the night. Shannon shares how the owl she created decided to attack her as its final goodbyes as she also dives into how important creating things was for her as she processed the impending loss of her grandmother to cancer. In this episode they also discuss the law of attraction, power of words, The Book Of Mem, Manifesting Your Destiny, and some wisdom from Jesse Johnson. Shout outs to many and tons of good things so be sure to tune in and share with a friend! Find more uplifting content at
Storytelling is SO important to growing as a collective. In this episode Selo dives into some more of his adventures, from his cross country take off, signs for Mt. Shasta, and his landing in Hawaii and what really was the original mission of Project Bring ME 2 Life. Through these adventures Selo looses everything (more than once), he sleeps on the beach, parties with the locals, and stumbles upon a Celtic festival. He also has an experience with Archangel Raphael and the “council of 13”. Shannon shares how much she LOVES storytelling and how important it is for people to feel heard. In this episode they also touch on being spontaneous, avoiding conflicts, being nice to strangers, traditions, rituals and more. Shout out to Selo and his book “STORIES THAT ARE SHORT” You can check it out here: more at https://www.bringme2life.comHelp us grow and expand into more at
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