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Author: Helena Cobban

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Just World Podcasts is an innovative podcast series on international affairs. In November 2023, we launched a new series titled "PalCast", which is a collaboration with Tortoise Shack Media in Dublin, Ireland. Our host for this series is Yousef AlJamal, and Helena Cobban is co-host. Tony Groves of Tortoise Shack is also part of these timely conversations.

JWP is run by the publishing house Just World Books and Just World Educational.

104 Episodes
Just World Books founder and veteran journalist Helena Cobban talks about what led her to establish this new and innovative company and the bold lineup and foreign policy thinkers who will share their thoughts and analysis in Just World Book titles this fall. Support the Show.
As electric generators buzz in the background, Just World Books author Laila El-Haddad shares her experience overcoming everyday obstacles in Gaza with JWB founder Helena Cobban. From frequent power failures to a dearth of fresh produce, she explains how she is coping after her recent return to her family there and talks about her first book, "Gaza Mom: Palestine, Politics, Parenting, and Everything In Between," to be published on October 14, 2010.Support the Show.
In the first half, Amb. Freeman talks about the current round of peace talks, which he describes as a "fraud". In the second half, he talks about his upcoming book, "America's Misadventures in the Middle East", coming out from Just World Books in early October.Support the Show.
Just World Books author Laila El-Haddad describes why people in Gaza feel left out of the current round of U.S. peace diplomacy amidst continued Israeli attacks on Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza as Israel continues to construct illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories. www.justworldbooks.comSupport the Show.
JWB author and blogger Josh Foust discusses the Obama Administration's leadership of the war in Afghanistan, the resignation of National Security Advisor General Jim Jones and the impact of Pakistan on the fledgling war effort. Foust notes that the infighting of the Afghan government stands in strong contrast to the messaging that is broadcast from NATO's ISAF. Support the Show.
Remarks by Chas W. Freeman Jr. to the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations on October 21, 2010. Transcript: the Show.
In a discussion at the Middle East Institute in Washington, DC, Reidar Visser speaks about the 2010 national elections and criticizes the US approach to Iraqi governance and the risk of sectarian imbalance in a power sharing model. A full podcast of the event is available at Support the Show.
Excerpt from a discussion between Ambassador Chas W. Freeman Jr. and Steve Clemons at a New America Foundation event. Freeman discusses what the rise of China as an economic and military power means for the US. Full video available at Support the Show.
In a discussion with the New America Foundation's Steve Clemons, Ambassador Chas W. Freeman Jr. argues that the US is no longer a qualified broker of peace between Israel and the Palestinians and that the process must be outsourced to other parties. A full video of the event can be seen at Support the Show.
Laila El-Haddad reads an excerpt from her book, Gaza Mom, during an event at Westmont College. Full video of the event can be seen at Support the Show.
Visser talks from Norway about what led the U.S. democratization project in Iraq to fail, and how Iraq is NOT a model for activists in the current pro-democracy movements in the Middle East.Support the Show.
On May 19, Just World Books will be publishing a fine new book by Lebanese agronomy specialist and social-justice activist Rami Zurayk. The book is called 'Food, Farming, and Freedom: Sowing the Arab Spring'. In this podcast episode, JWB owner Helena Cobban talks with Zurayk about a big civil-society action he participated in alongside other activists, centered around expressing supporting for the rights of the Palestinians. Sadly, the Israeli forces opened fire into Lebanon on some of the un...
Just World Books author Joshua Foust discussed mid-year trends in how U.S. policies in Afghanistan and Pakistan have been doing, with Dalia Mortada. In this lively discussion, Foust challenged much of what Gen. David Petraeus, until recently the commander of all U.S. and allied forces in Afghanistan, has said about violence in the country having been reduced. Listen to this experienced analyst's take on the situation-- and buy his book!Support the Show.
On Friday, November 4, a small flotilla crewed by western and Palestinian peace activists was stopped and boarded by the Israeli Navy as its members tried to break Israel's blockade of Gaza by sailing into Gaza with medical supplies and letters from pen-pals. That same day, Just World Books owner Helena Cobban spoke by Skype with Laila El-Haddad, author of the acclaimed book 'Gaza Mom: Palestine, Politics, Parenting, and Everything In Between.'Support the Show.
The U.S. occupation of Iraq is scheduled to draw to a final end on December 31 of this year. Just World Books author Reidar Visser has closely tracked Washington's efforts to try to build a democratic, accountable government in Iraq and now, as the nearly nine years of occupation draws to an end he tells Helena Cobban that the political situation there is bleak. Support the Show.
In this 26-minute podcast, Amb. Chas W. Freeman, Jr. discusses the risk of heightened U.S. confrontation with Iran during the current election year. He says he expects little U.S. activism in Palestinian-Israeli peacemaking-- and that U.S. influence in the region is anyway declining. Also, that there is now little prospect of a two-state outcome emerging. He also gives a smart assessment of the effects of the Arab Spring at its first anniversary.Support the Show.
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Yaprak Gursoy, a contributor to Troubled Triangle: The United States, Turkey, and Israel in the New Middle East and a professor at Istanbul's Bilgi University, discussed Turkey's role in the Syrian crisis and other regional arenas in a mid-August interview with JWB's Dalia Mortada.Support the Show.
Thirty years ago this month, fighters from Lebanon's Christian-extremist Phalangist militia, working in close coordination with the Israeli military, committed massacres against unarmed Palestinians in the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila that shocked the world. JWB author Jonathan Randal was in Beirut at the time. In this podcast, which is linked to the recent publication of his book "The Tragedy of Lebanon: Christian Warlords, Israeli Adventurers, and American Bunglers", Randal discussed ...
Miko Peled, author of 'The General's Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine' discussed his fascinating recent travels in Israel, Palestine, and Jordan with Just World Books owner Helena Cobban. In this conversation, Miko also looked back at some of the main things he's learned doing book events around 'The General's Son' over the past ten months. Support the Show.