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This is a very important podcast to listen to.  Freezing  is very complicated.
This podcast goes into detail of the things you need to know about applying for disability
Dr Sub and Warren discuss about going on disability.   This is some very important information
Dr Maureen Leehey, an expert on marijuana use , joins us from Colorado, to discuss the use of marijuana , both medical and recreational.
Dr Sub and Warren have a lengthy discussion regarding The rating scales for Parkinson’s.  We make it very easy to understand
Our website is introducing a new feature.  Its about care giving.  This will be a standalone item.  We are fully committed to our regular podcasts.
A listener emailed multiple questions.  We answered all of them
Dr Sub discusses the reason that it is so difficult to differentiate drug induced Parkinsonism from regular Parkinson’s Disease.  And it is getting more difficult as newer drugs with less side effects are available.
Erin Thomas, a physical therapist with Fox Rehab explains about the Jimmo Settlement.  This court case opened the door for Parkinson’s patients to finally not be restricted in the number of visits for physical therapy.
Dr Subramanian explains about a new way of stopping  tremors with brain surgery that does not use a scalpel.
Dr Sub explains a new system of naming 4 sub types of Parkinson’s .  This is very new information.
An informative discussion of festination.   An important topic that is rarely talked about .
Dr Sub and Warren talk about 2 recent studies.  The first one is about  how acid in the stomach can affect  the dosing of carbidopa/levodopa. The second one  is about the effect of coffee, cigarette smoking, alcohol and  physical exercise … Continue reading →
This podcast is a one on one discussion between me and the new local coordinator of the APDA (American Parkinson’s Disease Association) Samyu gives a very specific and detailed  interview regarding her plans for the future.
What the APDA has to offer American Parkinson’s Disease Association
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