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Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #192 presents a colorful and dissonant cavalcade of sound, showcasing new stuff this time around from TASTE, ANNA SAVAGE, KILYNN LUNSFORD, DRUTY and ADDED DIMENSIONS, along with newly-reissued material from MAXINE FUNKE and HAMILTON STREETCAR. This pairs nicely with both a fine chianti and library material from Buck Biloxi and The Fucks, Amateur Hour, Madeleine Chartrand and the Cheater Slicks - among others.Track listing:TASTE - Passed Out in PetalsKILYNN LUNSFORD - Reality TestingXV - PrisonTHE SHEAVES - Make TimeHAMILTON STREETCAR - Invisible PeopleJONATHAN HALPER - Leaving My Old Life BehindWOODEN SHJIPS - Death’s Not Your FriendADDED DIMENSIONS - TechnicalBUCK BILOXI & THE FUCKS - I’m a GeniusCCTV - Mind ControlICKY BOYFRIENDS - I Was…CHEATER SLICKS - Sadie Mae (demo) SALLY SKULL - RavenANNA SAVAGE - Queens RdMAXINE FUNKE - First in SpringMADELEINE CHARTRAND - Ani-KuniAMATEUR HOUR - Jenny’s PlaceWIRE - MercyDRUTY - Zarobki
Aside from a self-indulgent set packed with 70s LA punk masterpieces, Dynamite Hemorrhage #191 is mostly new material, and lots of it. In exactly one hour, you'll hear freshly-unwrapped stuff from the likes of NON PLUS TEMPS, THE SHEAVES, ANNA SAVAGE, KACIMI, DEBT RAG, HONEY RADAR, RIBBON STAGE, JEANINES, HOLT BODISH, GUITAR, SAVE OUR CHILDREN, and even bands we can't pronounce like BZDET and DEHIDRATALT FEJEK - and more. Track listing:THE SHEAVES - Good HealthDEBT RAG - Say Ah (Earth Beat)ANIMALS & MEN - Don’t Misbehave in the New AgeNIGHT KINGS - Black FluidMIDDLE CLASS - Out of VogueTHE DILS - Class WarTHE GERMS - Circle OneFLESH EATERS - Agony Shorthand (‘78 demo)THE BAGS - Babylonian GorgonJEANINES - That’s OKJEANINES - After AllRIBBON STAGE - Playing PossumHONEY RADAR - Square HotlineDEHIDRATALT FEJEK - Oda a Salvus VizhezKACIMI - Les RoisNON PLUS TEMPS - Continuous HingeGUITAR - 122BZDET - MateuszqMALE IDIOT THEORY - Cancel TodaySAVE OUR CHILDREN - S.O.C.HOLT BODISH - Tossed Off RockersANNA SAVAGE - Saturn Again
With only minimal flogging of our new fanzine, Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #190 showcases some of the finest young acts of today and their talents, including RRR BAND (pictured), DEBT RAG, ROSWIT, HOLD BODISH, PUPPET WIPES, THE GABYS and MALE IDIOT THEORY. Whew! There's also a slew of other highly-trained musicians from the past playing intricate music, including favorites of yours like the Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Calamari Girls, The Shallows, Plagal Grind, A-Frames, Lovely Midget and more. Dig in!Track listing:DEBT RAG - ColumnTHE GABYS - The End of LoveTHE SHALLOWS - Trial By SeparationKNEELING IN PISS - Music for PeasantsROSWIT - GrapeCALAMARI GIRLS - He Got That Plan on a Tag on the Back of His JeansMAD WALLS - Somewhere AnywherePUPPET WIPES - Victims of the Stones DiseaseLOVELY MIDGET - Cooking ChickenCONCRETE - Uranium PlantHOLT BODISH - Words To ReasonPLAGAL GRIND - Marquesite LaceMALE IDIOT THEORY - SpencyA-FRAMES - PlasticaTHOMAS JEFFERSON SLAVE APARTMENTS - No New YorkRAYS - Drop DeadTHE RONDELLES - ShimmybeckerTHE GAMBLERS - Teen MachineRRR BAND - Rock For Birds
