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Are you an ecommerce marketing manager for a wearable brand tasked with improving conversions on your company’s website? Or a C-level executive trying to navigate not only your ecommerce platform but all of your operational systems as well?

Wearable brands include anything that customers physically wear: clothing and apparel, footwear, jewelry, skincare, technology, and more. These retailers often face similar challenges due to the nature of their product. We’re speaking to you.

Command C is a strategic development team that helps ecommerce retailers navigate technical complexities and the reality of constant change.

The Recommerce podcast focuses on the ins and outs of platforms like Magento and Shopify Plus. We also share how to deal with common challenges such as technical barriers, poor conversions and choosing the right solutions for your business.

Learn more about how we can help at We hope you continue to join us as we explore the often challenging – but always exciting – world of ecommerce.

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19 Episodes
Third-party integrations add complexity to ecommerce development. To help ensure seamless integrations, follow these best practices of project management, communication, and technical discovery.
Retailers undergo extensive web development projects. Learn how technical discovery is used to asses business needs and create an ecommerce project plan. 
Online retail has a tough impact on the environment. Learn how alternative packaging and shipping methods can create more sustainable ecommerce.
Choosing a platform is one of the most important decisions retailers must make. Discover the benefits of Magento, an open source ecommerce platform. 
The checkout process is the last obstacle to ecommerce sales. Discover these ux best practices for checkout optimization on desktop and mobile devices.
Many ecommerce stores offer product customization. Learn how to build a product configurator to give your customers personalization options on your site.
Discover the tactical elements needed for optimal onsite conversion. Learn how to improve ecommerce conversion rate with these implementation tactics and tips.
A strategy for site improvements is key to successful site optimization. Learn how to improve ecommerce conversion rate with this guide to strategy.
Shopify Plus retailers can automate operational tasks to create ecommerce efficiency. Learn how these Shopify Flow examples can be applied to your site.
Learn how Shopify Plus merchants can use custom Shopify Scripts to automate personalized shopping experiences on ecommerce websites.
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