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Welcome to the humbler side of craft beer. Chris and DJ are two guys with a passion for craft beer, the companies that make it, and people that drink it. Join in their journey as they explore the growing southeastern craft beer industry and culture.
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While the rest of the world is trying to figure out a global pandemic, Chris & D.J. are trying to figure out a problem closer to home: How to support the local breweries, their employees, and foodservice folks in their area. In this episode, the guys talk with the Knox Area Brewers Association President, Zack Roskop about they can do to better support their craft beer community during this challenging season.    Credits Guests: Zack Roskop (Knox Brew Tours) Theme Song: “These Days” by Kelsey’s Woods Location: HumblePod Studios
It has been a while since Chris & DJ had a beer and chatted on the podcast. In this episode, the guys talk about getting older, having kids, and discuss the intricacies of Puma's loungewear. They also discuss the trends with craft beer in Knoxville, spiked seltzers, the Jameson collaboration with Black Abbey, and what's on the horizon for Humble Beer... and yes, there is more to come! 
Hop City in Blue

Hop City in Blue


It has been a few months since Chris & D.J. had a chance to sit down and talk about beer, life, and Knoxville's craft beer scene, and a lot has happened! Chris dislocated his kneecap, and D.J. spent a small fortune on craft beer in Atlanta... and much beer has been consumed in the ensuing months that has gone uncovered.  In this episode, they discuss:  The creation of HumblePod D.J.'s trip to Atlanta Red Hare Braves Game Reformation Brewing Chris's dislocated kneecap.  Beer in Neyland Stadium New breweries in Knoxville Central Ave. Revitalization Drinking beer from Marble Brewing Company (yes, THAT Marble Brewing)
Have you ever wanted to learn to brew your own beer? As Todd White, head of the Brewing + Distilling Center knows, this can be a challenging (and rewarding) hobby to get into, and in this episode he sits down with Chris & DJ along with two of his instructors, Shawn Kerr and Charles Ellis to discuss what it really takes to get started brewing from home along with some of the great ways that the Brewing & Distilling Center can help you accomplish your dream. 
It's been a cold, wet rainy winter, but all of that is about to change at the inaugural Winter Warm-Up on March 2nd! Join Chris & D.J. as they sit down with the Winter Warm-Up's founders, Landon Linton, and one of Humble Beer's most prolific guests, Scott Crammond as they talk about the adventure of launching their first independent beer festival.  If you want to learn more about the event, you can visit them on Facebook, or click here to purchase tickets. 
Chris & D.J. celebrate the beginning of 2019 by cracking open 4 season's worth of Highland Brewing's Cold Mountain. Along the way, they discuss the beers they're tasting and some of their favorite moments in beer from 2018. 
2018 was a life-changing year for the Chris & DJ. Chris started out the year in Prague and ended up the year with a new son. DJ started the year with a new son and by the end of the year, he ended up at Chris's house to talk about the joys of fatherhood, craft beer, and their many adventures in 2018. So sit back and enjoy this year's "Beer in Review" as Chris & DJ revel in a year of great beer and life. 
The Negative Three is one of Knoxville's new and up-and-coming podcasts, and Chris & D.J. have them over to the Goldfinch Pub to talk about all things life and beer. Join the guys as they chat with Jose and Thomas from The Negative Three and discuss the finer points of craft beer, faith, and Manchester United (because... D.J.). This is a two-part conversation, and you can find "Part 1" of this cross-over here. 
Bearden Beer Market

Bearden Beer Market


Bearden Beer Market is one of the original craft beer spots in Knoxville. It also happens to be a favorite spot for D.J. and Chris to hang out and have a pint or five. So, when they recently got a new General Manager, Chris DiPietro, they took some time to sit down with him, have a pint, and reminisce about the Beer Market that was and what it is to come. 
Urban Artifact

Urban Artifact


Scotty Hunter from Cincinnati's Urban Artifact joins Chris & D.J. at the Bearden Beer Market to talk about the humble beginnings of the brewery, its beers, and what makes their brews so unique. 
Well... we almost made it to "every other week." Now we're trying again. In this episode, Chris & D.J. meet up at Chris's house to have some pints and talk about the Craft Brewers Convention in Nashville, TN as well as some of the challenges that come with the growing craft beer market. Join in and listen as they ask, "Can't we all just drink together?" 
After Chris & D.J. wrapped up their time at Jackalope, they saw a signal in the sky. Was it the bat signal? No. It was the Beer Signal indicating another great brewery that needed to be interviewed in Nashville before their journey home. In this episode, Chris & D.J. sit down with Ken Rebman, owner & head brewer at Czaan's Brewing Company in Nashville to discuss this great little brewery in the heart of Nashville.  
New Format!

New Format!


After 40 episodes, Chris and DJ decide to try something new. In this episode, DJ talks about having his first child, and Chris talks about having his first beer in Prague. They also guys catch up on the past few months and discuss some of the exciting new changes coming to the podcast. 
The guys continue their tour of Nashville with a stop at Jackalope Brewing to interview the founder, Bailey Spaulding, and COO Steve Wright. They discuss everything from the mythical start of the brewery to what makes Jackalope's brews a legendary addition to the Nashville beer scene. 
The guys continue their Nashville adventure with a stop at The Black Abbey Brewing Company. Carl Meier, one of the founders, joins Chris & DJ for a wide-ranging conversation about brewing, faith, and the origins of The Black Abbey. 
New Heights Brewing Company is one of the many hot new breweries to take the stage in Nashville's craft beer scene. In this episode, Chris & D.J. sit down with Katy DeWinter (Tasting Room Manager) to talk about the story of how New Heights brewing got their start... all while sampling their entire tap selection for the day. 
"What's with that diner on Central and Summit Hill?" was a big question in Knoxville until late last year. Merchants of Beer (MoB) brings a much-needed mix of beer and cigars to Knoxville's Old City. Join Chris & DJ as they talk with David Suits, MoB's general manager, and John Stancil, owner of Park City Cigars to talk about how they turned a Knoxville landmark from an old diner into a premier destination for beer in Knoxville. 
Elkmont Exchange

Elkmont Exchange


In this episode, Chris & DJ trek all the way to Broadway in downtown Knoxville to visit Elkmont Exchange. While on their craft beer adventure, they meet up with the head brewer & founder, Alex Violette and Bethany Lovato, Elkmont's brand manager, to talk about the brewery. Along the way, they discuss Alex's roots in Knoxville, his adventures overseas with Pasteur Street Brewing Co., and what brought him and Bethany back home. 
Brawny Beers Festival

Brawny Beers Festival


The summer is over, and beer festivals are fewer and further between. But fret not! There's a new festival in Knoxville to satisfy your winter beer festival needs! The Brawny Beers Festival, organized by Blackhorse Brewing Company, is sure to satisfy your thirst for this winter's dark and delicious brews. In this podcast, Chris & DJ sit down with Scott Crammond at Sugar Mama's to talk about the Brawny Beers Fest and what you can expect to see and taste at the event. 
Chris & DJ continue their tour of Murfreesboro with a stop at Mayday Brewery. There they spend some time drinking beer and talking with the founder, Ozzy Nelson, and their head brewer, Kelsey Nelson. Please note that this episode is a bit more colorful than most, so we have deemed it worthy of the "explicit" rating. That said, we hope you enjoy what was a fantastic conversation about brewery life and the passion behind it!
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