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In episode 23 of the Good Is Cool podcast, Loy and Macy discuss what to do when your friends aren't as supportive as you thought they would be when you start a new endeavor. 
In episode 21 of the Good Is Cool podcast, Macy and Loy discuss one of the biggest mistakes you could make as a multi-level marketing leader. They deeply believe that as a leader, you should be encouraging your team to invest in themselves. 
Macy here! Last week on Instagram, I shared how I feel like I'm living in a paralleled space as an entrepreneur - in a place where SO MUCH is working, paired with things that aren't working.As a salesperson, it's difficult to focus on anything other than sales. And I believe that's how it should be most of the time, because there's really nothing else to focus on if sales aren't happening. There wouldn't be a business at all.Because of that, I've always moved forward quickly and with purpose - always looking for the next opportunity, the next angle on the same message and new ways to get into more sales conversations.If I'm being honest, GUIDE Culture has sort of been built by accident. Through the process of trial and error, seeing what sticks and what doesn't, the business has evolved. We've taken what's worked and continued moving forward.And that's what has allowed us to grow so quickly, which has been great.But it cannot stay there forever. It's time to take inventory and rebuild consciously. I'm calling this season our "reinvention" season.When you reinvent, you don't tweak a few small things here and there. Instead, you burn things down and completely rebuild from a much better, much clearer and more advanced place.Typically when I'm going through something like this, I wait to share until after I'm done going through it because I like to share lessons learned. But for this, I'm feeling pulled to share the journey.So, in this episode we're getting vulnerable as I start to reveal what this this reinvention process is going to look like for us here at GUIDE Culture!MENTIONS:Needle Movers is retiring - the last day to get your hands on it will be May 27th. More details to come, but if you know you want it before it's too late, CLICK HERE!
A few weeks ago we wrapped up enrollment for our 2022 Spring Cohort. The enrollment season for this cohort specifically was different than any other enrollment season or launch we've ever experienced!Earlier this year, we decided to ditch the traditional "launch" process that you're likely familiar with if you're in the online business world and try something new. This meant stop doing webinars so often, stop having only one open cart week, stop having such a long launch runway filled with mini events and do what we know best - which is sell. ALL. THE. TIME.Essentially this meant, that people could enroll for the cohort at any time - they didn't have to wait until open cart week. We started calling it the "enrollment period" and thinking about it terms of a school or college - everyone enrolls on a different date, but they all have the same first day. Pivoting to this style allowed for much more conversation with leads on an ongoing basis.We have LOVED incorporating new ways of getting people into GUIDE Culture and during this specific enrollment cycle, we found a way to marry the two.In mid-March, Macy felt a pull to host a webinar aka masterclass aka proper sales presentation for this cohort enrollment specifically.We've hosted many webinars in our time - some have went great, others didn't perform like we'd hoped - but this one was filled with a completely different mindset and produced much different results.In this episode, Macy breaks down all the juice! What we learned, new things we tried, what we'll do different, what we'll keep doing and, of course, the results 🚀
If you run your business in the online world, you likely hear that for your business to see the results you want, you simply need certain processes and systems in place.There's the "gurus" and "experts" out there telling you to implement their processes and duplicate their systems so you can see xyz results.This is what we like to call "easy buttons."They sound easy, effortless and promising, so it makes total sense why you might think this is all you need to do in order to reach your goals and see results.If that were true, wouldn't everryyyone that implements these processes be successful? Often times, people who are interested in joining GUIDE Culture will come to us and say that they're doing all the things the experts and gurus say to do, but they are NOT seeing the results they expected.The reason for this is because it's not really about the process at all. It's about the PERSON.In this episode, Macy and Kat are breaking down the question, "Are Systems and Processes REALLY Duplicatable?"  and help you see what matters more than anything to get results in your business.REMINDERS:GUIDE Culture's Summer Cohort is OPEN for enrollment!Enrollment Deadline: July 17, 2022Cohort Start Date: July 22, 2022CLICK HERE for all enrollment details.To save time and see if it's a good fit, DM us 'SUNNY ☀️' on Instagram, @theguideculture.
