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Today I'm joined by new Shedding Light Outdoor contributor Nate Root! We talk all about Nate's passion for archery and his journey in the IBO tournaments. We also discuss the ins and outs of his big buck he took on November 19th. It's a fun one!Check out Nate's video here: 
Today I'm joined by Jacob Silvey from Arkansas. He shares stories from the past couple of years and how he has gotten into hunting. One of which is a cool experience about a buck he was able to harvest with a recurve he made himself! Jacob is willing to not only share some good experiences but also so mistakes he's made as well. Hope you enjoy!
Today we meet Jim Nelson, Iowa native, and avid pheasant, deer, and turkey hunter. Jim tells some funny stories and some great experiences but highlights a near death encounter that happened only a week or so ago. Jim did all the right things and still nearly lost his life as he climbed up his sticks with lineman's belt attached. I'd encourage you to listen to this one and take some mental notes of what you'd have done in his situation and ways in which you can be even safer on your next hunt. 
A hunt isn't just a hunt. There's always more to the story and things happening in our lives that surround a hunt. Such was the case for 2022 and Wyatt Damron. Today he tells not only the story of a giant buck he was able to get on but also the story of his dad's fight for survival. It's a beautiful story. To watch Wyatt's video go over to Roost and Rut on YouTube or click here:
Today I'm joined by Holly Ziegler, the wife of my wife's cousin. Holly was able to harvest her very first antlered buck this past week...from the treestand...8 months pregnant! She shares a little how she got into hunting and how it all went down. She had spent some time in the woods and was "due" for a great encounter! Congrats Holly!
There's a new host in town this week! My brother Jacob Williams comes on the show to interview me about the buck I was able to take this past week. BUT first, I get to ask him questions about his buck he was able to take on the property I grew up on on October 3rd. This is a fun one. Also, head over to YouTube either before or after you listen to this and be sure to SUBSCRIBE. My buck video is done and I'll be releasing it the same day this episode drops. 
Today I'm joined by a local guy named Jansen McCloy. In early October Jansen was able to do some quick in-season scouting that led to an encounter with a huge Ohio whitetail! And before October was over he'd have another story to tell about his son's first buck as well. Jansen does a fantastic job telling these stories and also explaining how he balances hunting and home life. And to check out Dead End Game Calls that Jansen mentions, click here: 
On October 17th, my wife had a meeting up until 5:45pm but the conditions were right for me to go hunt a property I gained access on last year. From the time I pulled into the property to the time the arrow launched, only 25 minutes had elapsed. In this bonus episode I unpack what happened and the lessons learned. And I throw in one tip that might just save your hunting season.If you have a store you’d like a towel please send me an email at sheddinglight
Today Tanner Paslawski joins me from Saskatchewan to tell some incredible longbow stories. Just this September he was able to take his first bull elk with a longbow and was able to capture it all on video as well (see link below). We also unpack some of his spearfishing adventures and his first mule deer with a longbow. Plenty of great stories from Tanner.Be sure to check out his and his brother's  Youtube page here:
On this episode Matt Dove and I are in the truck on our way home from our 2022 Montana Elk Trip. We recap the day by day experience and unpack all the action...and there was a lot of action (hence a 2 hour podcast!). We chased bugles 5 out of 7 days. Not only did we have elk close we also saw mule deer, antelope, giant rabbits, and a bear! If you don't listen to the whole episode, I encourage you to listen to the last 10 minutes. Matt drops an amazing truth bomb on what success truly is and how we found it. Be sure to check out Matt's daily Instagram stories of the hunt over at matt_dove_media and look for the full video coming soon on Shedding Light Outdoors YouTube channel!
We are west bound and down on this episode headed for Montana! This will be my 3rd elk hunt and my hunting partner, Matt Dove's 1st. In this episode we talk about how got in this truck together, how we've gotten ready for this trip, and what our expectations are going in. It's a fun conversation this will have a Part 2 on the way home. Be sure to follow Shedding Light Outdoors on Instagram/Facebook for occasional stories (cell service permitting) and be sure to follow Matt at matt_dove_media. 
Today I'm joined by fellow podcaster, Brian Krebs. Brian shares some incredible elk stories that he and his friends have been on over the past few years. He was lucky enough to draw a once in a lifetime elk hunt in North Dakota his first year applying! Even if you aren't an elk hunter you'll love these stories and Brian's enthusiasm.Brian has also started a new podcast called Two Bucks that helps people learn how to chase their dreams and endeavors in the woods. In addition to that Brian also has a beard oil company and you can check out that in the link below. 
Today I'm joined with Daniel Buresh of South Dakota. We dive into a variety of stories including elk, mule deer, whitetails, and some crazy predator encounters. It has something for everyone. Be sure to leave a rating and review where possible!And if you'd prefer a video version go over to Shedding Light Outdoors on YouTube to see this episode!
It's no secret that sometimes deer can take a hit and go a long way. But today we hear about a buck who took more than one hit and kept on going...and going. He became known as the superman buck. Cody Pride comes on today to tell that story and a few other whitetail stories that I know you are going to enjoy! Check out a group Cody is a part of on Instagram called appalachianchase!
Welcome back! Took a little summer break and we are back in the mix with brand new hunting stories. Today I'm joined by guide, hunter, and Youtuber Cole Kilpatrick of Manitoba Canada. We talk about how Cole got into guiding, his Youtube channel (see link below), and some of his most memorable hunts. We cover it all; bear, elk, whitetail, and more.  HIT THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON IF YOU ENJOY!Check out Interlake Outdoors on YouTube here:
With Father’s Day coming this Sunday it gets me thinking about the man who introduced me to the outdoors, my dad, Randy Williams. This bonus episode is me reminiscing on some of my hunts I had with him before he passed from cancer in 2018. Hope you enjoy it! Happy Father’s Day!
Emma Dearing started hunting about 8 years ago. And she hasn't had a whole lot of luck in those 8 years. No deer and no turkey but that all changed in 2022! Not only was she able to get a Tom down, this Tom is a potential Minnesota State record. We unpack the incredible story here! Be sure to share it if you enjoy it!If you'd like to come on the show send me an email at!
When Gary Meinke heard about a study where they had banded some turkeys in Colorado, he had hoped he'd get the chance to get one. But after a few years passed, he figured his opportunity was slim to none. Yet that luck changed and he was no only able to get one, but two banded Toms in one year! Gary also tells the incredible story of a 28 year wait between his first Bighorn Sheep and his 2nd. Great guest and some awesome stories. Hope you enjoy and if you do please leave a rating and review!
Today I am joined by my lovely wife, Kate Williams. In Episode 88 my wife came on to talk about her perspective as a non hunter. She was never against hunting just didn't care to try it. Yet after watching a video online where wives surprised their husbands by doing an activity they really enjoyed, Kate mentioned to me she'd be willing to give turkey hunting a try. This is the story of that moment and how it led up to an incredible hunt on Saturday April 30th. Hope you enjoy this one and be sure to check out the YouTube video of the hunt here:
Today I'm joined on the show again by Josh Larson of Wisconsin. Josh comes on to share his exciting turkey hunt from this year along with a pretty sweet deer season he and his wife had. Very enjoyable interview! 
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