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What's on the menu at Lucid Cafe? Stories of transformation; healing journeys; thought-provoking conversations about consciousness, shamanism, psychology, ethics. Hosted by Wendy Halley of Lucid Path Wellness & Healing Arts.
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Martin Lee is a veteran journalist and the co-founder/director of Project CBD - a California-based nonprofit dedicated to promoting and publicizing research into the medical uses of CBD and other components of the cannabis plant. In this episode Martin discusses: The collaboration between Project CBD and Reader’s Digest The pro-cannabis shift that’s happening How CBD challenged the public’s view of cannabis The rediscovery of CBD Individual and social healing How cannabis is a community-building botanical The strangeness of the commercialization of CBD Therapeutic nature of growing cannabis plants Why CBD is so beneficial to the human body and health The endogenous cannabinoid system How THC and CBD are different Full spectrum CBD oil The downside of unregulated CBD production Healer CBD and CBDA products Terpenes His background investigating CIA-funded LSD research The common link between CBD and LSD The startling discovery regarding neuroplasticity Project CBD Project CBD Essential Guide to CBD CBD products: contact Lucid Cafe host Wendy Halley, please visit her website:★ Support this podcast ★
In her new book The Missing Element, Debra Silverman helps you “find a new way to understand yourself and others using the wisdom of the ancients and your natural ability for compassion.” In this episode Debra discusses:  How she designed her book to “prevent boredom”  Her recipe for using astrology and psychology to help people overcome limiting beliefs - Her wish to make weird normal  The ways in which astrology serves as short-hand  How we’re more than our thoughts  Her passion for returning people back to the ancient system of astrology  The importance of reconnecting with the Earth  Karma  The stupid stories we tell ourselves  How to change your narrative  Working with the elements in her own life  How to use her book  The nature of this particular time on Earth Debra’s website: contact Lucid Cafe host Wendy Halley, please visit her website:★ Support this podcast ★
What happens when we die? No one knows for sure, but for people like Jacob Cooper who’ve had a near death experience and gotten a glimpse of another existence beyond the physical, they’re forever transformed. In this episode Jacob discusses: His NDE and how he made sense of it How the experience changed him spiritually His experience of eternal love What the other side was like How revisiting a past life informed his current life Suicide Breaking free from internal imprisonment Life’s purpose How he deals with skepticism Reincarnation  Mindfulness movement The growing acceptance of NDEs Common changes experienced by near death experiencers His motivation for sharing his experience Jacob’s website: contact Lucid Cafe host Wendy Halley, please visit her website:★ Support this podcast ★
 Mitch Horowitz is an author, lecturer, and historian of alternative spirituality who brings esoteric ideas and concepts firmly down to earth, where they belong. .In this conversation Mitch discusses:  His definition of the word "miracle"  Power and ethics  Power vs force  Mental agency  The complex nature of reality  The concept of the mind  The power of emotions  What placebo studies suggest  The 10-Day Miracle Challenge  Selection vs manifestation   The nature of evil  To learn more about Mitch Horowitz, please visit his websiteTo contact Lucid Cafe host Wendy Halley, please visit her website ★ Support this podcast ★
In this episode, Hannah Rohloff (self-described "lymph nerd") of Tessera Massage in central Vermont discusses the mysterious, complex and massively important lymphatic system.Specifically, Hannah discusses: The lymphatic system and Manual Lymph Drainage technique Her work with cancer survivors Symptoms of lymphatic system issues The connection between the lymphatic system and immunity Her clinical approach What a Manual Lymph Drainage massage is like and the benefits How compassion fatigue prompted a career change Chickens! To connect with Hannah, please visit her websiteTo contact Lucid Cafe host Wendy Halley, please visit★ Support this podcast ★
Research reveals that “the most common cause of death is being alive.” (I love that quote!)  In this episode I have a lovely conversation with Dr Jeff Spiess about his work as a hospice physician and his new book, Dying with Ease: A Compassionate Guide to Making Wiser End of Life Decisions.In this episode, Jeff discusses: How working with the terminally ill inspired him to write his new book How dying conflicts with the American cultural worldview Why it’s important to die well The greatest gift you can give someone who’s dying The role of willpower at the end of life Psilocybin studies Spirituality Atheism Assisted suicide Practical tips to prepare for end of life The importance of communication Resources:  The Conversation Project  Death Cafe  To learn more about Jeff Spiess, please visit his website Purchase a copy of Dying with Ease RIP Hank Wesselman: Listen to Wendy’s episode with Hank  To contact Lucid Cafe host Wendy Halley, please visit her website★ Support this podcast ★
