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Author: Macy McNeely, Kathryn Shubert and Loy Day

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The GUIDE Culture® podcast drops new juice every week, providing tangible takeaways to level up your sales, communication and leadership skills. Founder, Loy Day, and Co-CEO's, Macy McNeely and Kathryn Shubert, answer your questions centered around personal growth, entrepreneurship and all things sales. They deliver quick wins every week with a mixture of inspiration and motivation. At GUIDE Culture®, we are passionate about making sales cool again and helping you reach your full potential in all parts of life. Sit back and enjoy the juice 🍋
116 Episodes
In episode 23 of the Good Is Cool podcast, Loy and Macy discuss what to do when your friends aren't as supportive as you thought they would be when you start a new endeavor. 
In episode 21 of the Good Is Cool podcast, Macy and Loy discuss one of the biggest mistakes you could make as a multi-level marketing leader. They deeply believe that as a leader, you should be encouraging your team to invest in themselves. 
In today's podcast episode, Macy shares the ONE THING you have got to stop saying on Instagram stories, but also in conversation in general. This whole concept, when applied, could completely shift the way people engage with you,  your content and ultimately your business. DON'T FORGET:The Daily Deposit BUY ONE, GIFT ONE Black Friday special kicks off this Friday, November 27th at 8am ET! No code needed - add 2 journals to your cart and the deal will be applied. You can order up to 6 journals. The fun goes through Cyber Monday or until we sell out so RUN, don't walk 🏃‍♂️
In this episode, Loy sits down with GUIDE Culture grad, Alex Tutterow, to talk about all things mindset.Alex talks about how he started in a career that didn't really inspire a positive mindset and it wasn't until he made the shift into entrepreneurship that he realized the massive importance of what goes in your mind.He also discusses his personal struggle of keeping his mindset strong throughout 2020 in his life and his business. Alex gives 3 major ways that helped him take back control and can help YOU do the same!Mentions:Jocko PodcastPsychology of Winning by Denis WaitleySit Means Sit - North MetroFollow Sit Means Sit on Instagram (you won't regret it 🐶)
Do you ever feel nervous when someone throws an objection your way?Maybe it's in a sales conversations or maybe it just happens in your everyday life.Objections, concerns and doubts are a part of the game, especially when it comes to sales, and it's VITAL that you feel confident when they come up.In this episode, Macy shares the TWO types (yes, only two) of doubts and gives insight on how to handle them! Learning this skill can change the game for your business and can level up your sales like you've never experienced.Follow @theguideculture on Instagram! Join the waitlist for GUIDE Culture's 2021 trainings!DAILY DEPOSIT BLACK FRIDAY ANNOUNCEMENT:This Black Friday, Daily Deposit journals will be BUY ONE, GIFT ONE.Starting on Black Friday, November 27th at 8am ET, you can add one Daily Deposit journal to your cart and receive another to gift to someone on your list (or keep for yourself if that's what you're into 🤣). You can order up to 6 journals in one order.The fun goes through Cyber Monday, November 30th at 11:59pm ET or until we sell out, so set your alarms ⏰BUT WAIT: get in on the deals early by texting 'earlyaccess' (one word) to 770-220-7025. You'll be added to our texting list and have the chance to grab an early bird gift giving box (limited quantity) starting November 16th. Head to Instagram to see what they look like - they're juicy 🍊To learn more about the Daily Deposit practice, listen to THIS episode!
GUIDE Culture graduate, Shelby Rose, joins the podcast today to discuss her two biggest tips for people in business....🥁 DRUM ROLL 🥁1) Take EXTREME ownership2) Display professionalismThough it's not the most sexy piece of advice and sounds quite simple, it is SO powerful and isn't leveraged enough.Shelby talks about how taking extreme ownership in your business can make a huge difference in your growth. She also talks about how being a professional can make you stand out in your market.Follow Shelby on Instagram!
We get a lot of questions about how GUIDE Culture® can serve someone working in corporate or someone who works for someone else. While yes, GUIDE Culture® does work with a lot of entrepreneurs, the concepts taught in the training can benefit those working in any setting and carry through various parts of life beyond the workforce. Loy did some research and came up with 3 levels that employers and companies look for in employees and talks about how GUIDE Culture® delivers on those 3 levels and can help you climb the corporate ladder.He also researched what employees want within the organization they are working for and provides insight for how the GUIDE Culture® material delivers on that as well.  Join the Winner's Circle Facebook Group to join the fun and continue your learning! 
In this podcast episode, Macy and Kat have a conversation with Meredith Hollandsworth, a GUIDE Culture graduate and corporate ladder climbing boss as we like to call her. Meredith has massive experience in the corporate world and when she first came to GUIDE Culture, she was looking for a way to get promoted to the next level. She left with a renewed mindset and her focus shifted from looking to get promoted to looking for ways to serve people. Meredith brings great wisdom for those in the corporate world and offers tips and advice for those that are now working and leading a team from home. Connect with Meredith on LinkedIn!
Are you posting on social media just to check a box? 🤔If you answered yes (or maybeeee) this episode is for YOU!Jess Jordana joins the podcast to drop all the juice on writing copy that connects AND converts with your audience. Jess is a copywriter (a.k.a. heart translator) who helps creative business owners turn their passionate mumblings into words people actually "get." She's worked with 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs like GUIDE Culture and CEO School (formerly the ICON method), but her most impressive accomplishment is surviving teaching in the high school classroom and getting to meet her former students for coffee when they come back from college.In this episode, not only does she give tangible tips for copywriting to communicate the value of your offer so that people are basically begging to buy, she also provides a unique perspective about copywriting for social media specifically and let's just say you probablyyyy won’t write captions the same again!Mentions:Follow Jess on InstagramVisit the Promplate ShopWork with Jess
Voice memos have truly changed the game for how you can communicate with someone on Instagram or through text.When done correctly, you can get your message across much more clearly and efficiently.In this podcast episode, Macy shares why voice memos are so powerful, gives an example of a really well done voice memo from a GUIDE Culture grad, Sarah Nerswick (@agteacherhowtos) and shares 4 things that you can START or STOP doing in your voice memos.The concepts she talks about in this episode can be applied to other areas of communication as well including Instagram stories, speeches, team calls, etc. You'll walk away with tangible tips that you can start implementing TODAY!