Here at GUIDE Culture, we're big readers and typically, as a team, we have a few books that are always circling around.Macy and Kat just finished reading the No B.S. Small Business Book by Casey Graham, which has been so inspiring for how to lead a team, build a business and create a culture that people want to be a part of.If you're a long time podcast listener, you've likely heard us say that, "Leadership is Sales and Sales is Leadership."We believe they both go hand in hand.Leading people is getting them excited to take action in a direction, which is EXACTLY what sales is.In this podcast episode, Macy and Kat break down 5 sales strategies that you can implement in your leadership.It's worth noting that these 5 strategies can also overflow into your home and overall your life!MENTIONS:No B.S. Small Business Book by Casey GrahamTraction by Gino WickmanTik Tok Example for asking for help 
"IS GUIDE CULTURE FOR ME?"⬆️ the ultimate question we get each time GUIDE Culture opens for enrollmentWe are currently enrolling for the SPRING COHORT and seats are going quick, so this episode will give you the full rundown of all the details you need and answer our most common questions.ENROLLMENT DEADLINE: Sunday, April 24th (or when spots fill)CLICK HERE to grab your seat!
Have you ever been at a point in your business where it feels like you're on the right track and things are going like they should be and then you realize there's something new you need to learn?Maybe you follow some high level people in your industry and you see what they're doing and think, "oh I need to do that, too."It's like there's constantly something new that you need to be learning and it might make you feel defeated or behind.In this episode, KITTY IS BACK and joins Macy to talk about babies and business have a lotttt in common.For each of them, there's always a new strategy you can try. There's always new advice being given. One person says one thing, another says something totally different.So how do you make sure you're doing the RIGHT thing for what YOU need - in life and business?That's what this episode is all about! MENTIONS:GUIDE Culture's Spring Cohort is OPEN for enrollment!Seats are going quick - CLICK HERE for all enrollment details.Enrollment Deadline: Sunday, April 24, 2022 (or when seats fill up)LIVE Masterclass Encore happening TONIGHT (Tuesday, 4/19) at 7:30pm ETOn Monday, we hosted the Breaking Business Masterclass where you learned the 3 Unexpected Rules to Create Predictable $30k Months in 2022. People LOVED it, but there was no replay.Because we really want everyone to get their hands on this information, we're hosting a LIVE ENCORE tonight (April 19th) at 7:30pm ET.CLICK HERE to get the link for that. GUIDE Culture Info Call happening on Wednesday, April 20th at 12pm ETIf you've been interested in GUIDE Culture, but want to know the nitty gritty details of how it works, the logistics or have the chance to ask specific questions, this call is for you!CLICK HERE to get the Info Call link.
When you focus on the game, the scoreboard will take care of itself 💯In business, it's so tempting to have your eye on the prize - the big goal, a massive breakthrough, your next big win 👀🏆This is the "scoreboard" so to speak.What if I told you that when you quit looking for those moments and simply focus on your day by day actions - the "game" - that you can quite possibly exceed the goals you’ve set AND make predictable sales?What we often see when people are focused on their big prize, they are falling into the trap of automations or "sales on autopilot."Meaning they're trying to implement strategies that promise less work, more impact. There's nothing wrong with strategies WHEN you have a predictable process in place.In this episode, Macy and Loy touch on this *exact* process so you can start experiencing predictable sales (which equals predictable revenue) and invite you to join the💥 BREAKING BUSINESS 💥 masterclass on April 18th at 2pm ET (that's 1pm CT / 12pm MT / 11am CT).In the masterclass, Macy will be revealing 3 Unexpected Rules to Create Predictable $30K+ Months in 2022 so you can Stand Out in a Sea of Sameness (WITHOUT Relying on Going Viral, Building a Complicated Funnel OR Playing Strategy Whack-a-Mole)When you register, you can expect to learn:➡️ How to hit your revenue goals without focusing on your revenue goals (counterintuitive, we know)➡️ The exact process we use at GUIDE Culture to generate predictable monthly income (and how you can do it, too)➡️ The strategy replacement that never expires (so you can make consistent sales)CLICK HERE to grab your seat!