Wolves take center stage once again this season - as they should - (see episode 1 “The Story I’d Always Been Looking For” ) when I speak with author Barbara Moritsch about her new book Wolf Time. In this episode Barbara discusses: What Wolf Time is about and the unusual way the story came to her How she received an endorsement from Jane Goodall The shamanic thread in the story The role wolves play  The unfortunate stigma attached to wolves Wolf advocacy and her connection with wolves Wildlife management The future for wolves Her introduction to shamanism Meeting the lion Scarface A story for the future To connect with Barbara Moritsch or purchase a copy of Wolf Time, please visit her website or contact her via Facebook. To contact Lucid Cafe host Wendy Halley, please visit her website★ Support this podcast ★
Eileen Day McKusick is a pioneering researcher, writer, inventor, practitioner, educator and speaker in the fields of therapeutic sound, the human biofield and electric health. She is the author of the bestselling book Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy and her new book, Electric Body, Electric Health, is being released Jan 26, 2021. In this episode, Eileen discusses: Her introduction to sound healing The principles behind Biofield Tuning The body as an electrical system with an electromagnetic biofield Health is a state of flow The role of breath Similarities between Biofield Tuning and acupuncture Perceiving dissonance The language of vibration The noise of disorder The map of the Biofield Psychic abilities States of plasma Inner guidance The voice and singing Trauma that impacted her voice Using the voice for healing The importance of music and movement Why raising your vibration is not the goal How denial of emotions makes us sick The unifying nature of music To learn more about Eileen McKusick’s work and Biofield Tuning, please visit her website...And her YouTube channel To learn more about the Energy Genesis Sound and Light Healing Chamber or to contact Lucid Cafe host Wendy Halley, please visit her website ★ Support this podcast ★
Christina Andrle’s comprehensive approach to healing marries Western and Eastern modalities. In this episode Christina discusses: How the type of chiropractic treatment she practices is an amalgam of many techniques The importance of a happy pelvis Her assessment process Kinesiology and muscle monitoring Using the activator Lower force adjustments and informational medicine Body’s innate intelligence Neurological reboot Challenge of describing the techniques she uses The importance of having a relationship with your body The placebo effect Benefits of combining chiropractic techniques and acupuncture Customized care plans Getting to the root of issues Her background as a reiki practitioner To connect with Christina Andrle, please visit the Vital Life Center website To contact Lucid Cafe host Wendy Halley, please visit her website ★ Support this podcast ★
Barron Steffen is a devout student and practitioner of Siddha Yoga. In his book The Final Gift of the Beloved and in this episode he candidly shares how his spiritual practice helped him move through his profound grief and find peace with the sudden death of his beloved wife Seana. A retired elementary school teacher, Barron now teaches adults and children how to use their thoughts so they’re not used by them through his company The Yoga of Mindset. In this episode, Barron discusses: The gifts he received out of personal tragedy and loss His commitment to telling the truth The un-askable question How following a spiritual path is designed to help us navigate life’s challenges and tragedies The desire to understand why tragedy strikes The significance of 13 days The Yoga Of Mindset and the power of thought The danger of believing our thoughts Growth mindset vs Fixed mindset The “delete” technique Becoming the gardener of your mind Getting thoughts “in the bud” The willpower muscle Visit Barron Steffen’s website Learn more about The Yoga of Mindset --- Learn more or register for Wendy and Marie Frohlich’s Chaos To Calm: Cultivating Self Care Wisdom web series ----Connect with Lucid Cafe host Wendy Halley★ Support this podcast ★
The focus of both Marie Frohlich’s and my work revolves around the reduction of stress.  So we put our heads together and share our perspectives. In this episode, we discuss: Why it’s important to talk about stress The habitual nature of stress The importance of daily self care The clues our bodies give us Simple steps you can take to reduce stress Breathing Creating a personal protocol The rationale behind eating seasonally Vital minerals and supplements Herbal teas that are great for reducing stress CBD and CBDA Weekly self-care day Energy Genesis therapy The challenge of meditating when you’re stressed Examining your relationship with control Resources James Nestor’s book Breath  Healer CBD Wendy's shamanic workbook, The Magical Path Learn more about Energy Genesis therapy Learn more about Marie Frohlich's workVisit Lucid Cafe host Wendy Halley's website★ Support this podcast ★
