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More Than Small Talk with Suzanne, Holley, & Jennifer (KLRC)
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More Than Small Talk with Suzanne, Holley, & Jennifer (KLRC)

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Suzie Eller, Holley Gerth and Jennifer Watson, authors and real-life friends, invite you each week to go deeper, become freer and feel more connected. Every episode includes a confession question as well as helpful truths, tips and resources. If you want more peace and less stress, more vulnerability and less trying to be perfect, more hope and less hustle this is the podcast for you.
389 Episodes
It's okay if you feel weak or like you're failing. Holley reminds you why you're stronger than you think you are. ResourcesIntrovert by Design by Holley
Have you faced heartbreak? Author and podcaster Jodi Rosser joins us to share how God used the hardest things in her life to bring her to a place of deep healing.ResourcesDepth: Growing through Heartbreak to Strength by Jodi Rosser
That thing you are doing doesn’t have to be perfect to matter. 
Does what you’re doing matter? YES! We have a conversation about how even the small things in our lives can be significant. ResourcesFreedom by Jennifer Watson
Do you feel like your To-Do list is bossing you around? You can come to Jesus and he will give you rest. ResourcesJennifer's website
God wants to use you as you are, where you are, in whatever season you're in. We talk through why that's true and what helps when it's hard to remember. ResourcesJoy Keeper by Suzie
You are intentionally created as an introvert or extrovert and we need you to be who God created you to be! ResourcesIntrovert by Design by Holley
God intentionally created you! Holley shares insights and encouragement from her new guided journal, Introvert by Design. ResourcesIntrovert by Design by Holley
Your path to leading doesn’t have to look like anyone else.
Catherine Gates, author of The Confidence Cornerstone, joins us to talk about the challenges women face in leadership and what can help us become more confident as we step into all God has called us to do. ResourcesThe Confidence Cornerstone by Catherin Gates
Life might not always look how we hoped it would, but life can still be good. This episode reminds us who to turn to for the emotional strength we need. ResourcesSubscribe to Jennifer's website for moEre encouragement
Karen Doll joins us to talk about what it means to be psychologically fit, especially at work. She shares what helps with burnout and how to get mentally and emotionally stronger. ResourcesBuilding Psychological Fitness by Dr. Karen Doll
Day not going the way you planned? Try embracing the wonky! Holley shares unexpected advice from a recent mini-adventure in her life.
Do you need a strategy to add more fun to your life, help you heal, or grow closer to the people you love? We talk about how mini-adventures can do all that and more! ResourcesSubscribe to Holley’s site for more encouragement (and occasional mini-adventure updates) 
God and his power is constant in our ups and downs.
Jenny Randle, author of Flash Theology, takes us beyond learning theology to how we can truly live it. She helps us be less intimidated and more engaged in getting to know God and His Word (plus she makes us laugh a lot too).Resources:Flash Theology by Jenny Randle
Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seems to go right? It's easy to beat ourselves up with negative self-talk and that is why it's so important to learn how to talk to ourselves like we would a friend.
What we say to ourselves matters. We talk through why it's easy too be our own worst critic and ways to replace the harsh voice inside with one that's helpful, encouraging, and life-giving. ResourcesJoy Keeper by Suzie Eller
Holley shares her 93 year-old Grandpa's advice for aging well along with truth to give us hope for our journey toward Home.
How can you age with courage and joy? We talk through our fears about aging, what true beauty means, and how to become a better, stronger human with each year that passes. ResourcesFiercehearted by Holley
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I've been listening now for 3 wks and have recommended to friends. Love the realness. - Your 4th chair friend

Apr 24th

Stormee Baker

such an incredible group of women who really exemplify the love of Jesus in what they do! so real and vulnerable.

Sep 4th

Rochelle Warries

Amazing ladies.

Aug 28th

Lee-Ann Arendse


Aug 27th


love these podcasts.

May 11th


I am so excited to be able to listen to u on podcast

Apr 9th
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