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Author: Amann&Mayes

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Two fangirls providing commentary on their favorite things. Squee and hilarity abound.
5 Episodes
Sarah Kate is Wearing a Fedora, So This Episode is Instantly That Much More Awesome - Click To Download! We actually don’t know where you can watch Iron Man online for free - at least not without downloading a metric shit-ton of viruses.  Proceed at your own risk.(Alternately, you could rent the movie through RedBox, Netflix, BlockBuster, or your friends/family.  Your choice)In this episode, we discuss:Housekeeping!“Shut up, Patrick”The various nuns we knowTony's steampunk-esque gogglesJarvis/Tony as an OTP A:tlA references! Introducing Pat to internet-speakLaughing.  Lots of laughing.Tony's robots"AWWWWHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Robert Downey Jr.'s faceThe tight no-spoilers policy in the Mayes householdSuperman sucks and Sarah Kate should let Emma read her Batwoman comics"Son of a Bellatrix Lestrange"Sarah Kate is a trend-setterWhy Pepper Potts is awesomeWhedon, that heartbreakerHow to survive a horror movie interrupted by squealingWhy Pepper should wear flats and ditch the heels foreverPat knows more physics than his sister, who is eight years older than him.The Avengers Initiative!“Bang-bang or twang-twang” The computer basically sucks but it's okay (at least for right now)Robert Downey Jr.The cup that Emma brought Sarah looks like this: Have some pictures of Robert Downey Jr. because he's sexy and beautiful.  Plus some gifs. You're welcome.We apologize for Emma's audio quality during the intro and outro.  She didn't bother plugging in her microphone and look where that got her... Questions? Comments? Hit us up through e-mail! small.screen.adventures@gmail.comOr on Twitter! @SmllScrnAdvntrOr hit up us co-hosts on our personal blogs! (see the sidebar)Or comment! Right below! SEND US FANMAIL OKAY.Subscribe on FeedburnerOr in iTunesNoticed the change in show notes formatting? Good. Emma is now writing them.  She hopes you like!
MOFFAT!!!! - Click to download!Subscribe on FeedburnerOr in iTunesSHOW NOTES:Sherlock can be found free to watch here. If you have Netflix, though, use that, because the quality is better, and it doesn't take as long to load.An "E-mail Us!!!!" banner is in the works! Soon, you'll just have to click it to send us an e-mail! We really are making this easy for you, you know....Until the banner is ready, though, you'll have to do it by hand. Send e-mails to us at love and warm animals,SKP.S. Due to an editing error, and/or the fact that I'm a bit of an idiot, I mixed up a few sound files while putting this thing together. The fix should be easy, and I should have the good copy posted shortly. Please stand by. And we're good!-SK
Episode 3

Episode 3


We're Only Watching This Because Benedict is Adorable - Click to download!Subscribe on FeedburnerOr in iTunesEpisode Alternate Titles:"The Really Late Podcast From Hell"and"DAMMIT MY WRIST"SHOW NOTES:Sherlock can be found free to watch here. If you have Netflix, use that, because the quality is better, and it doesn't take as long to load.A Very Potter Musical can be watched on YouTube. It's pretty long, but it's very worth it. And don't forget the Sequel!Geek & Sundry is the YouTube channel that hosts Wil Wheaton's TableTop. All the shows are fabulous. You should watch every single one of them.And thanks to our friend Peppermint Patty for providing this week's macro, because I had enough to do without making one of those.SEND US FANMAIL AT OR WHEN I DIE I WILL COME BACK AS A GHOST AND HAUNT YOU FOREVER.~EmG
Episode 2

Episode 2


Episode 2: Sherlock Holmes Needs To Watch More 80s Movies - Click to DownloadSubscribe in FeedburnerSHOW NOTES:Watch Sherlock here on TV-Land (I recommend the SockShare link)Download The Legend of Korra here on iTunes.Purchase the Sherlock soundtrack here on iTunesA hearty thanks, again, to Adam Fromm.  Find his link in the sidebar, 'cause I'm too lazy to put it in.Contact us at or via our Twitter @SmllScrnAdvntr--Sarah KateP.S.  All screencaps created by me.  I get them off the show/movie.  I put the captions on.  Anyone who says I'm stealing is lying.  *glances around furtively*  Remember that.--SKPPS: SEND US FANMAIL, OR WHEN I DIE I WILL COME TO HAUNT YOU.  SEND US HATE MAIL, EVEN.  HATEMAIL WILL BE USED TO FEED THE FLAMES OF OUR INSANITY.  SEND US FANMAIL TO THANK SARAH KATE FOR DOING ALL THE EDITING AND TO WISH HER A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! SEND US MAIL TO SAY HI. JUST SEND US ALL THE FANMAIL.HAVE A LOVELY DAY!      -EL :)
Episode 1

Episode 1


Episode 1: Fezzik Is Moses - Click to ListenSubscribe on FeedburnerSHOW NOTES:Thank you, Adam Fromm, for our lovely opening theme.  A link to his site is in the sidebar, or you could click here.Thank you, Kevin O'Shea, for our lovely name.  Kevin is the producer of Made of Fail Productions.  A link to his site is also in the sidebar, or you could click here.We also used Kevin's How-To for podcasts.  Thinking of setting up your own?  Find instructions here.Contact us at, or via our Twitter, @SmllScrnAdvntr
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