Don't call it new wave, call it "modern music". The newest Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio has new sounds from MOM'S PLATE, PUPPET WIPES, ZDROJ, HOLT BODISH, LONG ODDS and THE JEANINES - as well as something from the new THINKING FELLERS UNION LOCAL 282 reissues + all manner of modern music from Mirrors, Ghosts Before Breakfast, Tapeworm, The Spits, Sister Ray, The Sloths and more. Track listing:MOM’S PLATE - AnxietyHOLT BODISH - Happiness is AnotherPUPPET WIPES - A Web For Every GardenSCHOOL DAMAGE - Phone DroneTHE STACHES - Sub ZeroWOODBOOT - Bad NewsTHE SPITS - FlagsTAPEWORM - Break My FaceTHINKING FELLERS UNION LOCAL 282 - HurricaneLONG ODDS - Not Enough StarsGHOSTS BEFORE BREAKFAST - All Your MysteriesTHE JEANINES - Dead Not DeadWURLD SERIES - What Would You Do ZDROJ - Otwórzcie Parki ZdrojoweMIRRORS - Out of OrderBENT - Where’s The FireLANTERN - Strange WeatherSISTER RAY - PurgatorySLOTHS - Makin’ Love THE BRENTWOODS - Buri Buri BashCOUNTRY TEASERS - Anytime, Cowboy #2PUSSY & THE LEARJETS - Nothing Can Bring Me Down
Debilitating batch of new material this go-round on Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #188 - everything from PUPPET WIPES (pictured) to JEANINES to HOLT BODISH to LONG ODDS to ZDRÓJ to LITHICS to SNOOPER, with more besides. Plus we've scoured the drains for library material from the Go-Betweens, Boy Problems, Silver Shampoo, Henry's Dress, Collective Horizontal, Occult Chemistry and more. I'd probably listen this time if I were you. Track listing:PUPPET WIPES - Her Small CaperlioniJEANINES - Any Day NowHENRY’S DRESS - Zero Zero ZeroLONG ODDS - High TideDEHIDRATÁLT FEJEK - Bla Bla Bla (Budapest)GUS - Indie Pop SockTHE GO-BETWEENS - Lee RemickLITHICS - Nature Observation PoemOCCULT CHEMISTRY - FireCLOROX GIRLS - Boys/GirlsSILVER SHAMPOO - Sonny BargerMAXINES - White Out!THEE HEADCOATEES - Ca Plane Pour MoiSEEMS TWICE - Salient FeatureZDRÓJ - FunklochKILOFF - Gównianej Kawusi i Chujowego DzionkaCOLLECTIVE HORIZONTAL - Crap GameLES SELDOMS - Native American SNOOPER - Town TopicBOY PROBLEMS - Participation MACHINES - Evening RadioDEBILS - TroupeHOLT BODISH - Two Feelings
Some real corkers this time around on Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio, including a bunch of new sounds from the likes of THE PALEOJAVANICUS (pictured), VISION 3D, LONG ODDS, KILOFF, WELT STAR, ONYON and more. Please also take time to enjoy the goodtime sounds of Dara Puspita, White Fence, Enhet For Fri Musik, The Terminals, Mad Mike & The Maniacs and a huge hour-long serving of your other favorite bands as well. Track listing:DARA PUSPITA - A Go GoLONG ODDS - Mostly RosesLIECHTENSTEIN - Stalking SkillsCHOOK RACE - Hard To CleanCATE LE BON - Shoeing The BonesENHET FÖR FRI MUSIK – Sann Livsglädje Finns, Det Gör Den FaktisktVISION 3D - IncertituLUNG LEG - Kung Fu on the InternetDIRECT ACTION - Death Without a ThoughtRITUAL SEX - CaligulaTHE WHINES - BrainflowerINFLATABLE BOY CLAMS - I’m SorryKILOFF - A Czemu by Nie…ONYON - Shrunken HeadWELT STAR - DünenTHE PALEOJAVANICUS - MasokisSOCIETY - LoserFABIENNE DELSOL - Vilaines Filles Mauvais GarconsMAD MIKE & THE MANIACS - The HunchWHITE FENCE - Mr. AdamsTHE TERMINALS - Twilight Environment (live)OLIVER - Trance
Here's a "special edition" episode of the program - 10 Parallel World Punk-Era 45s, all "singles" that should have existed as singles but never actually did. This is actually cribbed from a piece I wrote in Dynamite Hemorrhage fanzine #6 back in 2017, and while I should have turned that article into a podcast back then to help "strengthen the brand", the idea only occured to me five years later, i.e. this week. So if you pulled together some of the best punk-era compilation tracks, demos, album cuts etc. into a series of ten 7" singles, that series might sound something like this. The punk era is very expansively defined as 1977-2000 for our