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Advice from a Call Center Geek!

Author: Thomas Laird

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Advice from a Call Center Geek is a weekly podcast with a focus on all things call center and contact center. We discuss topics such as call center operations, hiring, culture, technology, and training and have fun doing it! Please post a review on Itunes if you find our podcast of value. This will help us reach as many Call Center Geek as possible!#callcenter #contactcenter #CX #custserv
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No matter what type of Contact Center you are operating,  there is always some aspect of sales.  Customer service centers are looking to upsell and cross-sell, outbound centers are looking to sell.  How do you get your associates to do this the right way without having your quality drop?In Episode 43 of the Geek!, we introduce the concept of the "ERQ" which stands for "End Result of Quality" and is how we make sure that all sales are done the right way in our call center.We also look at all the key KPIs you need for your sales programs bit it inbound or outbound.
Fun Episode!10 ways to make you think about making your customer service experience unique for both the customer and your agents.1) Create a unique tagline AKA Chik-fil-a effect2) Post your stats for your customers to see3) How to Immerse your customers into your world 4) Incenting the right KPI's5) Routing the right way6) Screen pop CTI importance7) Training Tone8) Is your center boring?9)Are you using al the technology you have?10) Management training
In episode 41 of our call center operations podcast "Advice from a Call Center Geek!" we talk about the 5 biggest and easiest ways to improve your call center today.Out of all the topics we have discussed we talk about the five biggest ways to make the biggest impact in your call center.1) Hiring for Culture2) The TONE is the Message; Educating New hires3) Agents Analysis4) Measuring the right KPI's5) Having Fun in your Call Center
In Episode 40, we dig into the security and culture aspects of our NO CELL phone policy at Expivia and why we think its a cornerstone of our overall security compliance.Because so many of you asked for it, I am just posting the cell phone/wearable policy here on
With fall upon us and many listeners starting to think about 2020 budget and outsourcing possibilities, we thought it would be a good time for an episode to discuss the pros and cons of call center outsourcing.  What is right for you?  Are you looking to cost savings, technology upgrades or an overhaul of your CX, we talk through if staying internal or outsourcing is right for your organization!
We take a look at what we believe the call center will look like in the next five years.  We talk about 10 major changes that will be happening that all call center geeks will have to start to prepare for.Predictive Behavioral RoutingVoice Authentication EnhancementsAdvanced Chat/Omnichannel/Augmented RealityIot ServiceCloud ConversionAI ChatbotsAI WFMBetter Agent EducationOutsourcing
Being the birthday of Expivia, the one-year anniversary of our first book that sparked the podcast and the day we are publishing our second book "MORE Advice from a Call Center Geek!" we wanted to take a look back at our call center and how we started.  We are feeling a little nostalgic!Many of you have gone through adversity.  The start of Expivia was not easy especially when we look back at there we came from.  We hope this episode inspires many of our fellow geeks that may be going through a rough time.  You can succeed if you don't quit!And by the way....the best revenge is success!If you would like a copy of the new book, the kind version is FREE for the next 5 days and the paperback is at the lowest price that Amazon will allow for the next 5 days as well ($6.03)Click here if you are interested:
At Expivia our "You own Your Paycheck" attendance program has raised our call center attendance 27% from day 1 of implentation.If your center is struggling with attendance then this is an episode that you need to listen to and a program and you need to look hard into implementing in your center.  Its one of the best things we have done in our center to improve attendance and grow our culture.Here is a link to the actual "You own Your Paycheck" policy:
This is our favorite podcast!  In this episode, we talk about a true "coming of age" management story that many of you call center supervisors and management can relate to.We think this will help all supervisors and managmers become better at thir job buy being able to incorporate the TRUST equation.Trust= Character+Competence+MotivationCharacter:There is so much that this entails that it really is a lifelong progression with no true ending point. It starts when you are very young in a management position with the basics of making sure you are on time, dressed appropriately and care about doing a good job. As you get more experienced it gets more complex. You turn from looking out for yourself to developing and looking out for those that work for you. It’s much more than not backstabbing, not using bad language or not lying, all things we associate with character. It boils down to doing the right thing for those around you no matter how tough it may be.Competence:Being competent in your job is vital. So many managers equate competence in knowing more than everyone. They think it is about being the smartest person in the room; in fact, it’s probably more the opposite of that.In its truest form Competence is the ability to make more good decisions than bad ones.It’s putting in the time and effort, listening to your team, taking suggestions and putting together the best answer to a solution. When I first started my Type A personality felt threatened when someone else had an idea no matter how good it was! I had a lot to learn.Motivation:This is VITAL. Now I understand it is not everyone’s personality to rah rah and high five people. That’s ok. All this really means is that you need to be POSITIVE in dealing with people. You need to be more of a positive influence than a negative one.This does not mean that if you are taking some kind of corrective action (I hate that term by the way) that you need to have two nice things for every “negative” thing you say to them. That ridiculous in my mind, every situation is different and I’m not going to make up nice things to say if they are not warranted at that time. I believe that weakens your messageWhat I am saying is that if you asked yourself :Would my employees truly think I am a positive person, one that motivates more than demeans, one that lifts a room more then makes people uncomfortable?
Wanted to make a special announcement to make the one-year birthday of our call center ops book "Advice from a Call Center Geek" that started this whole thing off!We have just completed our new version on the book "MORE Advice from a Call Center Geek" and will be publishing it on Amazon on Tuesday, Aug 13, 2019.Head over to to sign up to receive the link to the FREE digital version of the book.  We will also be selling the paperback at the lowest rate Amazon will let us.  Should be 3-4 dollars tops.Again head over to so you don't miss out on the free version!
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