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Bools In The Yard

Author: Boolington McPeanutbudder

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Podcast by Boolington McPeanutbudder
12 Episodes
EP 87: reddit questions (is ted bundy hot? the bools decide)feat. Alex Sinco by Boolington McPeanutbudder
we're murderers and this's murdering time >:(
Derek gets diagnosed with donkey brains
EP 12: why does it hurt when I pee? by Boolington McPeanutbudder
Bools In The Yard: EP 11? - aliens and cruise ship brisket by Boolington McPeanutbudder
Bools In The Yard: EP 8 - this ones all about murder and we got guest host Ed by Boolington McPeanutbudder
chef chris tries to get his hot son signed to a talent agency, derek wiffs a crank call, the bools talk about whats on their bucket lists
The Long Island Medium is a Holocaust denier
Chris & Jake talk about their irrational fears and phobias, Derek quit, Chris fudges up the audio again!
just spent 144 buckaroos to bring you guys a years worth of podcasts so this is a shout out to any advertisers that wanna give us money!
Chris evades a pyramid scheme, gets his wig split, and gets his cheeks busted
this the podcast