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Thursday the 12th

Author: Rich Masotti

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The Recognized Symbol of Excellence in Sports Entertainment!

"Thursday the 12th is bad for your health. Tomorrow is worse. Predicting the curse. What does it all mean?" Fozzy

Looking for some laughter? A trip down Memory Lane? The Pfuckyour Brothers discuss all things music, movies, wrestling, 80's pop culture, podcasting, conspiracy theories, life, ZEPPOLE and more.

Rich Masotti is a VO talent and actor. Guy Monica is a carpenter and savant. They’re a duo like few others.

Music authorized for use on this show is courtesy of Jason Bieler at

This program sometimes contains language and topics that might not be suitable for all audiences. Listener discretion is advised.
185 Episodes
I have been invited to participate in WWAB's unprecedented 64 person tournament to crown a new host for The Green Room on Saturday nights at 9 pm. It airs live every week on Facebook. In the first round, I've been handed former WWF / WWE wrestling Superstar Duke the Dumpster Droese. And I'm going to hand him an embarrassing defeat. Please tune in tonight! Produced and hosted by Avi Klein.
The guys discuss serious current events? Topics include the President, cigarettes, legalized cannibus, carcinogens, James's personal car delivery service and more! Recorded live on Facebook thanks to StreamYard.
Pointless? But funny. As always. Thank you for listening. How'd Sharpton's date go?
Top 12 ways to get killed. James has decided to buy a car without us. Large has to get up early for work.  
In the aftermath of the Green Room sessions, recorded last September, the MEGAlomaniacal powers explode! Thank you, StreamYard. Recorded live last night on Facebook. Photo courtesy of Marmbone. ©️  
A prequel to the wildly popular and shockingly Janus-faced two previous installments with James Arnold Benedict in The Green Room. Props to Aretha Franklin, Queen and the owner creators of Donnie Brasco et al. 
A very special episode from one of my other podcasts. We raised $1100 to thank young artist Hannah Ernst for the selfless gift she has given thousands who've lost someone to Covid-19. Please check her out at If you're grieiving a loss or suffering with the virus, please let us know or visit We are one. 💛
James plots to start a YouTube channel called Wednesday the 11th without Rich knowing. Wants to leave Rich out and spite him. Says many nasty things. Threatens unborn children. More. Rated R. Thank you for listening! Acknowledgements: Carly Simon.
Picture it, Yonkers, October 24, 2020... The world is in quarantine and James begins to confess! Acknowledgements to Double and the owner/creators of Carlito's Way and Donnie Brasco. Rated R. To be continued...
Recorded 24/10/20. That's for you, Large. Honorable mentions to the owner creators of The Usual Suspects, Sea of Love, the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, House of 1000 Corpses et al. Special thanks to Jason Bieler for the intro. Find us on any device here!
So there's this new old song I love! And Ted Yudain is one of the best actors Large and I have ever seen act live. Special acknowledgements to the owner creators behind Scarface and Donnie Brasco. Dig it! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Rated R.
Happy Birthday to Dad!

Happy Birthday to Dad!


The Masotti's have a birthday tradition. We sing the craziest version of "Happy Birthday" you've ever heard. Now you get to hear it, in honor of my father. Join me and some of my family for a small slice of what I called Big Rich's Birthday Zoomer! Richard J. Masotti - 2/18/47
Here's a new idea. Drink every time *someone* exclaims that he is going to Crystal Lake Tours with us! Special mentions: Kane Hodder, Queen, Jason Bieler, and Press Your Luck. Recorded in October 2020.
From our January 28, 2021 interview.
Random Outtakes

Random Outtakes


Props to Queen, WWE, the Allman Brothers et al.
To be continued...❤️ IP rights belong to the owner/creator/composers of Every Which Way But Loose, Any Which Way You Can, Rocky 3, Deal of the Century, Phantasm, The Usual Suspects, Silver Bullet, Scarface, Honkytonk Man, The Cannonball Run, Little Rascals, Bulletproof, Bad Boys, World Wrestling Entertainment, Rick Derringer et al., all of which are being used respectfully and only for memorial purposes.
It was an honor to speak with Chris De Rosa whose pen name is Christopher D. Roe. We learned a lot about rejoinders, his first two books and his love for all things Friday the 13th. Includes: Top 13 Friday the 13th Quotes and Top 13 Friday the 13th Kills! Plus an introduction to the atrocities of Parts 5, 9 and 11? Check out Chris's novels at: Embracing Darkness - Waxing Gibbous - Special thanks and acknowledgements to Jason and Mrs. Voorhees and all the folks at #CrystalLakeTours. Music by Jason Bieler at and Joshua Vincelette.
I've been waiting for this one. Lots of laughs here. Rated R. Acknowledgements to Jermaine Stewart, Shinedown, Billy Joel, Al Jarreau, and the creator owners of Friday the 13th Part 3, the theme song to To Close For Comfort, and all of the other theme songs honored here, et al. This program sometimes contains language and topics that might not be suitable for all audiences. Listener discretion is advised.
Yaay! Himey H. is coming to Crystal Lake Tours with us. Or is he? Acknowledgements to Scent of a Woman, the Jerky Boys, Queen, Noel, and the creators and owners of Friday the 13th Part 3 and Hedwig and the Angry Inch.
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