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Author: John McGrath, Tom Panos & Troy Malcolm

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Practical tips and strategies from Australia’s leading real estate minds on how to massively grow your sales business.
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We want to honour our dear friend Mat Steinwede today. Mat recently experienced the unbearable loss of his son and his story is a powerful reminder of the resilience and strength that's often needed in life and in business.Inspired by Mat's tenacity, we discuss strategies for coping with 'Black Swans' and discuss the role of a supportive team in times of tragedy, and the lessons we can learn from the book 'Option B' - finding strength in adversity. We will also focus on the importance of being fully present in our work, right up until our break starts. We owe that to the people we service. Remember, Christmas starts on 25 Dec, not mid-Nov.Let's dive in, as we hold space for grief, resilience, and the unwavering spirit of the human condition.
Machine Mindset

Machine Mindset


Gain tools to channel your inner Van Gogh and understand why an artist's mindset can help you in real estate sales.You'll learn about Alex Jordan’s prospecting approach and the innovative use of WhatsApp stories. We’ll also delve into why mindset, energy, and narrative play such a pivotal role in successful prospecting. Plus, we'll touch on the necessity of being well-prepared, the art of communicating in transparent language and the balance of providing just enough information without overwhelming your clients. Implement game-changing insights and strategies.
Are you brave enough to 'choose yourself' and take responsibility for your decisions in this ever-changing industry? There is an art to 'listing what sells'. John McGrath , Tom Panos & Troy Malcolm reveal the process...Plus, we take a deep look at the crucial role of timing and patience in real estate. We weigh in on the pros and cons of listing a property now against waiting for the New Year. Remember, in real estate, it's often about playing the long game.
What happens when we shift our social media perspective from ego posting to community posting? We explore how a focus on educating rather than self-promoting can drastically change your relationship with your audience and engagement. Let's dive straight into the world of content creation, demystifying how to craft content that resonates with your local community. From promoting your local favourites to leveraging council newsletters for video blogs.We underline the significance of blending storytelling and facts in your content, showcasing your expertise without losing the human touch. Plus, we introduce you to the concept of a 'day in the life' video, an excellent avenue to remind your audience that beyond the professional persona, you're human, just like them!
Let's delve into invaluable strategies for managing the increased volume without compromising your service. We discuss the importance of staying on top of market trends, and having a proactive approach to reappraising properties.We also examine an inspiring quote from  Australian professional rugby league coach, Trent Robinson and discuss how it's relevant to your everyday hustle as a real estate agent. Whether you're a seasoned agent or a rookie, this episode is packed with insights that can help you turn challenges into opportunities this Spring selling season!P.S. - As an added bonus, we'll bring you our thoughts on who will come out on top in the upcoming AFL Grand Final. 
We dissect what a 10 out of 10 auction process looks like.We'll also unpack the differences between private treaties and auctions, and why a top agent needs both in their toolbox. This training will help you understand and believe in the auction process.We also share effective auction strategies and the critical role that vendor servicing plays. We emphasize weekly buyer's meetings and presenting comprehensive weekly reports to vendors. Hear a heartwarming story about an agent who went the extra mile with a first-time auction attendee, resulting in a listing. 
We kick off by drawing inspiration from the Matilda's World Cup triumph and examine how their strategies can be applied to the real estate world. We then delve into the winning game plan of Australia's top 1% of real estate agents, who have brilliantly combined the process of McDonald's and the simplicity of Apple with high energy and authentic personality to achieve remarkable results. Building on that foundation, we then guide you through the process of becoming the "McDonald's" of real estate, extracting the best practices from major corporations and implementing them in your own business. A richly metaphorical and deeply insightful episode you won't want to miss!
Let's address the elephant in the room - why so many real estate agents struggle with prospecting. We'll discuss the importance of maintaining integrity, being present in conversations, and how investing time in building relationships is beneficial in the long run.Additionally, we'll emphasize how leveraging social media can skyrocket your prospecting results. Learn how strategic use of platforms such as TikTok, and creating content that is more educational than sales-oriented, can help you reach a wider audience and get more listings.
Let's dive into the critical subject of personal branding in real estate and how it can wield influence over property prices.Gain practical tips on how agents can amplify their empathy when serving vendors in stressful times. Discover effective strategies for keeping buyers captivated by a property, even amid uncertain times. Finally, we investigate how agents can optimize their relationships with buyers through candidness, trust, and delivering crucial information. 