Have you ever heard of the 3 R's? Reading, writing and arithmetic.In this podcast episode, Loy talks about the 4th R.Denis Waitley, author of Psychology of Winning, said that the 4th R that we all need is personal responsibility. Loy talks about what personal responsibility really is and why we all need it in life!Join the Winner's Circle Facebook Group to keep crushing the game of life 👊🏼
Belief has a sound and people can hear it (or the lack of it) loud and clear 📣Teacher and GUIDE Culture grad, @brianaguillory, joins the podcast to share three things that teachers can do to build belief in their students! Bri's passion for what she does is SO inspiring and the message that she shares goes far beyond the classroom.No matter what you do, you have an opportunity every day to build belief in people - in your children, your employees, your spouse, your co-workers - and building belief in other people starts with having belief in YOURSELF.Connect with Bri on Instagram!
Have you ever felt like you need to focus on growing your audience? Or maybe you've been told that sales is a numbers game - meaning that your Instagram follower count is most important.In this episode, Macy and Kat talk about the NUMBER ONE thing you should be focusing on before you gain another set of eyeballs on your brand.The truth is, sales is a numbers game... but not in the way that you think!Confident $10K Conversations Training by GUIDE Culture is NOW OPEN for enrollment!Get all the details HERE!
Have you ever felt like you can't keep up with the latest biz strategy?Or maybe there's a new trendy tactic (hello, IG Reels) that feels like THE ANSWER?If you've ever implemented a new strategy that seems to be the secret sauce and it doesn't work for you like the experts say it should, this episode is for you.Macy and Kat talk about strategy skipping syndrome and how it can really end up costing you in your business.The truth is, strategy isn't everything and we're here to show you the better way!If you want more of this juice, make sure you're registered for the free LIVE masterclass:How to have Confident $10K Conversations on Autopilot without “Trendy” Tactics, a Massive Following or Looking Desperate🗓 September 9th at 2pm ETREGISTER HERE: the Winner's Circle Facebook Group for an exclusive pre-masterclass bonus!
Have you ever been given the advice that you need to give value to your audience before you sell to them? Give, give, give and THEN sell. Macy and Kat are busting through that myth in this podcast episode because there is absolutely a way that you can sell and add value to your audience at the SAME TIME!We believe that giving value and selling are actually the same thing... when it's done the right way.If you want more of this juice...📣 Masterclass Announcement 📣How to have Confident $10K Conversations on Autopilot without “Trendy” Tactics, a Massive Following or Looking Desperate🗓 September 9th at 2pm ETREGISTER HERE: the Winner's Circle Facebook Group for an exclusive pre-masterclass bonus!
In this episode, Macy tells the story of when she went mattress shopping and LOVED IT! She explains 3 major things that the salesman did right and how those things alone created a sales experience that she'll never forget.Mentions:GUIDE Culture 2020 Training OptionsGet your guide to more sales, better clients and faster results!Stay connected with us on Instagram: @theguideculture To save time and see if GUIDE Culture is a good fit, you can apply for a Discovery Call HERE!
In this episode, Macy and Kat have a conversation with GUIDE Culture graduate, Sarah Nerswick. Sarah is an agriculture teacher and she is truly changing the game of teaching. She founded her own agriculture professional development conference, Germinate, in 2019 and has been using it to bring teachers together from all across the country. Sarah brought so much knowledge, wisdom and inspiration to this conversation. If you're a teacher, you DO NOT want to skip this episode!Connect with Sarah on Instagram!
DAILY DEPOSIT® JOURNAL UPDATE!We're so excited to announce that the Daily Deposit® journals are back in stock and will go on sale Friday, August 14th at 8 AM ET.In this episode, Macy and Kathryn break down each section of the Daily Deposit® Journal so that you can use the practice for your utmost advantage. This practice is what has really attributed to the growth of GUIDE Culture® as a whole and we can't wait to see how it benefits you in your life and business.Purchase your Daily Deposit® Journal HERE!Share your wins with us on Instagram or in the Winner's Circle Facebook Group!
In this podcast episode, Macy walks you through the 3 types of days that we like to implement here at GUIDE Culture: Onstage Days, Backstage Days and Decision Days. She breaks down what each day really is and what kind of tasks and activities should happen on each day in order to consistently move the needle in your life and business.HAPPENING NOW (August 2-6, 2020):LIVE Move the Needle Challenge in the Winner's Circle Facebook group, designed to help you: hack your brain so you’re ACTUALLY productivetap into the secret sauce that all ‘successful’ people seem to havehold yourself accountable with a no fluff tracking systemJoin HERE to catch up on the first two days of the challenge. Grab your free 5 day Daily Deposit workbook to go along with the challenge HERE.
In this episode, we sit down with Koby Lomax, a GUIDE Culture student who has truly taken off since we met him in March of this year. Koby is a 21 year old entrepreneur and shares FIRE advice for how to navigate the different responsibilities that building a business takes.Connect with Koby:InstagramFacebook YouTubeArdent Candl
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