purpose, and includes material by The Bags, Midnight Circus, The Screamers, 2x4s, Red Cross, 39 Clocks and more. We've even added bonus fake 45s from Saccharine Trust and the Flesh Eaters for this very special podcast version of the article. Track listing:THE BAGS - We Will Bury YouTHE BAGS - We Don’t Need The EnglishTHE SCREAMERS - Vertigo (Let’s Go)THE SCREAMERS - Matar Dolores39 CLOCKS - Psycho Beat39 CLOCKS - 78 Soldier DeadBONA DISH - 8amBONA DISH - ChallengePIRANHAS - Piranhas AttackPIRANHAS - DangerlineTHE 2x4s - ZipperheadsTHE 2x4s - Iron LineCRIME - Terminal BoredomCRIME - Dillinger’s BrainRED CROSS - Notes and Chords Mean Nothing to MeRED CROSS - Tatum O’Tot and the Fried VegetablesMIDNIGHT CIRCUS - The Hedonist JiveMIDNIGHT CIRCUS - Leather and LaceMEAT PUPPETS - UnpleasantMEAT PUPPETS - Teenager(s)SACCHARINE TRUST - Hearts and BarbariansSACCHARINE TRUST - Disillusion FoolFLESH EATERS - The Word Goes FleshFLESH EATERS - Pony Dress
Frantic and loose sub-underground sounds from the last six decades, with a "bonus" set of 1980s jangle, just because. New stuff from VISION 3D, FAMOUS LOGS IN HISTORY, SOCIETY, SNOOPER and ONYON - along with unearthed 1981 madness from FOUR-LETTER WORDS and CAMP ONE.  You may also find yourself enjoying music from Can, Famous Mammals, the Electric Eels, the Nights and Days and those five magic slices of jangle from the 1980s. Track listing:FAMOUS LOGS IN HISTORY- Cactus PricksVISION 3D - 18 AvrilSNOOPER - XeroxTOYLETTES - Omi BB EYE - Headcheese HeartthrobJACKSON POLITICK - Learning to Live With ItSOCIETY - NowheresvilleONYON - Fell Naturell4-LETTER WORDS - Spoil SportELECTRIC EELS - You Crummy FagsTHE BUMMERS - I Can’t ImagineTHE KEGGS - To Find OutTHE MAKERS - I’m Not a Social Kind of GuyTHE NIGHTS AND DAYS - These DaysMOONLOVE - Motion Pictures (live) SEX CLARK FIVE - Detention GirlsTHE REVERBS - Trusted WoodsRIFF DOCTORS - Say Goodbye28TH DAY - I’m Only AskingCAMP ONE - And So You KnowCAN - MushroomLARS FINBERG - Born ShoppingFAMOUS MAMMALS - Kant Kan’t Dance
Delighted to be able to present to you yet again, another hour of Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio, this time a 184th episode featuring new gems from SNOOPER, ONYON, SOCIETY and PARTY DOZEN, plus new reissues from CAMP ONE and FOUR PLUGS. Perhaps you'll also enjoy material from Sharky's Machine (pictured), Amos and Sara, The Minutemen,  Sic Alps, Young Marble Giants and the Sun City Girls? We sincerely hope you do!Track listing:SOCIETY - StaticONYON - Shining River UtahSNOOPER - PowerballSIC ALPS - BathmanSLENDER - AnxietySHARKY’S MACHINE - Lear Jet SongCLAW HAMMER - Self DestructCAMP ONE - This is Not a Happy HomeAMOS AND SARA - Totem of 1,000 DollsTHE KIWI ANIMAL - Time of the LeavesSARAH MARY CHADWICK - This is FamiliarSUN CITY GIRLS - Immortal GodsFOUR PLUGS - Biking GirlYOUNG MARBLE GIANTS - N.I.T.A.TRUE BELIEVERS - Death By FreezingDIE KREUZEN - RumorsTHE MIDDLE CLASS - InsurgenceTHE MINUTEMEN - Futurism RestatedPARTY DOZEN - Fat Hans Gone Mad 
A tonic for the times, a balm for the bummed - it's Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #183, featuring many new tracks + new reissues and a navel-gazing dive into our host's obsession w/ Brian Wilson's Smile.  Let's enjoy new stuff from TREASURY OF PUPPIES, ONYON (pictured), STEFAN CHRISTENSEN,  MUTE SERVANTS, COINS PARALLELES, MR. PESCADO, KILOFF AND THE NEIGHBORS, GONK, D-VICES, THE STONEMEN - and more - before we're all blown to smithereens, baby.Track listing:ONYON - OctopusSTEFAN CHRISTENSEN - Luxury is GodTREASURY OF PUPPIES - Dödens SoffaTHE STONEMEN - Faded ColorsTHE CHOKE - Top ManTHE JI-ANTS - The Tension’s HighKILOFF AND THE NEIGHBORS - Co Jest Grane?COINS PARALLELES - Coins ParallelesGONK - SupermarketMR. PESCADO - Sunset PicsMUTE SERVANTS - Mother’s RuinTHE ELEKTRAS - Say You Love MeTHE BEACH BOYS - Heroes and VillainsTHE BEACH BOYS - Do You Like Worms?THE BEACH BOYS - Look (Song For Children)THE BEACH BOYS - Surf’s UpMALC THE TALC - Out In The SticksTHE IN OUT - Club BlackoutD-VICES - Adequate