Macy here! It's no secret that we're in an age of a lottttt of automation.Everywhere you look people are telling you to automate your business, somehow and someway - put together an email funnel, create a course, have an evergreen webinar, develop your CRM - these are the things that are so heavily being taught right now.And I get it - as the world evolves, it is important that we adapt and start implementing new things, so it is totally normal for people to be leaning into this.But as someone who likely has big dreams and lots of goals in your business, this advice is likely hurting you.In this episode, I'm diving into the thing that so many are missing that I can't stay quiet about any longer!MENTIONS:Free, LIVE masterclass on April 18th at 2pm ET (that's 1pm CT / 12pm MT / 11am PT)💥 BREAKING BUSINESS 💥3 Unexpected Rules to Create Predictable $30K+ Months in 2022How to Stand Out in a Sea of Sameness Without Relying on Going Viral,Building a Complicated Funnel, or Playing Strategy Whack-a-MoleCLICK HERE TO GRAB YOUR SEAT!Here's a peek into what you can expect to learn:The #1 thing you must focus on in your business to reach your goals (no, it’s not your numbers)The predictable process to implement that has nothing to do with going viral (that will still catapult your growth and increase revenue)How to curate a message that gets people bought into you (and ultimately ready to swipe their card without hesitating)If you’re ready to go against the grain in business and master the one thing that very few people are telling you about so you can live the life you really want, this is for you.
Macy here, co-CEO of GUIDE Culture!Just last week, I was on a discovery call with someone interested in taking GUIDE Culture's Sales + Leadership Training and during our conversation, she mentioned how she has so many passions and things that she enjoys doing.When we took a closer look at all the things that she does and ways that people can work with her, I noticed that everything she did had ONE common thread.If you sell multiple products or have multiple ways that people can work with you, chances are that you have ONE thread among all of them, too.As someone that teaches sales, one of the things I've learned is that it is extremely hard (if not, impossible) to sell multiple things. Every single product or service that you sell requires so much time and energy for it to really HIT with your audience.The good news is that if you do sell multiple things, you don't have to have different messages for each - in fact, you SHOULD NOT have multiple messages 🤯The ONE common thread aka your ONE MESSAGE is what you should be selling at all times.In this podcast episode, I provide some examples on what this looks like and guide you on how to lean into your one message so that your audience starts to buy into that and then just has a simple decision to make - and that is how they are going to work with you. 
