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Author: Sean Eddy

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Chandler Bible Church
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Who is the Leader we follow? What guidance does He provide? What can we look forward to when we follow Him?
How does a faith relationship with Jesus bring about new thinking? How can we be sure our new thinking is correct?
What are some of the promises God makes through the prophet Micah? Why is it important to consider the source of these promises?
Can God's purpose for life be thwarted? How does belief prompt a response from us?
What was Jesus' purpose in life? How does growth happen in the church? How can we be certain God has a plan for our lives?
What should a Christ follower depend upon to discern the truth? What happens when we build our lives on the truth we receive from God?
Destruction - Audio

Destruction - Audio


Why is discipline a necessary part of loving someone? How does God show His love through the discipline process?
How does Jesus have the authority to forgive sins? How does He extend mercy to sinners, and what does that look like?
What does it mean to follow Jesus? What does it cost to follow Him? What is our role in the journey?
How did Jesus demonstrate the truths preached in the Sermon on the Mount? What is the Ultimate Healing? What is the deeper truth taught in healing?
What does heart obedience look like on a day-to-day basis? How does this help us to flourish?
Who or what is the standard we are to use to judge? Who is it who gave us the guidelines for judging? Why should our judging be done with humility?
How can we be confident that God will take care of us and we need not worry? What should we remember when we are feeling anxious? How can we receive God's perfect peace?
How can I lay up my treasure in heaven? Does my worldview filter through my faith in Jesus? Am I concentrating on advancing the Gospel?
If God already knows our need, why and how should we pray? What does the community of praying believers look like?
What does it mean to be flourishing in personal piety? Where does our sufficiency come from? Why is our inward attitude more important than our outward appearance?
How can we demonstrate our Christian love by keeping our word, allowing for God's justice, and loving our enemies? What is the power behind our ability to do these things?
Why is obedience from the heart essential? What is the Holy Spirit's role in developing a proper heart attitude?
How does Jesus fulfill the law? Is the law still relevant today? Why is justice still important?
What does our spiritual saltiness look like in our day-to-day living? What should our radiance (light) be pointing toward?
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