Adult Listening #8

Adult Listening #8


Adult Listening #8 features the very finest grown-up music from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s and 20s, whipping through genres like R&B, folk, rocksteady, African funk, country and more in a head-snapping manner reminiscent of a 67-minute force-feeding of some of the greatest moments in musical history. Track listing:NATHANIEL MAYER - I Had a DreamJOE MEAH - Dee Mmaa PeAZAM SHAIK - Naam Ke NawabTHE CRYIN’ SHAMES - Please StaySKIP SPENCE - Broken HeartEMILY FAIRLIGHT - Drag The Night InPRINCE FRANCIS - Rock Fort ShockDENNIS ALCAPONE - Power VersionPLAINSONG - Even The Guiding LightKACY & CLAYTON - A LifeboatMICHAEL HURLEY - Just a BumTHE IDITAROD - The Roots of the Butterfly BushTOM RAPP - For The Dead in SpaceGEORGIANA STARLINGTON - I’m Coming DownSAMMI SMITH - I Miss You Most When You’re Right HereTAMMY WYNETTE - Singing My SongINSECT TRUST - Miss Fun City
Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get ready for the DIY extravaganza of the year: Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #182, featuring fumble-fingered misanthropes from the last six decades playing the "music of the streets".  The new ones include COINS PARALLELES, PAPERNIKS, KILOFF AND THE NEIGHBORS and THE BUG CLUB; the reissued ones include THE DEBUTANTES, MOONLOVE and RIVERSIDE ROCKY - and then there's that live '77 PERE UBU track as well. Track listing:KILOFF AND THE NEIGHBORS - BlokadaTHE DEBUTANTES - She’s Out Of Your Way NowTHE ELEKTRAS - Nous Sommes Les ElektrasBLOODLOSS - Baked BeansSILK EARS - The WestROYAL TRUX - Incineration (demo)LA DRUGS - Sinful YouthPAPERNIKS - Segment AMOONLOVE - Level GroundTHE GODRAYS - Boyscout ThrillerPARAMETER - Piece For The WickedCOINS PARALLELES - Ne Rein FaireSQUEEZE LOUISE - Wire HangersBLUE SCREAMING - Thin-X-CinemaSHIRESE - WellVISION 3D - J’ai FroidTHE BUG CLUB - The FixerMORRIS AND THE MINORS - EmilyRIVERSIDE ROCKY - No MoneyPERE UBU - Nonalignment Pact (live Manhattan 1977)
Here's the first Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio of the new year. Masks off, mics on, ladies and gentlemen - with new stuff from PAPERNIKS, WHALE CARCASS and TWOMPSAX; recent finds from GALORE (pictured) and VISION 3D; reissues by COME and APRIL MAGAZINE and loads more. You'll likely find yourself enjoying library material from The Keggs, XV, Kendra Smith, The Door and the Window, Parameter and Nig Heist as well.Track listing:DENNY GERRARD - Hole In My ShadowPAPERNIKS - Segment FTHE DONNAS - Let’s Go ManoGALORE - In My HeadTHE KEGGS - GirlTWOMPSAX - Toxic (demo)THE DOOR AND THE WINDOW - Detailed TwangNIG HEIST - The Nig-HeistVISION 3D - PartyTHE PITS - I Know SomethingTHEE MIGHTY CAESARS - I Can Judge a DaughterTEENGENERATE - Pushin’ Me AroundLOS DOS HERMANOS - AlienorAPRIL MAGAZINE - AMKENDRA SMITH - Still in Meine HamburgXV - FeelingSMACK DAB - Walking GardenWURLD SERIES - Serpent’s EggCOME - SVKWHALE CARCASS - Segment 3PARAMETER - Lonely Man