After working with hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs through the GUIDE Culture Sales Training, we've noticed that a lot of people get it wrong in this one major area.And that is the area of adding value versus BUILDING value - they aren't the same!You hear it all the time - "give value, add value." So much so that the word 'value' almost has no meaning anymore.When people think about "adding value" they think of giving away their knowledge, sharing information, stating facts, etc.And there is a time and place for that!The problem is that when you only share that type of content with your audience, you aren't inspiring people to take action. You aren't guiding them into a decision that is best for them.That's where BUILDING value comes in!In this episode, Macy and Loy talk about the main differences between the two - if you're in a place where you're wondering why people aren't taking action with what you offer, this may be the missing piece.Want to WATCH this episode? CLICK HERE!MENTIONS:GUIDE Culture's Spring Cohort is open for enrollment!When you join by April 1, 2022, you'll receive a few juicy bonuses to put you ahead before your cohort begins:➡️ Early Access to Session 1 of your training - which is the BUILD VALUE session of the training. This is where you shift the way you communicate with your audience, get them slowly but surely bought in to what you have & ultimately get them in a place to do business with you!➡️ Session 1 Lab Recording so you can get a taste of labs and a peek into the coaching you'll receive in your training➡️ Skill + Technique Call with the GC team to put your new skills into practice and receive feedbackImportant Dates:Bonus Deadline - April 1, 2022Enrollment Deadline - April 22, 2022Cohort Start Date - April 29, 2022CLICK HERE for all enrollment details!With questions, DM us on Instagram @theguideculture
When you have a product that feels like a no brainer, especially for your target audience, it's tempting to talk about just that - the product.Maybe you share the basic information about the product - such as size, color, name, etc. - and then maybe give a little insight about what or where the product would be perfect for.For example: a boutique owner might be selling a pair of sandals.When they post about the sandals, they might say something like, "these white sandals are the perfect addition to your closet for spring and summer and will go great with any skirt or dress this season. Available in sizes 6-11."When someone sees that they might think, "oh how cute!" and then proceed to find a similar version on Amazon for a cheaper price and faster shipping.The product caught their eye, but because there was no deeper conviction for THAT specific one, they moved on to finding it elsewhere.What's happened here is the boutique owner quickly became competition with the masses that sell the same thing VS. someone that builds a tribe of loyalty that only wants YOUR version of that product.Loyalty comes when people know what you stand for, know what they're getting and know WHY they're buying from you - it's not just about the product. It's about YOUR product and the deeper meaning + mission behind it.The answer to building this kind of loyalty is NOT to talk about your product more. It goes far beyond that which is what we're breaking down in this episode!MENTIONS:Enrollment for GUIDE Culture's Spring Cohort is NOW OPEN!When you enroll by April 1st, you'll receive early access to Session 1 of your training, a pre-recorded lab to see what to expect when your cohort begins AND a Skill + Technique call with the GC team to put your new skills into action and fine-tune them before your cohort kicks off on April 29th!IMPORTANT DATES:Bonus Deadline - April 1, 2022Enrollment Deadline - April 22, 2022Cohort Start Date - April 29, 2022CLICK HERE for all the details!
In this episode, Macy and Loy address a question that we recently received on Instagram from a GUIDE Culture Grad.The grad asked, "do you see a higher completion rate in GUIDE Culture since there are coaches and lab?"And that is a great question! If you aren't familiar with the structure of GUIDE Culture's Signature Training, we have that broken down HERE.Basically, instead of buying the course and going through it on your own time, there is an accountability piece that we call labs.Labs are where you come with your homework from the training session (which are dripped weekly versus given all at once) you perform with your lab group which is led by coaches and you receive immediate feedback.With this, each cohort has a designated start and end date - something else you don't often see with online courses. While we don't know the exact completion rate, we do know that students are much more likely to finish the entirety of the program solely because of the accountability piece and the clear structure of beginning and end.Here at GC, we've also implemented a no student left behind policy that we firmly stand behind! During a cohort, if we notice that someone isn't showing up, our coaches check in and determine how to move forward so that the student experiences a winning outcome.Cohort based courses have something special to them and in this episode we talk about just that.MENTIONS:Enrollment for GUIDE Culture's Spring Cohort is NOW OPEN!When you enroll by April 1st, you'll receive early access to Session 1 of your training, a pre-recorded lab to see what to expect when your cohort begins AND a Skill + Technique call with the GC team to put your new skills into action and fine-tune them before your cohort kicks off on April 29th!IMPORTANT DATES:Bonus Deadline - April 1, 2022Enrollment Deadline - April 22, 2022Cohort Start Date - April 29, 2022CLICK HERE for all the details!