Martha’s dedication to her passions is clear the moment she shares who long it took her to complete her first Young Adult novel, Winter of the Wolf, and how much of her life is revolves around making sure the endangered wolf population grows.In this episode, Martha shares: The tragic death that inspired her to write her Young Adult novel The unusual process she went through to write the book Her beliefs regarding death Her ability to communicate with those who’ve died What she’s learned about the soul’s journey What Winter of the Wolf is about Looking for signs after a loved one has died The attitude towards death in American culture Dangerous burial practices The importance of girlfriends Exploring father-daughter relationships Her interest in Inuit and Native American cultures Her wolf conservation work Her amazing experience working with a shaman in Austria To connect with Martha, please visit her websiteWatch the video: How Wolves Change RiversTo listen to Wendy’s satirical and inappropriate podcast search for Inside the Box with Claire and Wendy wherever you listen to podcasts.To contact Lucid Cafe host Wendy Halley, please visit her website★ Support this podcast ★
Author John Perkins had a foot in two very different worlds: the world of high powered economics and the world of shamanism. Back in 2004, he released Confessions of an Economic Hitman, a book that pulled back the curtain on nefarious global economic practices and brought him a lot of attention. In his latest book, Touching the Jaguar: Transforming Fear Into Action to Change Our Lives and the World, John weaves both of these worlds together in a really powerful way.In this episode John shares: How a shaman in the Amazon saved his life  How perception creates reality His experience as an economic hit man How shamanism is becoming more accepted The crossover between his experience as an economist and shamanism What led to his understanding of the role of deception  His experience of denial Colonial mind vs Indigenous mind The gift of coronavirus The importance of moving from a “death” to a “life” economy What it means to “touch the jaguar” Changing our perception Steps anyone can take to touch the jaguar To learn more about John Perkins, please visit his website Check out John's new book Touching the Jaguar To contact Lucid Cafe host Wendy Halley, please visit her website:★ Support this podcast ★
Quinn Caya combines a variety of Western and East Asian approaches and techniques at his central Vermont clinic, Clear Path. ‘Our entire philosophy revolves around the understanding that natural medicine is powerful, and can restore total health.  We do not treat disease, we remove obstacles and treat the whole person. This creates change on all levels.’  – Quinn Caya, MSAOM., LAc., Dipl. OM.In this episode, Quinn shares: The mission that inspires his work in natural medicine Acupuncture basics The call that’s driven him since he was a child His preference not to use labels to describe his work The importance of treating the whole person An example of how he works with patients How Western medicine philosophy differs from Eastern traditions The role of the nervous system in the healing process To learn more about Quinn and his practice, please visit his website, Clear PathTo contact Lucid Cafe host Wendy Halley, please visit her website:★ Support this podcast ★
Dr. Bernie Beitman is the first psychiatrist since Carl Jung to systemize the study of coincidences. In our conversation, Bernie shares: An overview of the research he’s done on coincidences The “weird coincidence” survey that you can take Why coincidences are actually not unusual Why they happen When they’re likely to happen ‘Self-observer’ concept The role of curiosity and introspection Pattern recognition The meaning of meaning Synchronicity Types of coincidences Looking for coincidences that aren’t there Positive expectations How to increase the likelihood of coincidences To learn more about Bernie Beitman’s work:Website: Connecting with Coincidence: The New Science for Using Synchronicity and Serendipity in Your Life Podcast: Connecting With Coincidence Take the “Weird Coincidence” Survey To contact Lucid Cafe host Wendy Halley, please visit her website★ Support this podcast ★
Is it ever okay to lie? Is the human species more valuable than other species? Do you need hope to live a good life? Do you need religion to be a moral person? These are some of the questions my husband John and I tackle while sitting on our couch having a cocktail.  For more information about the book The Moral Landscape, please visit Sam Harris’s website To contact Lucid Cafe host Wendy Halley, please visit her website★ Support this podcast ★