Join us as we analyse the implications of the Reserve Bank of Australia's announcement on the real estate market. This episode can help agents list properties effectively and supercharge their sales. And if you're considering selling your property or bringing a listing to market, we have some essential advice for you.Also, let's take a trip down memory lane with John McGrath as we reminisce about selling real estate when technology was minimal. John shares the creative strategies he used to stand out in a competitive industry. This conversation underscores the vital role of efficiency in time management, communication, negotiation, and listing presentations. Finally, let's explore how to carve your own success in the real estate industry. We discuss our personal journey and the importance of product knowledge, remarkable service, and the unique art of buyer-servicing. We also delve into the benefits of attending auctions and joining historical societies to bolster your industry knowledge. We underscore the indispensable role of passion, enthusiasm, and continuous personal growth and learning. The episode is packed with actionable tips to help you stand out and thrive in the real estate industry. So tune in and let's elevate your game in real estate!
What would it be like if realty offices functioned using the principles of a rugby team? Imagine the heightened sense of camaraderie, the collective morale driving towards success! Join us as we draw parallels between the dynamics of the Queensland rugby team and the real estate world - a fascinating viewpoint that could potentially shift your perspective on how your office operates.The real estate market is akin to a battlefield, where strategy, adaptability and accurate decisions can determine victory or defeat. In today's discussion, we are venturing into Sydney's Blue Ribbon suburbs, dissecting the factors driving price growth, and why accurate property listings are crucial in this arena. We'll also address the importance of establishing trust with potential buyers - a factor that can make or break a deal. For those with surplus funds riding on market trends, and the agents catering to them, we have some insightful revelations.Beyond dissecting the market, we're also sharing golden nuggets on how to maximize opportunities in real estate. From the underestimated power of reaching out to past clients to strategies that help you connect more effectively with potential clients - every nugget we share today could be a game-changer. Tune in for an insightful journey through the world of real estate, where we see things through a unique lens!
(00:00:00) - Recap of AREC Speakers(00:08:54) - Authenticity and Content Success Formula(00:16:38) - Maximizing Real Estate Success(00:20:33) - Real Estate Industry Conference Recap(00:24:16) - Maximizing Potential With Four-Year Focus
(00:00:00) - Leadership Lessons from NRL Coach Trent Robinson(00:03:12) - What Kills Deals and What Makes Deals(00:05:06) - The Qualities of Great Deal Makers(00:07:05) - Managing the Sale Process to Ensure a Successful Outcome(00:09:22) - Being Creative in Dealmaking(00:11:35) - Negotiation Strategies for Real Estate Deals(00:16:10) - Maximise Price Through Competitive Tension(00:18:55) - Resetting Expectations(00:20:29) - Social Proof(00:24:08) -  AREC 2023: Real Estate Gym members get the best deal
(00:05:10) - Lead Generation Strategies for in a Low Volume Market(00:06:31) - The Keys to Attracting Listings(00:11:06) - Superior Buyer Servicing (00:12:56) - Building Awareness and Momentum in Your Market(00:14:20) - Strategies for Open Homes and Qualifying Potential Clients(00:21:36) -  How to Increase Your Real Estate Sales Through Networking(00:23:07) -  Creative Strategies for Real Estate Agents(00:30:08) - Overcoming Rejection & AREC 2023
(00:00:00) - Building Self-Confidence Through Sustainable Long-Term Growth(00:06:51) - Stoicism(00:09:17) - Creating Psychological Safety to Foster Innovation in the Workplace(00:16:59) - Great Thinking and Life Design
(00:00:00) -  Introduction to Jeremy Khoh: Leadership, Coaching, and Excellence in the Work Environment(00:02:30) - Ego and Its Impact on Business Performance(00:04:27) - Exploring the Peak Performance Pendulum: How to Reduce Ego and Enhance Performance(00:05:43) - Overcoming Fear of Failure and Call Reluctance(00:11:28) - Shifting Identity to Achieve Success(00:13:50) - Exploring Identity Values: A Conversation on Elevating Performance and Well-Being(00:16:16) - Exploring Identity: A Conversation on Finding Your True Self(00:18:51) - Setting Realistic Goals for Success(00:20:36) - Exploring the Impact of Ego on Motivation and SuccessConnect with Jeremy Khoh:
(00:00:00) - Results from the Roy Morgan survey(00:02:45) - Exploring the low trust of real estate agents and how to change it(00:04:32) -  The Power of Professionalism(00:06:23 ) - Building a professional reputation(00:12:49) - Creating raving fans through exceptional service(00:14:27) - Giving back to the community and reducing ego(00:17:54) - Raising the standards of the real estate industry(00:22:11) - AREC 2023 tickets are selling out fast
(00:00:00) - Exploring Vertical Video and Social Media Strategies for Real Estate Agents with Tom Panos and John McGrath(00:01:30) - Discussion on Social Media Platforms for Real Estate Agents(00:03:37) - Leveraging Vertical Video for Maximum Impact(00:12:29) - Real Estate Strategies for Social Media Success(00:14:08) - Social Media Influencers in Australasia(00:16:03) - Real Estate Marketing Tips: Be Authentic and Tell the Truth!
We discuss underquoting, secret commissions and referral fees, the phrase "Quote it low and watch them go!" and ethics in the real estate industry.(00:02:31) - Summary of speakers for AREC: 25th Anniversary(00:07:56) - The Four Corners Episode: Price Guides and "The Impact of Underquoting in the Real Estate Industry"(00:16:48) - The importance of honesty in real estate(00:19:49) - Strategies for accurately setting price guides in a low-absorption market(00:21:43) - Misleading conduct(00:26:00) - Product knowledge(00:29:03) - Transparency with rebates(00:32:18) - US congress rips into the CEO of TikTok
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