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Connect The Rock is a show where we take an artists and link them to other artists. Often chatting to the artists themselves we find great connections and fantastic stories. Tune in!
29 Episodes
Circles (Ben Rechter)

Circles (Ben Rechter)


Ben Rechter of Circles discusses the band's upcoming tour and all the connections they have both locally and internationally with acts like Dead Letter Circus, The Ocean, City of Souls, Caligula's Horse and many more.
The Chats

The Chats


Eamon Sandiwth is the singer/bassist for The Chats and we chat about this very Australian acts connections to Josh Homme, Dave Grohl, Paul Kelly, Totally Unicorn and many more.



Josh chats with drummer Jake from the amazing Clowns. Recently signed to Fat Wreck, played with The Foo Fighters and friends with The Meanies. Jake has quite a story to tell! You Am I, The Bennies, DZ Deathrays, NOFX and many more get a mention as Jake chronicles the last decade as one of the founding members of Clowns.



This week it's Ali from Zebraheads turn to chat about their many connections with everyone from AC/DC to Less Than Jake. With the band about to hit Australia with friends Death By Stereo and releasing their new album, Brain Invaders, its the perfect time to connect the rock!
The Hard Times

The Hard Times


Whether its showing love for Minor Threat, coming up with the ultimate way to interview Henry Rollins even when he says no or picking on a podcast host for assuming you like NOFX just because you’re from San Francisco, The Hard Times founders Matt Saincome and Bill Conway are full of the dry wit and humour you’d expect. Find out the history, best articles and what it takes to become a contributor to this iconic DIY force.



Nikola and Mathias from Millencolin sit down at their hotel with Josh to discuss their connections to everyone from Bombshell Rocks to Bad Relgion, Blink-182 singing their songs and The Living End going from supporting them to headling arenas. They discuss all their records, their creation and what they do outside of the band as well.
Cam Baines fronts one of the most iconic punk rock acts to ever come out of Australia, Bodyjar. From touring with the likes of Blink-182, The Offspring and NOFX to recording some of the most revered Australian punk albums ever made it's little wonder this episode of Connect The Rock is bursting at the seams as Cam shares his musical links with us.
Michael Beinhorn is one of the biggest producers in the World. We chat with him about his history and what it was like working with Whitney Houston, Herbie Hancock, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hole, Soul Asylum, Soundgarden, Marilyn Manson, Ozzy Osbourne and Weezer.
Josh Berwanger has quite the rock n roll repertoire and the connections to go with it. Whether knowing the guys from The Get Up Kids before there was a Get Up Kids, to being in The Anniversary - one of the most adored emo bands of the early 2000's and being friends with members of The Mars Volta, Cheap Trick and Guided By Voices. Josh is now front and centre in Radar State featuring friends from TGUK and The Architects.
Greg Norton was part of one of the most iconic 3-piece power pop acts of all time, Husker Du and he is now part of the amazing 3-piece power pop act Porcupine. We chatted to Greg about all his connections - everyone from his old band mates to Prince, The Replacements, The Beastie Boys, The Posies, The Meat Puppets, Soul Asylum and more get a mention in one of our favourite episodes ever!***Accompanying Spotify playlist can be found here:***
Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Kenny Wayne Shepherd


Kenny Wayne Shepherd is a blues warrior and has the music and connections to prove it. Josh got to spend some time with Kenny running through his amazing peers and friends who have enabled him to have one of the most incredible music careers. His new album The Traveler is a reminder of what a takent he truly is. Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, CSN, Neil Young, Ringo Starr and Jimi Hendrix guitar all play a part in this incredible chat
Part 2 of Connect The Rock with Ken Stringfellow and we cover off playing with Ringo Starr (who covered a Posies track), REM, Big Star, Big Star's Third, solo albums, Husker Du and so much more. This is a must-listen episode!
This week we chat with Ken Stringfellow of The Posies, REM, Lagwagon, Big Star (and more) about his career we touch on just a few of the connections he has within the music world. Part 1 we hear about The Posies, The Replacements, The Hoodoo Gurus, Teenage Fanclub and being part of the Seattle explosion.
We take the show out of the studio and into RESIST RECORDS in Marrickville with owner and Parkway Drive manager Graham Nixon. We discuss the origins of the label, Brett from Epitaph/Bad Religion signing Parkway; MIndsnare joining the label as well as old acts and new. All right in time for the Resist Records 25 year anniversary show!
We chat with Michale Graves ahead of his upcoming Australian tour. The Misfits, Henry Rollins, Damien Echols, The West Memphis Three, The Ramones, Zombiesuckers, Eminem, Blind Melon, Pearl Jam and so much more gets discussed. [Check out the Spotify Playlist here to play the songs discussed on the show!][1][1]:
This week we chat with Jeff Rosenstock about his influence and many connections he has right throughout the indie rock World. Hear tracks by Jeff, Laura Stevenson, Hard Girls, MU330, The Smith Street Band, Jess Locke, AJJ, Mercy Union and much more!
Ben Lee's career is a musical journey and his many stops along the way have included collaborations with many of the world's most influential artists. Find out how Ben connects to people such as The Beastie Boys, Donovan, Daniel Johnston, That Dog, Rage Against The Machine and the incredible Belinda Carlisle (and many more).
Find out how the Dropkick Murphy's got their name and how they are connected to artists both new and iconic. Join Josh Kiff for a run through how acts are connected to one another and hear tracks from our feature artist as well as those we join the dots to.
This week the focus is on the incredible story of GingerFest. A festival created in honour of Nicky AKA The Ginger Ninja and featuring some of the finest local and international acts. We chat with organiser Aaron about the festival's creation and this year's lineup.
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