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Sick of gaming news and commentary from kids half your age? So are we. We're a grown-up gaming podcast for grown-up gamers. GameHounds brings you the best of news, reviews, and commentary on the video-game industry, with a lot of humor and hilarious tangent adult nerds can truly appreciate. Records live every Sunday at 2 p.m. PT (5 p.m. ET). Or check out our live video stream at
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Edie now better understand how, a decade later, Skyrim is still so popular. We have a two-man show this week (and for the next several), so Nick and Edie talk breaking games on console (and why that's good), first-party PS upgrades will now cost you, and other news from around the joint.
Warning: Nick will spoil Twelve Minutes, but for a good reason. And we've got the latest shenanigans with Activision Blizzard (involving paper shredders and name changes), and all the other news and reviews fit to know.
Edie is sick, but that doesn't mean she and the rest of the team won't be talking about news. Activision removes its logo from CoD trailer, Square Enix hasn't paid Overwatch devs, and no... Soulja Boy does NOT own Atari.
Edie is sick, but that doesn't mean she and the rest of the team won't be talking about news. Activision removes its logo from CoD trailer, Square Enix hasn't paid Overwatch devs, and no... Soulja Boy does NOT own Atari.
The Back 4 Blood beta is now open to all, and Nick chimes in on his opinion. Also more awful developments for Activision Blizzard and other news from around the gaming world.
We have a full house today, and we have our review of the Back 4 Blood beta, the gaming being the spiritual successor of the Left 4 Dead franchise. We also have news updates including what's going on with Activision Blizzard this week (it got even worse).
Full house today, and the Activision Blizzard sex- and racial-harassment revelations keep getting worse. Blizzard employees walk out as Bobby Kotick issues a statement that doesn't go over any better than others. It's all bad, and getting worse. Also, other news, because yah, there's some.
How bad is your company's culture that you get sued by the government? Activision Blizzard can tell ya. And we have other news to cover. Full chairs today. TRIGGER WARNING: This episode mentions and contains descriptions of alleged sexual harassment, sexual assault, and suicide by Activision during the news segment.
Episode 602 This week we have a full house but some terrible news.
It's a two-chair day on this Independence Day holiday. Edie and Nick talk news and reviews. We talk Dan Houser's new gig, the biggest bummer prologue in gaming, and why you shouldn't steal $10 million in XBox gift cards.
Nick and Edie are without an Andrew this week, but there's much to discuss: Crystal Dynamics defies common sense and leaves use IP addresses live on screen for a whole day, what's in the Blue Box, and DND Dark Alliance review (and Edie and Nick will disagree)
We're back with the final rundown of E3 and news about not only a major hack of EA assets (now on sale for $24 million, if you've got some spare change), but also how ludicrously easy it was to do. Two-factor authentication is important.
We've got a roundup of four major E3 showcases — Xbox/Bethesda, Gearbox, Square Enix, and Ubisoft. And not gonna lie, it's been mostly a snoozefest.
Andrew is back and we're in the home stretch for E3 (and other non-E3 related events) and we talk about what we expect to see and what we hope to see. Also, news of Quantic Dreams' wacky studio heads being idiots in court and GoW Ragnarok gets delayed and fans lose their minds.
Puppies are assholes. Cute assholes, but still assholes. Also, we have as much news as you can get a week before E3 (which isn't much). Andrew back next week.
It's been a rough week, and Edie's not feelin' it. But that doesn't mean we won't talk about what went on this week. Tim Cook wraps up testimony in Epic v. Apple.
We're another week without Andrew, and we're lonely. We talk continuing cash grabs from developers, including Ubisoft's free-to-play spree and Bungie's transmog system that is so. much. worse. than. feared!
Just Nick and Edie today, but we're recapping all the HUGE revelations out of the Epic v. Apple v. Epic lawsuit.
We have Nick's ongoing hate of Outriders (though oddly, he's still playing it) as well as details on the calendar of Summer Games Fest and E3.
Okay, so it's literally been more than a decade that we've been naming shows by the date. It's lazy and we know it. From now on, shows will have names. Because nobody remembers a show that titled with a date, but everyone remembers "Estrogen and Alcohol." Also, Nick and Edie this week with Destiny 2's transmog cashgrab, Humble Bundle's slider cashgrab, and other news from around the system.
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