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Casting 495 Celebrities Worldwide
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Casting 495 Celebrities Worldwide

Author: One Sir Grove of 495

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Author, New York Top #2 Urban Musical Artist Published Worldwide, Commentator, Entertainer, Podcaster, Executive Producer, Stock Market Investor, International Entrepreneur
1837 Episodes
Low-class Low-trash

Low-class Low-trash


Camel Law Hariz BLM Supporter deep state mole inside the United States government working against America trying to play Americans like fools
One minute
UnAmerican Drivers on American Roads



Word and praise God
Larry Hogan Masquerader ie Big PretenderMaryland super high crime rate technological nightmare street cameras nightmare traffic nightmare Society nightmare traffic congestion nightmare commute nightmare lockdown policies all thanks to clowns Like Larry Hogan Ralph Northam down the street and Muriel Bowser all friends of the big guy crime family patriarch Joe Biden
Grove Wilder

Grove Wilder


Grover the Scholar
J Edgar Hoover and Modern Day Racists
Biden-Harris Enemies of Israel and America
Fields of Knowledge
Alien Video Game
Earth II

Earth II


Earth II (One Sir Grove Produced by Ceaser Beats)
If math is #baseless, then their own lives on planet Earth are completely baseless
The Program ... some just go along with it ... and never question it ... smh
Sisyphus: The Myth Beginning
Writing Rhymes Process

Writing Rhymes Process


Lyrical Composition
BidenHarris Racist Segregationist Admin
Above Top Secret ULTRA Classified
Proof that Biden-Harris Admin is in Support of Domestic and Foreign Terrorism Against the United States of America. One of the major goals of the Biden-Harris Anti-America Anti-Capitalism Anti-Judeo-Christian (Anti-Christian) Antifa/BLM Supporting Admin is to get money into the hands of Iran sooner than later so that Iran can acquire nuclear weapons in which to carry out Hussein Obama's goal of destroying Israel while at the same time pretending that the Biden-Harris Admin seeking to help "protect and defend America" against enemies both foreign and domestic. The REAL TRUTH is that THEY ARE THE DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN TERRORISTS HERE TO TAKE YOUR GUNS, TAKE YOUR MONEY, TAKE YOUR RIGHTS AND MENTALLY ENSLAVE YOU WITH THEIR CRITICAL RETARD THEORY ... BECAUSE THEY THINK YOU ARE RETARDED.
Mental Enslaves BLM Prehistoric Uneducated Rejects Never Evolved Year 2021 ie Klowns Supported by Biden Harris CRT Critical Retard Theory Segregationist Admin
Hate for America
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