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Author: Macy McNeely, Kathryn Shubert and Loy Day

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The GUIDE Culture® podcast drops new juice every week, providing tangible takeaways to level up your sales, communication and leadership skills. Founder, Loy Day, and Co-CEO's, Macy McNeely and Kathryn Shubert, answer your questions centered around personal growth, entrepreneurship and all things sales. They deliver quick wins every week with a mixture of inspiration and motivation. At GUIDE Culture®, we are passionate about making sales cool again and helping you reach your full potential in all parts of life. Sit back and enjoy the juice 🍋
124 Episodes
In episode 23 of the Good Is Cool podcast, Loy and Macy discuss what to do when your friends aren't as supportive as you thought they would be when you start a new endeavor. 
In episode 21 of the Good Is Cool podcast, Macy and Loy discuss one of the biggest mistakes you could make as a multi-level marketing leader. They deeply believe that as a leader, you should be encouraging your team to invest in themselves. 
In this podcast episode, Macy and Kat get transparent and reflect on 2020... but not in the way you might be used to hearing. They share a few things that didn't go so well and how they moved forward, talk about lessons  learned and excitedly share things that went really well in 2020.Through all of the ups and downs that the year brought, the ONE thing that kept things truly moving forward for the two of them in the business was being able to put out valuable sales content. They talk about what sales content is and how you can use it in your business too, no matter what is happening in the world.Mentions:EXCITING NEWS 🎉 GUIDE Culture's 8 Week Signature Program opens for enrollment TODAY! Click here for all the deetz and to save your seat.To save time and see if GUIDE Culture could be the right fit, send us a message on Instagram!Join the Winner's Circle Facebook Group - a free online community where you can connect and collab with other winners like you that are looking to level up in life and business!
Have you ever heard that you teach people how to treat you? Whether it's conscious or subconscious, it's totally true. The vibe that you give off in conversations, whether it be face to face or online through social media, will train people how to treat you.In this episode, Macy shares what you can do so that people treat you like the expert and professional in your business. She also talks about the things that you absolutely should not do and the consequences that can come from these things. COMING UP:Selling on Stories Workshop in the Winner's Circle Facebook Group (totally free!) - Join HERE!GUIDE Culture Enrollment Opens on January 19th! Save the date 🗓
If you sell a product or service, you might be in a place where you feel like you can't quite get your audience excited about what you do. Maybe you're making sales, but it isn't happening frequently enough for you to hit the goals you have for yourself. If this is you, there might be something missing and it probably isn't what you think...The truth is, you already have the right audience. The product or service itself isn't the problem either. The problem might be that you don't have enough knowledge about what you do or what you offer. Product knowledge, though it might sound like the most boring thing ever, it is actually the thing that will help you stand out in your market, make you the expert and help people recognize that they need what you have. In this episode, Macy and Loy talk about what product knowledge is (it's way more than you think), why it's important and how to gain it!
If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, whether it's in the online space or maybe you have a brick and mortar store, there is a way you can play BIG no matter where you are at in your business journey.In this episode, Kathryn talks about three shifts you can make to have the play big mentality. Having this mentality will change the way that you show up to serve your people and will change the way people view what you do!
Have you ever been so excited to create a vision board at the beginning of a new year just to find that you don't actually accomplish many of the things that you set your sights on?If so, you should know that 1) that's super common and 2) there might be a HUGE missing piece in your goal setting and vision casting.Dr. Cynthia Kempinski of The Kempinski Clinic takes us on a deep dive on the SCIENCE behind vision planning so you can actually reach the goals and dreams that you have. This is how you can say bye to magazine scraps and wishing on a star and say hello to:taking ACTION on your ideas calculating your goals so you KNOW they'll happen focus on the picture for YOUR life instead of dreamy Pinterest pictures of stuff be rich toward others which will help you enjoy getting rich All of this will help you be the OWNER of your life, which is exactly what we're helping you do in the Vision Board Workshop happening in the Winner's Circle Facebook Group on January 4th at 12pm ET.Mark your calendar and join the group HERE!
