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Behind The Smiles: With Dr. Gina Dorfman
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Behind The Smiles: With Dr. Gina Dorfman

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Join Dr. Gina Dorfman as she interviews some of the greatest minds in dentistry. From background stories to practice management and clinical topics, you'll listen to valuable insights from the people who are doing extraordinary things in dentistry. This podcast is brought to you by YAPI, a paperless dental software company. Learn more at
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Welcome to another episode of Behind The Smiles. Today, Dr. Gina Dorfman chats with the founder of BoomCloud, a robust dental membership plan software that helps your practice create, organize and automate a dental membership program for your patients. In this episode, they share...What BoomCloud can do specifically for your team AND for your patients - why it is a Win-Win.How BoomCloud helps you to attract patients without insurance and reduce your dependence on PPO's.Why it's important to consider BoomCloud, especially in our post-COVID world.You can learn more about BoomCloud here:
In this episode of Behind The Smiles, Dr. Natanya Brown talks with Dr. Gina about managing our happiness and not taking out stress on food. They also talk about...Using your brain to work for you and not against youHow your habits form who you areHow to have the right perspective for long term weight lossHow weight loss is more than just diet and exerciseWhy insulin is one of the most important hormones in your body for weight lossYou can find out more about Dr. Natanya Brown at https://www.drnatanya.comas well as on Facebook at  and Instagram at
In this special crossover episode of Behind The Smiles, Dr. Gina Dorfman joins dental practice owner and incredibly insightful consultant, Kiera Dent.  Kiera and Dr. Gina chat about:Overcoming self-limiting beliefsDelegating AuthorityThe $200 dollar rule / Executive Decision This year's Women Dentists Connect 2020 Virtual Summit! Want to attend the Women Dentists Connect 2020 Virtual Summit? Dr. Gina Dorfman, will be speaking at the Summit on November 13th + 14th. If you’re a female dentist or practice owner who loves YAPI - join in and bring your team along! It's a VIRTUAL event, so make a weekend out of it at your office or from home. Can’t wait to see you there! P.S. the 50% off discount ends 10/31 so jump in at before then! Use code "GINA" to get BUY 1 GET 1 FREE ticket 50% off! 
This week we have a special episode for you is our 100th episode, and it is SUPER exciting to celebrate this episode with the CEO Whisperer and Business Growth Guru, Cameron Herold! By 35, he’d helped build his first two 100 Million Dollar companies. By the age of 42, Cameron had engineered 1-800-GOT-JUNK?’s spectacular growth from $2Million to $106 Million in revenue in just six years. In this episode, Dr. Gina and Cameron discuss...The power of delegating to othersThe top traits of entrepreneurs Why dentists need to expand their network outside of just dentistryWhy business is easy once you get the proper trainingHow group interviews help you to identify the strongest candidates for your work cultureHow hiring is like building a sports team Why you need to have 4-5 clear and easy to understand core valuesThe importance of creating a "Vivid Vision" for your practice...and much more!If you'd like to learn more about Cameron, you can find out more here: You can listen to his podcast, "Second in Command: The Chief Behind The Chief," here: can find Cameron's books on Amazon here:
In this episode of Behind The Smiles, Dr. Gina Dorfman chats with Teresa Duncan, Dentistry's #1 Insurance and Revenue Coach, and leader of Odyssey Management. Teresa gives us the scoop on...Communicating the quality of care - being proactive about giving patients a good experience. How to use your words to make patients feel secure and confident in you.How “we have found” and “in my experience” are two of the most reassuring phrases to your patients. Why it's critical to train your team more.The importance of allocating time to training. The best way for treatment coordinators to communicate with patients.How to successfully present a treatment plan.How to answer some of the most common patient questions, “Does my insurance cover that?” “Why is there a balance? "My insurance has paid you, why is there a balance?” Successful insurance tactics: How to get paid better and faster.Red flags to look out for when estimating patient balance and billing insurance.Theresa gives free webinars on her website on how to be a good insurance coordinator. She also hosts two podcasts, "Nobody Told Me That" and "Chew On This Dental Podcast with Kevin Henry." You can find out more about Teresa on her website,
Welcome back to Behind The Smiles. This week's episode features Brenda McNulty, Dental Group Director of supportDDS. She talks to us about team building and changing the way that dentists hire and train their teams. In this episode, Brenda teaches us:Why the term "team" is such an important term to use and how to hire for your team.Hiring the right person that supports your mission and vision of your practice. How to interview and specific questions to ask. Creating a culture in your office and how to be a leader in your practice. Fostering a positive attitude within your team. You can contact Brenda McNulty at or find more information about her here: 
In this week's episode, Debra Engelhardt-Nash joins us to talk about some amazing communication techniques and skills that will help you to gain patients, motivate your team, and reactivate patients in re-opening your practice. Debra brings a human touch and compassion, as well as intelligent communication skills to the dentistry field. This episode includes practical, well-vetted tips from how to train your front office staff, to how to improve your communication as the dentist with your patients, to the big question we are all asking are we keeping our hygiene schedule full and our 2020 successful in September of this year?
In this episode of Behind The Smiles, our guest Christine Hammond joins Dr. Gina to talk about Christine's experience working as a dental scheduling coordinator for seven and a half years, as well as working for YAPI for two years. Christine clearly has a lot of experience working in the dental office and outside of the dental office to provide solutions for dentists and their teams. Christine talks about how the little details matter in a dental office, strategies to gain online reviews, and how to avoid broken appointments and communicate with patients. 
