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Author: Travis Williams: Shedding Light Stories

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Love a good hunting story? This is the podcast for you. Each episode is a real story told from a real hunter. There may be an occasional name you recognize but for the most part this podcast features average joes just like you! Real guys and girls with real stories about their hunting experiences. Deer, turkey, elk, ducks...if there's a story to be told we will tell it!
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Today I'm joined by friend John Bryant from northern Ohio. John has had a passion for hunting since he can remember. Today we hear about how he got started into hunting along with some of his best deer and turkey stories. We also talk deer and turkey tips that should help you this season. And at the end we dive into John's taxidermy which you can check out here: sure to subscribe to Shedding Light Outdoors to see our newest turkey adventures!
(This is episode 118, even though I say it’s 117 at the start. I must need some more sleep!)Opening day of turkey season found Travis Shirer and I up in a familiar spot listening for gobbles. And the morning did not disappoint! Today on the show I tell the story of how it all went down, the strategies we used, and the lessons learned from the hunt. CONTEST ALERT! Be sure to listen to the intro of this podcast to find out how you can win a Shedding Light Outdoors decal AND a Shedding Light Hunting Stories decal. Go over to Shedding Light Outdoors and hit subscribe to see the footage when it is released soon. 
Sometimes there's such a thing as beginner's luck. Hunters go out the first time and it just pans out. A deer steps out into the open, they make a great shot, and that's the story. That was not the story for Nick Brannon. Nick wasn't raised in a hunting family but decided at age 15 to give hunting a try. This past October, four years after his first hunt, he was able to take his first deer, a nice 8pt (4x4) buck! He does a fantastic job telling that story. PLEASE feel free to leave a rating and review if possible and if you'd like to come on the show send me an email at 
Today I'm joined by Virginia native Matthew McMurray. Matthew comes on to share some of his favorite hunting experiences. He talks about his biggest buck, almost getting knocked out of a tree by a turkey, and the time his dad thought a black bear was charging him. Great stories from a great guy. Hope you enjoy. To check out my 2020 Buck Video click here:
every once in a while you come across a crazy video on YouTube that makes your jaw drop. In late March a video came out of a black bear in the Smokey Mountains attacking a large wild hog...right next to a public road. That video has over 4 million views and has quite the explosive comment section. WATCH VIDEO HERE (GRAPHIC):YouTube: person whole pulled out their phone and recorded it is Philip Talbot from Alabama. Philip comes on the show today to tell that story and how everything went down that day and also to talk about the response to that video including some hate mail that he has received. Philip is an avid hunter so we also get to hear about some of his early season turkey success along with a nice big buck he harvested earlier this year! He also has a YouTube channel you should check out called Old Skull Outdoors. 
If you watch turkey videos on YouTube there's a good chance you may have came across a guy named Matt Dale giving out some great turkey hunting advise. Matt Dale is a guy who's been hunting turkeys for a long time and is willing to share what he's learned with others. Today we hear how Matt got started into hunting and the stories that mean the most to him...including his epic showdown with a gobbler that became known as "Ol Sly". Be sure to check out Matt's Fb, IG, and Youtube channel which you can find here: check out Matt's Signature Box Call/Mouth Calls go over to 
Today I'm joined by Anthony Weaver from Georgia. Anthony has some great deer & turkey stories along with a couple humorous stories at the end. He's a great guy who knows how to tell a "masterful" story. Be sure to check out his Instagram: Ambassador2thenations. Also leave a rating and review to help spread the word about the show!
Today I'm joined by Matt and Todd from Alaska! They have some great stories to tell including how Todd got lost during a blizzard in Alaska while on a snow hare hunt. when he was 12 years old. Matt recently moved to Alaska as a missionary and is new to hunting and learning the ropes. Today we get to hear a couple cool rabbit stories, a moose story, and more. Matt and Todd also talk about their ministry called the Compass. To find out more or support them please go here!
Today you are stuck with yours truly, Travis Williams. I've been turkey hunting since 2014. In that time I've managed to somehow kill 6 Toms. I've also managed to have 3 years where I got skunked! Turkey hunting really can be a blast but also is intimidating to start out. Today I share every turkey I've killed and the lessons I learned from each scenario. I'm no expert but I'm happy to share some tips and tricks I've learned along the way and hopefully it can be helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments, or if you'd like to be on the show send me an email at Be sure to check out Shedding Light Outdoors of Facebook and YouTube to see most of these turkey videos! 
