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Join our podcast team as we geek out about anime, manga, visual and light novels, gaming, conventions, and cosplay. As we share our experiences and insight, we hope to build bridges across the otaku community, and highlight the meaningful things in life—love, community, and faith.

New episodes air twice a month on Wednesdays.
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In a culture that’s increasingly self-glorifying, humility is a characteristic that these days, few seem eager to adopt. Yet, it’s a vital part of the Christian life. A healthy humility comes from a proper view of oneself in light of who we are in comparison to the Almighty and what we lack without his guidance… Read More Tangle x Cast 8: A Little Humility
For so many of us, the new year is a time to put away the old, start anew, and lead into resolutions with vigor. With 2023 only a couple of weeks old and lunar new year just a few days away, our team is taking the opportunity this week to look at the topic of… Read More Tangle x Cast 7: Fresh Starts
Our original posting of episode six had audio issues. So here it is again (for the first time). We guarantee you haven’t listened to this episode yet, so please give it a spin! Why do we forgive? Why does it come more easily for some than for others? Is it easier for you to forgive… Read More Tangle x Cast 6: Forgiveness in Naruto, Kenshin, Demon Slayer, and Furuba (REPOST)
It’s the crossover of all crossovers! Yep, that’s right, the Tangle x Cast and the 12 Days of Christmas Anime join together today as our trio of Santas analyzes three Christmas episodes in light of the upcoming holy day. Join Mike, Paris, and Tyler as they dig into their toy bag and pull out Christmas… Read More Tangle x Cast 5 x 12 Days of Christmas Anime, Day 8: Dragon Maid, Toradora, and Heavy Dumbbells
There are Christian devotionals—works that contain daily readings related to and providing teaching about scripture—for virtually every idea and theme you can think of. But are there devotionals for otaku? You bet there are! The team tackles a couple of those works this week featuring some of the most popular anime of the past decade:… Read More Tangle x Cast 3: Diving Into Anime Devotionals
Happy Wednesday, boys and ghouls! With Halloween just around the corner, the Tangle x Cast team haunts the world of horror anime, walking us through some of their recommendations and discussing how faith interacts with the spooky day. Believe me, you’ve never experienced anime, Halloween, and Christian conversation this way before! We’d also love to… Read More Tangle x Cast 2: Halloween, Horror Anime, and Holiness
Our podcast is back with a new format, new hosts, and a new name! We’re proud to introduce to you Tangle x Cast, the latest version of the Beneath the Tangles podcast! Tyler, Mike, and Paris are the hosts, and they’re excited to talk to you more specifically about the crossover between anime (and other… Read More Tangle x Cast 1: Origin Stories
Check out the stream of our brand new interview series! If you missed it live on Instagram, enjoy listening to Japanese musician, artist, and brand new mom, Rie Fu! Known for her blend of music influenced by folk singers and for her contributions to anime (Bleach, Darker Than Black, et al.), Rie chatted about one… Read More TangleCast Interviews: Rie Fu
Check out the second stream of our brand new interview series! If you missed it live on Instagram, enjoy listening to the lovely and talented Xanthe Huynh as she chats with Twwk about about voice acting, including her roles in anime and games like Maquia, Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Marianne), and Persona 5 (Haru), and… Read More Instagram Live Stream with Xanthe Nyugen
No, the TangleCast has not returned. However, we do have some new audio for you! Voice actress Elizabeth Maxwell (Fruits Basket, RWBY, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild) joined Twwk for an Instagram live stream yesterday. If you didn’t catch it and you’re like me—more interested in listening than watching—check out this audio… Read More Interview with Elizabeth Maxwell
The day is here: After more than two years and 33 episodes later, our team of David, Holly, Peter, and editor, Celetron (Marcelo), are stepping away from the TangleCast. While Peter and Holly will continue on with Beneath the Tangles, David is leaving as he works toward other ministry and goals in his life. But… Read More TangleCast 84: Goodbye from Our Crew and a 3-Gatsu New Year
The 2018 film, I Want to Eat Your Pancreas, combines the techniques and style of recent Shikai films with all the sadness of romantic fare like Your Lie in April—and with fans of both types on our TangleCast team, you can bet they were impacted by this gem of a movie! Come listen to Peter,… Read More TangleCast 83: I Want to Eat Your Pancreas
October is a month of ghoulish celebration, and David, Peter, and Holly are participating in their own unique way by watching Death Parade, the critically-acclaimed anime series about death, judgment, and the afterlife. Come join the team as they discuss this modern classic that alternates between high energy episodes filled with a macabre sense of… Read More TangleCast 82: Celebrate HOLLYween with a Death Parade!
We’re baaaaack! The TangleCast returns from its a summer break with another topic and a tweaked format! Holly, Peter, and David take a dive into the Hayao Miyazaki classic, Howl’s Moving Castle, and particularly look at what parts of the movie hit them in just the right spots, and what those scenes might reveal about… Read More TangleCast 81: Growth and Struggle at Howl’s Moving Castle
We have double the treat for you on this episode of the TangleCast, and one of our favorite voice actresses, Macy Anne Johnson (Smile Down the Runway, Dr. Stone), joins Peter, David, and Holly to talk about one of site’s favorite anime, Serial Experiments Lain! The team chats with Macy about how she became a… Read More TangleCast 80: Serial Experiments Macy
We have a treat for you on today’s TangleCast episode! As part of yearlong celebration of Beneath the Tangles’ tenth year, we brought back some of the original voices of the podcast, including its founder, Japes! He’s joined today by Casey, Kaze, and R86 as they share how anime has changed the direction of their… Read More TangleCast 79: The Throwback Episode
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to make an anime? The series SHIROBAKO takes viewers into the world of anime making through the eyes of the animators, production assistants, voice actresses and others who make it happen. In this episode, David, Holly, and Peter look at the characters and scenes from the highly rated… Read More TangleCast 78: Let’s Make an Anime!
In this episode of the TangleCast, David, Peter, and Holly jump back in time to review a time traveling classic, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. The image of Makoto leaping to the past has become iconic, but has this movie held up? And what can it teach us about the choices we make and… Read More TangleCast 77: The Podcast Who Leapt Through Time
In this episode of the TangleCast, David, Peter, and Holly analyze an anime that’s as appropriate as any to look at this month—Your Lie in April. In particular, they investigate what makes the series so emotional, focusing on a cast of sacrificial characters, the power that music has to move people, and how love can… Read More TangleCast 76: The Role of Music and Love in Your Lie in April
Hey quarantined crew, we’ve got a special episode of the TangleCast for you this week! Musician Nai Br.XX, the singing voice for Carole in the Carole & Tuesday anime, chatted with David and Twwk about her work on the series and how she’s evolving as a musician. It’s an insightful listen for fans both of… Read More TangleCast 75: Interview with Nai Br.XX of Carole & Tuesday
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