Have you ever been given the advice to give your best stuff away for free because it will make people want to buy from you EVEN more?We hear this tension a lot.People want their audience to know that they have expertise. They want their audience to find value in what they share and ultimately experience wins. And we totally get it! We also want people to know that we have knowledge in our industry and for them to trust that they will receive value from our product.What often happens when you start sharing and giving away all of your best stuff for free is that people get overloaded with information and end up making no decision at all.Something we know to be true is that information doesn't always equal TRANSFORMATION.For example: most of us know that broccoli is a better choice than mac and cheese. But that doesn't mean that we always choose to get the broccoli does it?People can KNOW things all day long, but deeply believing, taking action and making decisions on that information is another story.As a salesperson, you have to be able to sell beliefs. And the crazy part is that you sell belief the exact same way that you sell your product or service.In this episode, Macy and Kat talk more about why giving your best stuff away for free isn't always the best option and what you can do instead. MENTIONS:Enrollment for GUIDE Culture's Spring Cohort is NOW OPEN!When you enroll by April 1st, you'll receive early access to Session 1 of your training, a pre-recorded lab to see what to expect when your cohort begins AND a Skill + Technique call with the GC team to put your new skills into action and fine-tune them before your cohort kicks off on April 29th!IMPORTANT DATES:Bonus Deadline - April 1, 2022Enrollment Deadline - April 22, 2022Cohort Start Date - April 29, 2022CLICK HERE for all the details!
In this special episode, we sit down with one of our coaches and mentors from the past year, Brandon Lucero, who leads 4X Video Effect - recently rebranded into the New Generation Entrepreneur Mastery Program.Brandon's proven methodology shifts how online content is created and distributed by changing beliefs, shifting perspectives and the psychology of selling products online so you can move your audience into a buying state of mind while growing your brand.He has successfully generated over 9 six-figure launches, generated millions of views online, helped create million-dollar sales funnels and worked with multiple 7-figure entrepreneurs like James Wedmore, Carrie Green, Caitlin Bacher, Rick Mulready, and more.Through working with Brandon, we've learned the importance of selling and speaking on your beliefs and one message instead of following the social norms of bashing other opinions, going only where the attention is or only teaching how to content.A lot of times in the online business world, people want to be polarizing because it gives them the attention they crave, but too often that becomes a cycle of straying away from what your actual message is and doesn't generate the long term connections that your business needs to truly thrive.In this episode, we discuss just that - the power of speaking on your beliefs, the importance of staying on message & how to really connect with people through your content versus spilling more how to information on them daily.If you're interested in learning more and staying connected with Brandon, here's 3 ways to do that:Connect with Brandon on InstagramTune into Brandon's Podcast - The New Generation EntrepreneurLearn more about Brandon's New Generation Entrepreneur Mastery Program Enrollment opens on Monday, March 7th and closes on Thursday, March 10th!
SALES VS. SALES CULTURE - what matters more?If you've been following GUIDE Culture or listening to the podcast for any amount of time, chances are you've heard us use the phrase "sales culture."Macy always says that she grew up in a "sales culture" home, but it's become very clear that a lot of people either a) don't know what that is or b) don't know how to cultivate it.While sales and sales culture are two totally different things, they both have one thing in common: they have to be planned for - neither of them just happen.Here's how you can put it in perspective: in 6 months, a year or even 2 years down the road, you can be living out 1 of 2 scenarios in your business ⬇️➡️ you can look up and think, "wait... how come no one is bought in to my mission? why can't I keep team members on board? why are sales so hard and I can't hit my numbers?" 😓OR➡️ you can look up and say, "wow! I've accomplished so much more than I even thought was possible in such a short amount of time. Sales feel great and I have people excitedly running with me! what a dream." 🥳Scenario 2 paints a dreamy picture of what it would look like to have both - seamless sales and a thriving sales culture. Because we believe you can't have one without the other. Because we OBVIOUSLY want scenario 2 for you, in this episode we're breaking down the difference and helping you see how to have both!MENTIONS:GUIDE Culture Approved Book ListNeedle MoversA 4-part self-paced course where you learn how to focus on the right things, instead of all the things. You’ll learn how to plan your work and work your plan strategically and effectively so that you can win in life and business.CLICK HERE to get on the waitlist!GUIDE Culture's 2022 Spring Cohort is NOW OPEN for enrollment!Enrollment Deadline: April 22, 2022Cohort Start Date: April 29, 2022CLICK HERE for all the details!If you have questions before enrolling, DM us @theguideculture on Instagram with a BLUE HEART EMOJI 💙 and you'll be top priority.
