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Here's Something is the interpretive dance of podcasts hosted by three sweet boys as they explore the week's headlines that piqued their interest. Join Josh, Mitch, and Jeremy as they discuss everything from videogames, technology, videogames, and whatever else these dinguses enjoy, including videogames. Be sure to check out our Twitter (@heressomething1) and Josh's Stream (!
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This week Josh struggles with titles, Mitch enlightens the boys on the world of strip clubs and how one is dealing with the Covid crisis, and Jeremy talks of spicy noodles and the best way to clean out your colon.
This week the boys discuss Viking assassins, space travel during the pandemic, the reason AI destroys humanity, Alex Jones is a hangry boy, and how to cook buffalo and store it in plastic zip bags.
This week the boys are back and ready to meet the wastelanders in Fallout 76, play mobile games on mobile devices for mobility reasons, make movies with video game tech, get reported for cheating in Call of Duty, and eat some jet powered soup.
This week the boys keep up with Reggie Fils-Aime, check in on NASA's shenanigans, and discuss whether Breakpoint can become a good game. Then on Review Crew, we see what people are saying about Sweet Baby Ray's, and discuss our love for the bidet.
This week the boys deep dive into EA's ban hammer of a FIFA streamer, the Borderlands movie, NASA's space mission finalists, Blizzard's streaming service, and get stunned by the pocket monsters' wood.
This week the boys do a deep dive into the hedgehog, the virtual reality, and the wardrobe bot. Then talk about getting custom N95 masks and chia pets.
This week the boys go above and Beyond Good and Evil 2's delays, take a knee and discuss Anthem getting a new paint job, Switch delays due to the Coronavirus outbreak, and pick out the best accessories for your outfit if you're counting money or looking to heat up the bedroom.
HS 43: The Young Folks Home

HS 43: The Young Folks Home


This week the boys get silly about Project Silica, get lost in the Blizzard news, weep over the end of the Wii, get prescriptions to buy more videogames, and learn how to get better gas mileage and cleaner butts.
This week the boys are back and talking about Call of Duty being the greatest game of the decade, game delays, Valve Index shortages, Alienware's switcheroo, and how to be super cool while you shine your shoes.
Happy Anniversary! We've done it! We made it one year without being sued! This week the boys reminisce about all the best moments of the past year of episodes, congratulate the 2020 Mars rover on getting its driver's license, celebrate the gorilla population growing, confirm SW: Fallen Order 2 is going to happen for sure, and wax-up otters in sweaty shirts.
This week the boys discover John Boyega's real name, The Matrix for cows, go completely off the rails when Mitch starts asking too many questions, and how to park a massage wand.
HS 39: The Whisker Biscuit

HS 39: The Whisker Biscuit


This week the boys make statements about Puerto Rico, Google Stadia's issues, Cybertruck's balls, The Mandalorian is for kids, Half Life 3, play together on Steam, and silencing your butt while shaping the body haters away.
This week the boys strut around on the strand of death, watch men, tell you that Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to be okay boy, and bend your soggy toilet paper for maximum energy.
This week the boys are back with the hottest news on PS Now, Gamer Boys, BONE, Shrek in Venom 2, and how to sleep while building your Amazon home.
This week Mitch, Josh, and Jeremy cowboy up about Red Dead Redemption's PC release, joke about Mitch's movie recommendation, lack any knowledge about LAX banning rideshares, get ready for a total recall, and blow some raspberries.
This week Mitch, Josh, and Jeremy don't leave any news behind about Death Stranding at TGS, precipitate their hype for Risk of Rain 2's September update, clown around about movies releasing in October, talk about the new finger-licking good dating sim game, try to resist getting pumped for the next Terminator game, and discover the best way to collect sweet sweet candy to maximise your sugar rush.
This week the boys chug up the hype train for new good good games coming out, tell you all about Telltale games rising from the ashes, go yacky for Yakuza 7, gamble away all their savings into basketball cards, and detect unidentified wireless chargers.
This week the boys touch on Gamescom, Spider-Man's broken home, what Star Wars fans can expect, and the tools Amazon has for working on the go and not eating your poo.
This week Josh, Mitch, and Jeremy get all nostalgic about the Sega Genesis Mini, go on an Adventure Quest to see Korn, spend every dollar they have on Apex Legends cosmetics, go ducking crazy over Tubbz Ducks collectibles, and go mad dog over being a bug-killing machine.
This week Josh, Mitch, and Jeremiah spill their beans about moon bears, the hunt for the worst movie ever, how great a time it is for horror, Borderlands sends vault hunters to a YouTuber's house, and what hot sauce tactical belt wearing worms prefer.
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