Sharon Prentice found herself at the threshold of a very dark place when her newborn daughter died, and then she crossed that threshold when not long after her young husband fell ill with a mysterious illness he was unable to survive. Being in this dark place opened the door to an incredible experience. Similar to a Near Death Experience, Sharon had what she calls a Shared Death Experience. She wants all of us to make peace with death.In this fascinating episode, Sharon shares: The nature of a Shared Death Experience (SDE) What happened during her SDE and how it changed her What inspired her to write the book Becoming Starlight: A Shared Death Journey from Darkness to Light Her spiritual transformation How her SDE influenced her life’s work The importance of talking about death The beauty of accessing gratitude when grieving How to avoid regret The wisdom terminally ill children have access to Why she doesn’t use the word “heaven” Her views on hell and reincarnation The myth of closure To learn more about Sharon or to purchase a copy of her book, please visit:Web: www.sharonprentice.comYouTube: contact Lucid Cafe host Wendy Halley, please visit her website: ★ Support this podcast ★
There’s a good reason why the 5-day summer program Eva Goulette started in 2014 is taking off: Parents see lasting positive differences in their kids after they attend Spirit Camp. In this episode, Eva shares: How Spirit Camp nurtures a child’s spirit and teaches them that they’re more than a body and a mind The importance of forging a connection with the natural world How the curriculum deepens a child’s self awareness in fun and playful ways The importance of learning these skills early in a child’s development The Spirit Tool Box kids take home with them that helps them cope with life’s challenges at any time  The Chaos to Calm exercise as well as other skills children learn That she created 45 minute modules that can be easily translated for use in public and private schools The importance of addressing your “inner critic” at a young age How she’s developing a Spirit Camp for adults and teens The new teacher training program that’s available to meet the growing needs of the program How a life changing health event led to the origination of Spirit Camp To learn more about Dancing Jaguar’s Spirit Camp and teacher training, please visit Eva’s websiteLearn more about Wendy’s inspirational children’s book, Inside Out To contact Lucid Cafe host Wendy Halley, please visit her website★ Support this podcast ★
Rick Strassman, MD, is known for the DMT studies he did in the 1990s, but ultimately he’s interested in understanding the nature of spiritual experience and has dedicated his life to studying the Hebrew Bible as a way to gain insight into these experiences.  In this episode, Rick discusses: What he would like his legacy to be How DMT research was a prelude to asking deeper questions about the spiritual experience How DMT opens the user up to different realities  The mysterious source of these experiences  The importance of setting intention in the DMT experience Psychosis vs. spiritual experience The various models used to describe the DMT experience What the DMT data reveals about achieving the enlightenment experience  His transition from studying Zen Buddhism to the Hebrew Bible The compared experiences of the prophets of the Hebrew Bible and the volunteers in his DMT studies What he believes the ingredients are for making a person more suitable for divine influence False prophecy vs true prophecy God and atheism  Psychedelic-assisted therapy To learn more about Rick Strassman’s work, please visit his website or connect with him on facebook Visit Lucid Cafe host Wendy Halley's website★ Support this podcast ★
You might remember Mayda Poc from episode 1 of this season when she shared her powerful story of transformation. She’s back, and this time we’re talking about gender. Specifically, about how the role of women in the workplace seems to be changing. In this episode: Mayda shares her experience working in the field of finance Wendy shares her experience being active duty in the military How the concept of consent is changing The importance of not assuming you know someone’s intentions when they’ve triggered you The evolution of gender stereotypes Indigenous prophecies about this time in history - moving towards a time of balance between the masculine and the feminine Pendulum swinging process Global trauma and political trends The importance of women moving into leadership positions Healing individual wounds Trends Mayda’s noticing in her work with women And Mayda’s observation of what she refers to as ‘misplaced loyalty’ The powerful role parents play in role modeling for their children Our tendency to resist change Creating an atmosphere of adaption and flexibility  Mayda share communication tips (ie, how to assert yourself as a woman) Accessing confidence - pretending vs knowing Who are you separate from your gender? To contact or learn more about Mayda, please visit her website Lucid Cafe host Wendy Halley's website★ Support this podcast ★
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