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Blue Flag Root Fridays!
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Blue Flag Root Fridays!

Author: HSE Lady Muse

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30 Episodes
Power Up your InnerMan
Irresistible Love Magnetic Energy Mastery
Lets Talk Shop

Lets Talk Shop


Ritual for Money Drawing and Success
The Power Up Me Time!
The Sacred Security Square of Clarity, Mastery, Passion and Growth
CSP- How to build Courage, Strength and Preserverance within your Inner man
Polishing your Crown
Becoming a Love Magnet
Reinforcing the Protection of Your Crown Chakra
Focus on your purpose and everything else will fall in line
Vibrating on a higher frequency. Letting go of what is oppressing you or your situation. Free your self
A few extra things to add to your alters that can enhance your work
Preparing for Success in the New Year
Preperations For The New Year
Energy draws Energy
Demonic possession and how to get deliverence
How To work Your Love Alters
Positivie Thinking In Oppressive Situations
Go Get Yo Boo Thang!

Go Get Yo Boo Thang!


Love Work, Sex Magic, Reconciliation Work
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