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Author: Bart Folse

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The Folse Start Podcast is a weekly dive into the strategies and techniques required for real, meaningful life change. I know sometimes major weight loss or financial burdens can seem overwhelming, but I'm living proof that you can turn your life around. Join me each week as we take a closer look at how we get into those situations, how we climb out, and most importantly, how we STAY out of them again.Time to start taking advantage of life's second chances by living life on purpose!
8 Episodes
In this episode we work through setting a life vision so compelling that you are transported there each time you think of it.Thanks to the Iron Council and Order of Man for the inspiration on my listener mail. Check out Grant Cardone's 10X Rule Here
In this episode we take a deep dive into discovering your personal core values and developing your personal mission Find your "Why" The Folse Starters Facebook Group
This is the first of several episodes on planning your life in a way that won't let you fail. In this episode, we discuss the process for life planning, why it's important, and how to get started. Connect here to get my toolkit on all of this as we move forward.
In this episode, we discuss what true joy means, how it's different from happiness, and how I embrace the suck.Connect with me here: 
All of us have a reason to change and get better. The real question is whether or not your reason is big enough to deserve the work. Stop failing at real life change and start building a resilient body and mind by connecting intimately with a cause bigger than yourself. In this episode we take a look at some of the strategies I've used to build physical and mental resilience over my life transformation. Thanks to Ryan Holiday and Tim Ferriss for some of the inspiration and mindset tactics, and thanks again to All Things Arkansas and The Backwoods Gunsmith for the beautiful blade.Enjoy!
Have you ever made a New Year's Resolution? Did you keep it? What kept you from succeeding? What are you waiting for? It's time to drop the excuses and start taking action on all of the things in your life that are really important. Your future is in your hands.
In this episode we dive into the GIFT framework to deal with all of life's obstacles and take advantage of them as second chances. Gratitude, intent, focus, and transformation each build on one another to provide lasting change in your mindset that will cause dramatic change in your life.Do yourself a favor and pick up Ryan Holiday's book, "The Obstacle is the Way". You definitely won't regret it.



Welcome to The Folse Start Podcast! I'm Bart Folse, and this podcast is meant to share the strategies and techniques that I used to turn my life around in real, meaningful ways. Listen here for more!
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Timothy Strahan

These episodes are really helping me get my life figured out and start to make a plan for myself instead of just aimlessly wandering through it

Jan 25th
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