Last show of the year - so we made it count, folks. New stuff from TWOMPSAX, APRIL MAGAZINE, HONEY RADAR and RETAIL SIMPS + reissues from The Swell Maps and Moonlove. Plus: the Royal Trux '88 demo tape! The Black Jaspers! Puppet Wipes! Kak! and more....!Track listing:TWOMPSAX - StitchesRETAIL SIMPS - 25 Step ProgramBLACK JASPERS - Smart CarMIAMI DOLPHINS - CarcrashKAK - Electric SailorTHE YUMMY FUR - Roxy GirlsPUPPET WIPES - Mr. Dry CleanerAPRIL MAGAZINE - Shirley Don’tMOONLOVE - VenusTHE BELLES - Come BackUNIT 4 - RulesMARCEL WAVE - Discount CentreROYAL TRUX - Red StarsSFERIC EXPERIMENT - GoodbyeMIKE REP & THE QUOTAS - Basket of FlowersFIRE ENGINES - Get Up and Use MePHANTOM TOLLBOOTH - Flip Your LidHONEY RADAR - Plum ScoutsKNEELING IN PISS - High DesertSWELL MAPS - City Boys (Dresden Style)
We got the gumption to hustle another episode of Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio out the door, as #179 was too hot to handle. New stuff from DE KLUMB and HONEY RADAR, sure, but more importantly, the library material is smoking this time around, ranging from the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band to The Nights and Days to Alastair Galbraith to Dave E. & The Cool Marriage Counselors. We're happy you're here, and hope you're pleased with what you've found.Tracks:HONEY RADAR - Color The BankDE KLUMB - CombatDISCO ZOMBIES - Mary MillingtonTHE PORTAGE - WithdrawalWEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND - I Won’t Hurt YouALASTAIR GALBRAITH - PendulumOS MUTANTES - Panis Et CircensesTHE NIGHTS AND DAYS - ExcusesTY WAGNER & THE SCOTCHMEN - I’m a No-CountTHE SMOKE - No More NowTHE OUTCASTS - 1523 BlairTHE OTHER HALF - Mr. PharmacistMOONLOVE - Trying To FindSEND NO FLOWERS - Playing For TimeKONTROLA W - Bossa NovaMINERALS - First/FirthCATE LEBON - Aside From Growing OldDAVE E & THE COOL MARRIAGE COUNSELORS - Searching Through Sears
Everything came together nicely this time around as we sought to one-up our previous 177 episodes of the program. Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #178 features a new unearthing by MOONLOVE (pictured), as well as new stuff from RETAIL SIMPS (from Montreal, not Toronto as I say on the show!), SMIRK and PRINT HEAD. You'll rest easy after having your aural needs satiated by the likes of Can, The Portage, Davie Allan & The Arrows, Devils Dykes, The Yummy Fur and Jimmy Jukebox as well. Download or stream it now and don't forget to tell ten friends.Track listing:RETAIL SIMPS - Love Without FrictionPRINT HEAD - ZombieTHE PORTAGE - SinTHE YUMMY FUR - Car ParkI JOG AND THE TRACKSUITS - Red BoxWHITEFRONTS - World’s FairBURNT ENVELOPE - Something To DoDAVIE ALLAN & THE ARROWS - Another Cycle in DetroitMOONLOVE - All Your MysteriesOPAL - Northern LineGRASS WIDOW - Celebrate The MundaneLUNG LEG - Theme ParkJIMMY JUKEBOX - MotorboatSMIRK - Death To SmirkDEVILS DYKES - FruitlessUN - Minx½ JAPANESE - Dumb AnimalsCAN - Oh Yeah 
This fortnight's hour of sub-underground rocknroll music from the last six decades is underwritten by new music from UNDA FLUXIT, ? BAND, LEDA, SILICONE VALUES, FAMOUS MAMMALS and SMOKE BELLOW, along with reissues of material by The Velvet Underground, Iss Boys, Sally Skull and The Iditarod.  There are 7 additional songs that pair perfectly with those as well - listen and you'll see!Track listing:? BAND - All Gonna DieSILICONE VALUES - Streaming TVDEAD CLODETTES - Life Kills MeREPULSE - Lights OutFAMOUS MAMMALS - The Plum OvercoatSAWDUST CAESARS - Words Going Around Then You’re FuckedZEROS - Wild WeekendSUPERCHARGER - Don’t Mess Me UpTHE VELVET UNDERGROUND - Foggy Notion ISS BOYS - IndicatifUNDA FLUXIT - (Sunset Rain)LEDA - Covid Rock 2SMOKE BELLOW - Fee FeeDELTA 5 - ColourTUNABUNNY - (Song for my) Solar SisterSALLY SKULL - C.A.R.E.THE IDITAROD - Afternoons Like This Are Hard To Come By
