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Super Geeky Play Date is a podcast by Super Geeks Brady, Bryan, Adam, & Matt. We review movies and comics, interview AMAZING people, and occasionally play D&D!
119 Episodes
#113 Galactic Pest Control

#113 Galactic Pest Control


Parallax is back!! And as always he brings with him a fantasy world of epic proportions! Our heroes find themselves in the grisly world of Warhammer 40k!
Chris Eaves is back and he's got 15 pages worth of notes on every direct-to-streaming Nic Cage movie since 2011! Where did it all go wrong? Or did it actually go secretly right..?
The boys have a blast watching a great movie! There's some legit crying. Stay safe out there!
Matt and Brady sit down to talk about Whats Up. The only thing sicker than the general public are these tunes!
Altered Carbon, Impractical Jokers, Hunters, I Am Not OK With This, and is Monterey Jack a useless member of the team? Tadd Galusha is back!
Birds of Prey, Locke and Key, Masters of the Universe, Rick Moranis, and then a very frustrating list. Mike Chexx is back!
Its Valentine's Day! So we talk over an 80's slasher flick! Matty K is back to help us name every Air Bud sequel!
Letters, Joker,'s Oscars game, Matty K's Top 5, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Life in the Past Lane, Doc and Marty, Lego castles, video game violence, a psychological discussion of The Lighthouse and
#106 Top 5 of 2019

#106 Top 5 of 2019


We hit the ground running in 2020 with a nearly 3.5 hour episode! We talk The Witcher, Dracula, and (FINALLY) Rise of Skywalker! Matt Oien is back with Top 11 Metal Albums!
Tatiana Returns! We talk: Mandalorian, Watchmen, The Irishman, Knives Out, Mr. Rogers, Lords of Chaos, The Lighthouse, WW84, Bond, Ghostbusters Afterlife, Super Smash!
#104 Top 5 Famous Vets

#104 Top 5 Famous Vets


Our special guest from Thom Cruz Cosplay helps us put on a Veterans Day spectacular! We talk Watchmen, Terminator Dark Fate, and His Dark Materials!
#103 Top 5 Movie Monsters

#103 Top 5 Movie Monsters


Joker, Watchmen, Comics Comics Comics, Golden Compass, good comedians, STAR WARS TRAILER! Danny McCall is back!
#102 Top 5 Psychopaths

#102 Top 5 Psychopaths


We talk Catwoman casting, then Metal Mattson drops some Horror History on us, then there's a gigantic betrayal and nothing will ever be the same again. Happy Halloween!
#101 Top 5 Sci Fi Movies

#101 Top 5 Sci Fi Movies


We talk about Birds of Prey, Joker, The Irishman, and The Batman. Also incel violence and "cancel culture"
It's our 4th year as Press at RCCC! We interview the stars and creators of ABC's Stumptown!
Its bazookas and boobers as we talk over the top of the 1987 movie Hard Ticket To Hawaii
We get raw, real, and emotional as we recount the scenes that made us who we are. #PlaneErection
Its a double length episode as Parallax weaves us thru the terrible machinations of his own mind. Oh, don't worry tho. We're tuff af.
Our buddy Dan brought us a movie to talk about..
Its Portland Indie Con! We interview creators on the floor of Portland's only Indie convention and ask patrons to Guess That Yahoo Movie!
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