In today's episode, Dr. Vilas Sastry of joins us to talk about the problems that teledentistry solves for you and your team, combats "no shows," & creates a more productive schedule in your office. You can find Dr. Vilas Sastry and more about teledentistry by going here.
In this episode of Behind The Smiles, Dr. Ashley Joves of Smile & Co. joins us to talk about being authentic, humanizing social media, and communicating clearly with your team. In this honest and vulnerable episode, Dr. Ashley Joves talks about expressing gratitude towards your team, and that we are enough, as human beings and as dentists. You can find Dr. Ashley Joves' practice, Smile & Co., here: 
This week on Behind The Smiles, Dawn Kulongowski, DDS, joins us to talk about how 15 minutes of meditation a day is scientifically proven to change your life and your business, her journey in combining dentistry with mindfulness, and how to create the world and practice you want to see.You can learn more about Dawn here, on "The Peaceful Practice" website: You can find Dawn's podcast here: You can find Dawn's "Mindfulness For Professionals" Facebook group here:
Welcome back to Behind The Smiles! Jennifer Peace of Prosperity Dental Solutions joins us this week. Jennifer has worked in the business of dentistry for 24 years and uses her gifts and experience to offer unique, integrative coaching. In this episode, she shares with us how to:1.) Identify what kind of leader you are 2.) Accentuate your strengths 3.) Work with a team that compliments you wellTo learn more about Jennifer and the work that she does, visit her website:
In this week's episode of Behind The Smiles, Dr. Gina Dorfman interviews her friend, fellow female dentist, and founder of "She Grows Her Practice," Dr. Cyndi Blalock. The two talk about balancing your job as a dentist with your job as a mom, giving yourself grace in the process, being present in every scenario, and taking the risk of investing in your team. They also talk about how uplifting another female dentist will in turn uplift yourself, and the amazing support in doing that in"She Grows Her Practice."The link to Cyndi's dental practice: A video about "She Grows Her Practice": 
In the time of crisis, our teams need strong leaders. Lead your team with a plan, not panic.Dr. Gina Dorfman had the opportunity to interview Rachel Teel Wall of Inspired Hygiene. This is a very insightful interview in which Rachel shares her Five-Step Relaunch Plan.1. Clinical Safety Plan2. Scheduling Plan3. Communication Plan4. Financial Plan5. Clinical Care and Diagnostic PlanPlease listen as you make plans to reopen your offices. Create a written protocol to get your team on the same page about your expectations. Spell out what measures you will be taking to keep everyone safe. Share any research or references that you are basing your plan on.You can connect with Rachel directly by emailing her at!Inspired Hygiene Website link: 
In this episode of Behind The Smiles, Dr. Gina Dorfman interviews the Sleep Apnea Queen herself and second-time guest, Dr. Erin Elliott. She's a member of the ADA, as well as the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. Dr. Erin Elliott shares her journey in dentistry with us, how she balances being a dentist with being a mom without succumbing to "mom guilt," how to embrace your unique calling as a dentist, and much more.You learn more about Dr. Erin Elliott here: can sign up for one of Dr. Erin Elliott's live events here: just for kicks, here is Dr. Erin Elliott's original dental sketch, "The Queen of Good Air:  
This week on Behind The Smiles, Dr. Gina Dorfman interviews good friend and colleague, Dr. Mona Patel. The two talk about the importance of setting boundaries in your business (as well as in every other aspect of life), Dr. Mona's outlook on COVID-19, and how we can work smarter, not harder, to do our best to recover our team and practice quickly once things are back to normal. Dr. Mona also shares some excellent book recommendations with us, which we share some links to below. You can find Dr. Mona Patel here: Recommendation #1: "Stress Less, Accomplish More" by Emily Fletcher: Recommendation #2: "Game Changer" by David McAdams:
Welcome back to another episode of Behind The Smiles! On this episode, Dr. Gina Dorfman interviews good friend and colleague, Dr. Tim Rauch, about how we can use teledentistry not only to help triage emergencies, create extra income, and provide continuity of care to our patients. They also talk about how we can still use this technology when we get back to normal with out practices, and why in some cases, treating patients through teledentistry can create more trust than in person.The two also talk about dental marketing and Dr. Tim's business, "Dental Authority Marketing," which you can find here: 
On this episode of Behind The Smiles, Dr. Marty Jablow from New Jersey joins us to talk about how our practices are being affected by COVID-19, providers decisions on what's right versus wrong, why selling is not appropriate right now, and more. You can find Dr. Marty Jablow here:
Welcome back to Behind The Smiles! In this episode we talk to Dr. Arash Hakahaim, dentist and owner of Dentulu, a teledentistry company that allows you to take care of your patients virtually during times of crisis (such as now during the COVID-19 shutdown). Amazingly it is fully HIPAA compliant! Teledentistry can be a solution for you and your practice during this time, as well as helping a lot of patients who cannot see their normal dentists.Here's a link to Dentulu website:
The bad boy of Dental Facebook Groups sits down with Dr. Gina Dorfman to talk about his new presentation "The Chamfered Psyche," the stigma of depression and suicide in dentistry, losing his father at a young age, and the vivid dream that he'd give everything he owns to see come true.Plus, Josh name drops as he remembers some guys (and ladies), shares the hottest of takes, and reveals his soft side.This pod was our first ever double-header episode, but despite the first strike, it ended up being a home run.Check out Pearls for Your Practice!
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