A new edition featuring sub-underground rocknroll music  spanning seven decades this time around, including a goofball set of goodtime rockabilly shredders, plus new stuff from SOURSOB (pictured), RIDER/HORSE, VIOLENT CHANGE, COCHONNE,  SMOKE BELLOW, TOTALE! and HONEY RADAR. Other goodtime oldies as well from The Inhuman, Crash Course in Science and Dinosaur. You're gonna need some backseat bingo at the passion pit when you've finished getting down to these big boppers.Track listing:RIDER/HORSE - Tremolo HarmVIOLENT CHANGE - Garden of LuxuryTHE INHUMAN - We Will BuildTHE PRODIGAL - You’ve Got MeKNEELING IN PISS - The MobGOOD THROB - Double White DenimCRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE - Kitchen MotorsHONEY RADAR - Consult The Napkin STRAIGHT ARROWS - 21st CenturyHOT GUM - Possible FuturesSOURSOB - Neo-Lib DreamsCOCHONNE - Asking for a FriendDINOSAUR - Bulbs of PassionLEON SMITH - Little Forty FordCHARLIE FEATHERS - Tongue-Tied JillLEE McBRIDE - ConfusionTHE SKEE BROTHERS - Big DealIKE McALLISTER - I Don't Dig ItLORRIE & LARRY COLLINS - Whistle BaitTOTALE! - Metti le dita nella presaAS MERCENENARIAS - PoliciaSMOKE BELLOW - Anniversary
Loose-limbed and more frantic than a bag of cats, Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #175 breaks new aural ground by mixing together recent genius from HOT GUM, BETTER EAGLES, FAMOUS MAMMALS and SOURSOB with triumphs of the past by Half Japanese, Pussy Galore, Alex Chilton, The Holocaust and Die Sweetles. Plus: 13 other heavyweights of rock. Track listing:BETTER EAGLES - “Honest Rock” by “Fat Ricky” HOT GUM - ClothesHALF JAPANESE - AcupunctureALLEN PAGE - She’s The One That’s Got It KNEELING IN PISS - Music for PeasantsFRIENDLY BOYFRIEND - Julie’s HeadSIX IMPOSSIBLE THINGS - Dirty and DisgustingSOURSOB - TVPUSSY GALORE - UptightA-FRAMES - Electric EyeSUICIDE COMMANDOS - Attacking the BeatFATAL MICROBES - Beautiful PicturesINTERNATIONAL STRIKE FORCE - Action ManFAMOUS LOGS IN HISTORY - No ProgressTHE COOLIES - Mothers in MantisDILEMMAS - Bomb The ClockFAMOUS MAMMALS - Siren’s DangerRADIO FREE EUROPE - Alien DayWHITE FENCE - Long White CurtainTHE HOLOCAUST - Savage AffectionDIE SWEETLES - Die Shule Ist AusALEX CHILTON - Hook or Crook
Inspired by listener suggestions and by records I haven't listened to in 20 years, Dynamite Hemorrhage #174 attempts to make sense of this crazy world with an hour and eight minutes of answers. You'll hear new things from FAMOUS LOGS IN HISTORY, MOUNTAIN MOVERS, FRIENDLY BOYFRIEND and of course FAMOUS MAMMALS (so much fame this time); you'll also get yourself on the good foot when you get to hopping to Nots, Human Switchboard, The Fall, Neon Boys, Patti Seymour, Syd Barrett and the Meat Puppets - and more!Track listing:FAMOUS LOGS IN HISTORY - Crime GymFRIENDLY BOYFRIEND - BeatnikWORLD OF POOH - Laughing at the GroundPATTI SEYMOUR - The Silencer MEN OH PAUSE - Tight ChestCLAG - TwozzaSKINNED TEEN - SecretsKITTY CAT SPY CLUB - See Ya Later AlligatorNOTS - ModernFAMOUS MAMMALS - Final DecorNEON BOYS - Love Comes in SpurtsHUMAN SWITCHBOARD - Fly-InHAMPTON GREASE BAND - Hey Old Lady/Bert’s SongMEAT PUPPETS - The Whistling SongSYD BARRETT - TerrapinGRAHAM JEFFERIES - If The Moon DiesTHE FALL - New Face in Hell (live in London 1980) MOUNTAIN MOVERS - Final Sunset
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