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Hello Friends! Here is Part 2 of this episdoe, as promised :). In this episode, Fatima and I transition from talking about the struggle of growing up brown and Muslim to embracing who we are and CHOOSING to be Muslim. Hope you enjoy! Follow my instagram for more content! more about your ad choices. Visit
This episode I interview Abbi Rhodes, a southern Belle MILF new to porn but has the sex drive of a vet. We discuss her getting into the business. She is a health care worker who loves sex and decided to switch careers. After getting the blessing from her kids she begin her journey into porn . She talks about her first shoots , mostly with amateur guys. Now she wants more experience talents to work with. She discuss her love of doing webcam and what she has learned from being the business so far . We discuss what type of male talent she wants to work with. Plus we touch on the fact she is a pain slut submissive and she wants to do BDSM scenes and even a gangbang one day. Plus moreCheckout My Premium Smoke Room for Bonus Episodes and Special episodes ($4.99 a month)Sponsored By Member of The G.W. District Black Podcast Network Music/ Social Media Abbi Rhodes Send in a voice message:
Adam and Matt get into Travis Pastrana building a 1983 Subaru wagon that will debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend before talking about the vehicle delivery delays from Rivian.
We talk AEW Big PPV Forbidden Door. We talk the secret guest We think might show up and more. Stay tuned--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. this podcast:
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LIl tjay shot, America is going to trash, uber is wilding, & its cold in the summer what is going on?!
This episode I'm joined by the returning Angel Grave. We catch up on what she been up too. We discuss her trip to Vegas and her working with ChristianXXX. We talked about how it was working with him and how professia he is. We discuss her shooting with a new company and her being featured in Kink Mag. We talked about her doing threesomes and willing and looking to do a gangbang. and moreYou want exclusive and Premium episodes. Subscribe to my Premium Smoke Room for 5 Premium Podcasts and Special episodes ($4.99 a month)Sponsored By Member of The G.W. District Black Podcast Network Music/ Social Media Angel Grave Send in a voice message:
Welcome back to The Morning Muse. In todays episode Trailblazing Actress and Fitness Enthusiast, Katlego Lebogang Joins Us On The Podcast for one of our most exciting and interesting episodes yet!We had the chance to talk about Fainting on stage, Impersonations, Musical Theatre, Performance Anxiety and more!Enjoying this podcast? Please feel free to email us your thoughts, feedback and any suggestions you may have at themorningmuseofficial@gmail.comDon’t forget to share with friends and family!🖱We hope you enjoy what we have for you!
The Enemies are back with the Black Rasslin Podcast to speak about the BRP50 and all things wrestling including AEW and WWE current news. (4:30) The Enemies then spotlight some wrestlers in the LGBTQIA+ community in the "PE3 Pride" segment (1:35:25), and they wrap up the show with Jizzle's Golden State Warriors Victory Lap where they discuss the NBA Finals and the parade (1:42:00)Intro: Drake - Jimmy Cooks ft. 21 Savage | Westside Boogie - Windows Down ft. Snoop Dogg |
McLaren Artura

McLaren Artura


Matt and Goldberg talk about the new specs for the McLaren Artura before getting into their trip to Atlanta.
SGP Radio Live 6/22/2022

SGP Radio Live 6/22/2022


Post AEW Dynamite
Stephanie Rempe was introduced as Nevada’s next athletic director (10:15). The Reno Aces dropped four of six vs OKC (24:17), and are at Salt Lake this week (27:15). For slants, the Shoup brothers debate if a buy game at LSU is now inevitable (39:36), share their two pieces of advice for Rempe (45:57), and lament over old man injuries (50:59).  To stay current everything on The Reno Slant, follow the brothers on Twitter and Instagram, and online at
Lauren and Tianna-Lea discuss their favorite travel spots that they have been to and also talk about places they would like to travel in the future! They would love to hear some of your favorite spots! Feel free to reach out and follow on their personal and podcast instagrams ~ , Personal Instagrams: , This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
Jaime (High Me) Martinez is the patriarch of Houston’s Loko Wrestling and he’s here to hang and talk about the origins of Loko, upcoming dates, who the hell is they real Reggie Jackson, Loko’s killer merch and promo graphics, where you can watch previous events, his hustle and how he puts together a show, his dream bookings, heavy metal and his musical tastes, Ninja Mack, stepping away from doing shows to focus on his mental well being and much more! Remember if it ain’t LOKO it ain’t fire! Watch here:
On this episode, we discuss the recent social media antics that got some athletes caught up. Firstly, we discuss how former NFL player, Ryan Clark called out current NFL player, Tyreek Hill regarding his comments about Patrick Mahomes. Was Ryan right in calling Hill out? Was Hill just trying to be salacious to promote his new podcast? We also chat about how baseball player, Tim Anderson got caught up on social media, and eventually deleted his IG account. Is he cheating on his wife? Was him deleting his IG, an indicator that he DOES have a kid on the way with a side-piece? Should all personal business be kept off of social media? Let’s Discuss!   Connect with us on social media: @nelled_it_561 @lynnee27 @thefletchertwinz   Email us with any comments or questions:
Less gets his first tattoo. Can tattoo lead to rejection or preconceived notions?
This episode I'm joined by the returning Erika Love, Porn star, Podcaster and sexy lady. We discuss her going to Xbiz and being nominated. We talked about her podcast and her planning to podcast at Xbiz and shoot content. We discuss how one do both at a convention. We discuss the importance and difficulty of traveling. WE discuss how hard it is to live in an area most porn stars don't travel too and moreYou want exclusive and Premium episodes. Subscribe to my Premium Smoke Room for 5 Premium Podcasts and Special episodes ($4.99 a month)Sponsored By Member of The G.W. District Black Podcast Network Music/ Social Media Erika Love Send in a voice message:
Host Hiwa Alaghebandian reads & shares her views on some of Cosmopolitan Magazine's wildest, most out-there, sex tips throughout the years. Along the way, she shares her views on misogyny, gender & heteronormativity, various sex acts, and more.She also gives updates on her personal life, including her dog's health, her own personal health, relationship updates, and more.As always, if you enjoy this episode, please make sure you are subscribed to the show to hear more, leave a 5-star review telling us what you liked about it, and please share with your community who you think would benefit from the episode.If you have any questions you want answered on the podcast, submit them to or LEAVE A VOICEMAIL. You can also submit anonymously here.Follow us on Send in a voice message:
This week, the Talking singles talk about relationship flags -  the red flags that you should totally avoid, the green flags that you should be looking for and the in-between pink flags. As usual, Ribi, Keysha, Crystal and Rasheeda have a very open and honest conversation about what they can and can't take in relationships, what turns them on and what turns them off!
SGP Radio Live 6/20/2022

SGP Radio Live 6/20/2022


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