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Humboldt Greengo

Liss jumping the gun as usual... Why not wait a couple weeks to see the videos coming out of the Trumpettes at the capitol, doing nothing as you claim..... say you dont care about Trump on pod but in reality you want to suck his dick... Last time ever downloading this podcast, hadnt in months and whole episode was same old shitshow... Dalton used to be his own man now he laps up Liss' conspiracy theories like he has Stokholm syndrome

Jan 19th

Joseph Laker

Love the pod, fellas. I highly recommend the Sam Harris app. Waking Up is immensely helpful and is a great place not only to to start your practice, but to hone your skills as you progress.

May 29th

Humboldt Greengo

Does Liss have to fill out FARA forms when he comes back to the states?

Nov 18th
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