Double Down December

Double Down December


As an entrepreneur, business owner or salesperson, how do you view the month of December? Do you see it as a good month to keep selling? Do you believe that people are indeed still buying during this time of year?At GUIDE Culture, we believe that whatever you think... you're right! If you think people aren't buying right now, you're right. If you think that there are still people out there that need what you have, you're right.It's all about the mindset that you carry, not only during the month of December, but throughout the whole year. In this episode, Loy talks all about the mindset game that is required to keep selling even during times where it might feel like no one is buying!
If you've ever wanted to sell to the masses in a way that still feels very personal, this episode is for you! In this episode Macy and Kat share the 3LD formula to help you sell on stories specifically and also carry this concept into all different parts of your selling - in email, DM's or conversation. You'll walk away with a technique that you can implement immediately to really connect with your audience in a new way and help them see why they need what you have.For more of this juice, join the Winner's Circle Facebook group - a place to collab and connect with other entrepreneurs and business owners. Join the GUIDE Culture waitlist to be among the first to know when 2021 enrollment opens! 
Today we welcome Billy Boughey of Elevate Experiences on the GUIDE Culture podcast to talk all things culture! Culture can be a very broad term and is a part of everything you do as a business owner, so we wanted to bring on Billy to talk through all different aspects of culture. He has a true expertise about how to cultivate culture on your Instagram, in your team and now, most importantly, how to build a virtual culture. Mentions:How to Make Your Virtual Events EngagingFollow Billy on InstagramSubscribe to Elevate Experiences on YouTubeInvite Billy to speak at your next event
In today's podcast episode, Macy shares the ONE THING you have got to stop saying on Instagram stories, but also in conversation in general. This whole concept, when applied, could completely shift the way people engage with you,  your content and ultimately your business. DON'T FORGET:The Daily Deposit BUY ONE, GIFT ONE Black Friday special kicks off this Friday, November 27th at 8am ET! No code needed - add 2 journals to your cart and the deal will be applied. You can order up to 6 journals. The fun goes through Cyber Monday or until we sell out so RUN, don't walk 🏃‍♂️
In this episode, Loy sits down with GUIDE Culture grad, Alex Tutterow, to talk about all things mindset.Alex talks about how he started in a career that didn't really inspire a positive mindset and it wasn't until he made the shift into entrepreneurship that he realized the massive importance of what goes in your mind.He also discusses his personal struggle of keeping his mindset strong throughout 2020 in his life and his business. Alex gives 3 major ways that helped him take back control and can help YOU do the same!Mentions:Jocko PodcastPsychology of Winning by Denis WaitleySit Means Sit - North MetroFollow Sit Means Sit on Instagram (you won't regret it 🐶)
Do you ever feel nervous when someone throws an objection your way?Maybe it's in a sales conversations or maybe it just happens in your everyday life.Objections, concerns and doubts are a part of the game, especially when it comes to sales, and it's VITAL that you feel confident when they come up.In this episode, Macy shares the TWO types (yes, only two) of doubts and gives insight on how to handle them! Learning this skill can change the game for your business and can level up your sales like you've never experienced.Follow @theguideculture on Instagram! Join the waitlist for GUIDE Culture's 2021 trainings!DAILY DEPOSIT BLACK FRIDAY ANNOUNCEMENT:This Black Friday, Daily Deposit journals will be BUY ONE, GIFT ONE.Starting on Black Friday, November 27th at 8am ET, you can add one Daily Deposit journal to your cart and receive another to gift to someone on your list (or keep for yourself if that's what you're into 🤣). You can order up to 6 journals in one order.The fun goes through Cyber Monday, November 30th at 11:59pm ET or until we sell out, so set your alarms ⏰BUT WAIT: get in on the deals early by texting 'earlyaccess' (one word) to 770-220-7025. You'll be added to our texting list and have the chance to grab an early bird gift giving box (limited quantity) starting November 16th. Head to Instagram to see what they look like - they're juicy 🍊To learn more about the Daily Deposit practice, listen to THIS episode!