This bonus episode is pulled from a recent YouTube Live that we do every Tuesday morning at 9am ET! On YouTube Live, we answer questions from our audience to give you the insight and answers around sales, leadership & business in general. In this episode, we answer a DM we received on Instagram recently where someone asked:"I've always wanted to know how to sell our family's beef. Sometimes I think it would be easier to sell if we were grass-fed or organic because those are trendy. However, I just know that grass-fed/organic go against our values. How do you sell something when it's not the trend and you know what you sell is better without bashing the trend?"Do you feel like you have a product that's not trendy or sexy? If so, do you struggle to sell it because you think people won't want it? Do you know your product is BETTER than the trendy thing, but aren't sure how to communicate that?If you said yes to any of the above, this episode is for you!Mentions:[Free] Objection Handling Workshop on Wednesday, February 23, 2022 at 2pm ET (1pm CT / 12pm MT / 11am PT)5 people have been chosen to be coached live. If you can't make it live, fill out THIS FORM to receive the replay!Strategy Call Deadline: Friday, February 25, 2022When you enroll in GUIDE Culture by Friday, February 25, 2022, you'll receive a BONUS 20 minute, 1:1 strategy call with Macy or Kat.CLICK HERE for all enrollment details!Important Dates:Spring Cohort Enrollment Deadline - April 22, 2022Spring Cohort Start Date - April 29, 2022
Today is a very special episode featuring our very own, Courtney, aka C WAG!Courtney is the ninja that joined the GUIDE Culture team in December 2020. She came from a corporate background so she brought a veryyyy different set of eyes and it has absolutely blown us away.To this day, Court says that the interview experience at GUIDE Culture was unlike anything she had ever experienced, which is why we wanted to bring her on the podcast so she could share her perspective.People ask us questions all the time about hiring and how to find the right people to build a team and that's what this episode is all about!
A few weeks ago we SOLD OUT the seats for our 2022 Winter Cohort and the craziest part is that we sold out a week before close cart.If you're familiar with online business, you probably know that there's typically a week of open cart - meaning the week that people can buy - and prior to that there's a launch runway.The launch runway usually has a lot of mini events, such as challenges, bootcamps, small events, etc. to get people prepped for the big event which is usually a webinar, masterclass or something of that sort where the selling happens.While we have definitely utilized all of these strategies in the past, something we realized is that each piece of the launch runway required a tonnnnn of energy and by the time we reached open cart week, quite honestly, people were tired. And so were we.Because each piece of the runway is a sell - you have to sell people to join the Facebook group or sell them to join the Zoom call or sell them to register for the masterclass alllll before you even get the chance to sell them on your actual offer.And while this strategy CAN and HAS worked, we decided that the way we sold in 2022 would be different - and what's crazy is that we're honestly practicing what we preach to so many of you. And that is selling ONE thing at all times - which is ultimately GUIDE Culture's Signature 8 Week Program.In this episode, we share what we have started doing differently and our hope is that it gives you some encouragement to do your one thing and do it really well. There's power in putting all of your energy in one place ⚡️MENTIONS:Follow Up Flow - grab your $7 copy of our signature Follow Up Flow Method so you can confidently follow up and close more sales!GUIDE Culture's 2022 Spring Cohort is NOW OPEN for enrollment!When you enroll by February 25th, you'll receive a 20 minute, 1:1 strategy call with Macy or Kat to get focused and clear on your direction before your cohort beings.Enrollment Deadline: April 22, 2022Cohort Start Date: April 29, 2022CLICK HERE for all the details!If you have questions before enrolling, DM us @theguideculture on Instagram with a BLUE HEART EMOJI 💙 and you'll be top priority.
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