Joining me from western Kentucky is John Montgomery. John has a passion for the outdoors and really loves turkey hunting. Today he talks about his first double, which happened to be with his dad along with some great deer stories as well. 
Layth Taylor rejoins us on the podcast today to tell some great stories. In EP 67. Layth told us about his videography "Capture The Hunt" and how that led him into hunting. This past year he's experienced several hunts of his own where he was the on pulling the trigger. But in order to do that and to continue his videography, he had to leave behind his full time job. He took the leap and never looked back. Layth also started co-hosting his own podcast called the Valor Outdoors Sportsmans Podcast. To check out Layth's work and social or to book him for a hunt of your own please check out the links below:
Who's someone who's passed on that's taught you a lot about hunting or got you into hunting? Is there someone you'd like to pay tribute to? Drop a comment on our Shedding Light Outdoor Facebook page or Instagram. We'd be honored to hear who that was for you. Today's guest is Ben Reibel who was on Ep. 2 in 2019. Ben comes on to tell an amazing story about how he was able to end his season in Illinois on a special day in a special location. Hope you enjoy!
Today I am honored to have on the show Ron Crouch of Bent Bow Outdoor Productions. Ron has been blessed to take a lot of animals with his longbow over the years. He talks about that journey and some of his most memorable hunts including a British Colombia Mountain Goat. You'll be sure to enjoy these stories even if you aren't a trad bow hunter. Be sure to check out Bent Bow's website here and if you're interested click the link on the page to receive a free camo Bible:
This is an episode to share! Would you take a moment and drop this one on your social media page? Dr. Marty Brunson joins me today to share some very special stories from the Catch a Dream Foundation. This non profit takes kids with life threatening or terminally ill conditions on the hunt of their dreams...completely free to them and their family.  Dr. Marty tells some amazing life-changing stories today that will move you. It may move you to check out Catch a Dream further and possibly support. Check out
We all have a lot of hunting stories. If you came on the show (which you are more than welcome to do!) I'd guess that you could tell a few. But which one would you pick? I'm guessing if you're like our guest Ray Kapalka, or just about any other guest, you'd tell stories that mean something to you. Your first deer, your biggest buck, that time you spent with your dad, grandpa, kid, or friend in the woods. I love hearing these stories and today's guest does a great job sharing his. If you'd like to come on the show send me an email at 
Kyle Dulek is a normal guy from Minnesota who loves to hunt. He's done well in the past but this year was different. Kyle was able to take not 1 but 3 giant bucks...all fair chase. Kyle is a down to earth and humble hunter who enjoys the woods just like us. So was he lucky? Was he that good? Or both? We have an epic conversation today that I'm sure you'll enjoy. Be sure to subscribe and feel free to share this one with you friends on social media to spread the word on this podcast! To check out my recent doe video mentioned in the podcast please click here:
UPDATE: NEW PODCAST WILL BE DROPPED ON TUESDAY MORNINGS. BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE SO YOU DON'T MISS AN EPISODE! This week Travis Shirer puts on the host hat and interviews me about my January 4th Ohio muzzleloader buck! And he does a great job! We talk about the season, what led me to the spot, and how it all went down. Thanks to everyone who's supported me on the journey this year! It was quite the season!Check out my most recent doe's a different take on doe videos that I hope you enjoy:
Happy New Year! Hope you had a great holiday! We are back this week with Justin Schroeder from Colorado. Last year he was able to take his first elk and what a story it is! 2 bull elk in 5 seconds! You'll just have to listen to find out how it all plays out! Be sure to leave a rating and review if you haven't yet. And if you'd ever want to come on the show send me an email at 
Today we meet Eric Crawford from Ohio. Eric tells some great stories today including one about a buck he was able to get this year in the snow. Eric's a very encouraging guy with some great advice you need to listen to for the new year. Happy New Year!
100! That's a big number and one that I am proud of. Thank you for being a part of that! Today we take a look back at some of my favorite clips from the previous 99 episodes. It was very hard to pick and I'm sure I could've included hours of content. The clips come from:Ep.1 Mark MrkobradaEp. 9 Don HigginsEp. 76 Nick WilliamsEp. 32 Loren NorrisEp. 14 Paul MedelEp. 16 Daniel MummeryEp. 30 Troy RuizThank you for your support! If you'd like to schedule a time to come on the show in 2021 send me an email at 
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