GUIDE Culture graduate, Shelby Rose, joins the podcast today to discuss her two biggest tips for people in business....🥁 DRUM ROLL 🥁1) Take EXTREME ownership2) Display professionalismThough it's not the most sexy piece of advice and sounds quite simple, it is SO powerful and isn't leveraged enough.Shelby talks about how taking extreme ownership in your business can make a huge difference in your growth. She also talks about how being a professional can make you stand out in your market.Follow Shelby on Instagram!
We get a lot of questions about how GUIDE Culture® can serve someone working in corporate or someone who works for someone else. While yes, GUIDE Culture® does work with a lot of entrepreneurs, the concepts taught in the training can benefit those working in any setting and carry through various parts of life beyond the workforce. Loy did some research and came up with 3 levels that employers and companies look for in employees and talks about how GUIDE Culture® delivers on those 3 levels and can help you climb the corporate ladder.He also researched what employees want within the organization they are working for and provides insight for how the GUIDE Culture® material delivers on that as well.  Join the Winner's Circle Facebook Group to join the fun and continue your learning! 
In this podcast episode, Macy and Kat have a conversation with Meredith Hollandsworth, a GUIDE Culture graduate and corporate ladder climbing boss as we like to call her. Meredith has massive experience in the corporate world and when she first came to GUIDE Culture, she was looking for a way to get promoted to the next level. She left with a renewed mindset and her focus shifted from looking to get promoted to looking for ways to serve people. Meredith brings great wisdom for those in the corporate world and offers tips and advice for those that are now working and leading a team from home. Connect with Meredith on LinkedIn!
Are you posting on social media just to check a box? 🤔If you answered yes (or maybeeee) this episode is for YOU!Jess Jordana joins the podcast to drop all the juice on writing copy that connects AND converts with your audience. Jess is a copywriter (a.k.a. heart translator) who helps creative business owners turn their passionate mumblings into words people actually "get." She's worked with 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs like GUIDE Culture and CEO School (formerly the ICON method), but her most impressive accomplishment is surviving teaching in the high school classroom and getting to meet her former students for coffee when they come back from college.In this episode, not only does she give tangible tips for copywriting to communicate the value of your offer so that people are basically begging to buy, she also provides a unique perspective about copywriting for social media specifically and let's just say you probablyyyy won’t write captions the same again!Mentions:Follow Jess on InstagramVisit the Promplate ShopWork with Jess
Voice memos have truly changed the game for how you can communicate with someone on Instagram or through text.When done correctly, you can get your message across much more clearly and efficiently.In this podcast episode, Macy shares why voice memos are so powerful, gives an example of a really well done voice memo from a GUIDE Culture grad, Sarah Nerswick (@agteacherhowtos) and shares 4 things that you can START or STOP doing in your voice memos.The concepts she talks about in this episode can be applied to other areas of communication as well including Instagram stories, speeches, team calls, etc. You'll walk away with tangible tips that you can start implementing TODAY!
Have you ever heard of the 3 R's? Reading, writing and arithmetic.In this podcast episode, Loy talks about the 4th R.Denis Waitley, author of Psychology of Winning, said that the 4th R that we all need is personal responsibility. Loy talks about what personal responsibility really is and why we all need it in life!Join the Winner's Circle Facebook Group to keep crushing the game of life 👊🏼
Belief has a sound and people can hear it (or the lack of it) loud and clear 📣Teacher and GUIDE Culture grad, @brianaguillory, joins the podcast to share three things that teachers can do to build belief in their students! Bri's passion for what she does is SO inspiring and the message that she shares goes far beyond the classroom.No matter what you do, you have an opportunity every day to build belief in people - in your children, your employees, your spouse, your co-workers - and building belief in other people starts with having belief in YOURSELF.Connect with Bri on Instagram!
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