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We are excited to give you a glimpse of real Super Couples taking part in my new book "PressPlay" from my website as of March 14th!!This week's couple Binny & Randi took on the final of the book: Chapter 12's "Get Jiggy With It".Find out how they went!Intro:Piecing tonight’s game together is a childhood joy of mine. “Get Jiggy With It” was the brainchild of the simple and connective pastime between my Mom and I.  We did hundreds of puzzles together and affixed them on our walls as a memory.Apparently, I am not the only puzzle lover in the world: Aussie actor Hugh Jackman “the Wolverine” is famous for his daily puzzles and conviction that the resat of his family will fall in love with them too!My later study in neuroscience would shine a broader lens over the far reaching benefits of puzzling.  Our brain has an inherent tendency to organize chaos and so our childhood flair for locking pieces together is no accident.  It’s just that our adult selves sometimes need a bit more permission to take on the task in later life.Super couple Binny and Randi found a way to play this game while renovating and living out of their home for the past 3 months.  Now that’s commitment!   With 2 children and more than a decade together, they have learned the art of “fit-ting together”.  As only a human-rights lawyer and electrical engineer can…I am looking forward to finding out what happened to you two when you both started puzzling…  Visit my website on  for more information regarding the Relationship Series and the upcoming book launch of "PressPlay" March 2023!
We are excited to give you a glimpse of real Super Couples taking part in my new book "PressPlay" (available for purchase March 2023).This week's couple Aleisha & Hayden took on Chapter 7 called "Vision Boards Brought to Life"Find out how they went! Intro:I have the pleasure this afternoon of speaking with a couple that I have tracked into the stunning hills of New Zealand in order to get their experience of playing Chapter 7 of my book “Vision Boarding Your Common Dreams”.This particular GAME takes some forethought and preparation. It becomes well worth the effort for the focus, clarity and intention it brings to you life and relationship.  Putting your dreams out into the world is a secret ingredient that allows “others” to become cooperative components in its realisation.  How can people help you, if your dreams remain tucked into the recesses of your imagination?? Popular American Life Coach Martha Beck furthers this by stating: “The (vision)board itself doesn't impact reality; what changes your life is the process of creating the images—combinations of objects and events that will stick in your subconscious mind and steer your choices toward making the vision real.”She continues on to state, that the key is “Regularly picturing delights that don't yet exist, emotionally detaching from them, and jumping into action when it's time to help the miracles occur.”So, who better to bring this Game to life than Aleisha Cootes, a woman that inspired me more than a decade ago to fall more in love with the focus of couples and relationships.After much world travel, her and husband Hayden, married 15yrs, moved back to their homeland of New Zealand and brought their dream to life by building their family home - to which they added 3 beautiful children who surely make it come alive!I can’t wait to hear how Couple Vision Boarding went for you both after all these years of creating goodness into your life…Kiora you two…  Visit my website on for more information regarding the Relationship Series and the upcoming book launch of "PressPlay" in January 2023!
We are excited to give you a glimpse of real Super Couples taking part in my new book "PressPlay" (available for purchase February 2023).This week's couple Emma & Pete took on Chapter 8 called "Vows Brought to Life"Find out how they went! Intro:This game is near and dear to my heart.  I will never forget sitting down to compose my vows 15yrs ago and feeling the enormity of that promise and commitment. Bc we weren’t using pre-designed vows, I found the whole experience even more confronting and real.In most countries, your solemn promise is even considered law.  It is that honored and respected in many cultures.This “Vows Brought to Life!” game offers that refreshing opportunity to go back, revisit and infuse who you are as a couple in the here and now – adding a whole new power to your testament.Laughter and joy often spring out as memories of that special day bubble to the surface…In our game debrief tonight, we are getting into it with Aussie couple Emma & Pete, who uttered their vows more than 17 years ago in Mackay, Qld. Now, they are a family of 4 working diligently in their community as humble servants of goodness to all those around them.Visit my website on for more information regarding the Relationship Series and the upcoming book launch of "PressPlay" in January 2023!
We are excited to give you a glimpse of real Super Couples taking part in my new book "PressPlay" (available  February 2023).Come along for the ride as this week's couple Sarah & Sange not only take on their newborn but were bold enough to experiment with Chapter 11: "Couple ZZZs".Find out how they went! Intro:"Get comfortable for our dooooozy conversation today with the book chapter that promises to put you to sleep: COUPLE ZZZs!! Did you know that your “alert” energy before sleep can actually rouse your previously sleepy mate?? When you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, you begin to see how your sleep patterns can begin to be influenced by your partner. Imagine doing a small ‘breathing chant’ that harmonised you and your mate in such a way that your brainwave frequencies come together and for THAT moment in time, it’s a direct match… This form of “one-ness” of sound actually lulls the brain to sleep. How amazing is that?!?Our couple today are actually new Mums and so I am ever so curious how they went with this activity considering they have natural sleep disruption with their new little bubba under a year old! Ladies, thank you for spending some time with us playing the game and debriefing about it – we all remember the rigours of raising a young one whilst also working – and yet, you made time for this…I know why you are such a supercouple!!" Visit my website on for more information regarding the Relationship Series and the upcoming book launch of "PressPlay" in January 2023!
Today, we continue the conversation with the first and only female CEO in Australia’s steel distribution industry. Cecily McGuckin initially built her career in retail development construction, never really seeing the family business that her Dad had run for over 25 years as an option.  Working for Suncorp and Mirvac before having her three kids, she eventually joined her father a decade ago at Queensland Sheet and Steel.She has scaled her fathers “hand shake deal business” into a formidable player in the industry: recently winning the National CEO of the Year Award for 2020.  Believing that people are a company’s greatest asset, she continues to use gut instinct and emotional intelligence to move her business and the industry into 2021 and beyond.Thanks Cecily for taking time to share your leadership experience with our audience.The Goods on Cecily:Cecily McGuckin, the first and only female CEO in Australia’s steel distribution industry, she is passionate about driving change in her industry and her family owned business, Queensland Sheet and Steel (QSS) as it enters 34 years in business. Cecily began her career in finance but quickly stumbled upon an area she enjoyed so much more. Construction development management. Roles at leading companies including Suncorp and Mirvac, followed where she gained a wealth of experience in the day-to-day running of big business and the delivery of large scale projects.It’s these experiences that helped shape the leader Cecily is today – a problem solver and out of the box thinker. Cecily is also resilient. As a woman in a man’s world she has needed to prove herself time and time again. Not just to her peers and her staff, but her father who started the business from nothing. Cecily credits her emotional intelligence and gut instincts as the key drivers behind her success as a CEO. Not to mention her willingness to take a breath and calmly find the right moment to create conversations that generate results.Contact Cecily:         Website:          LinkedIn:         Top 100 Women:  Go to to become part of this growing community of DREAMERS!
Today, we continue the conversation with Managing Director of the most-visited, privately-owned attraction in Australia: Scenic World.  Anthea Hammon is 3rd generation Hammon family to take control of the World-Heritage-Listed Blue Mountains attraction, which has seen her navigate some tumultuous terrain these past 2yrs with devastating bush fires for months – only to be followed up with a pandemic that has crippled the entire “attractions” industry. With a strong focus on family succession planning, she was well supported to navigate unfamiliar terrain. She has been determined to maintain the culture and iconic scenic attraction that began in 1945 when her grandfather Harry Hammon converted the abandoned Coal Mine into the Scenic Railway.With an engineering background, she has taken her fascination for how machinery works and sculpted a working environment that includes her 2 & 6 yr old in tow - the family culture is truly felt the moment you are on site.In spectacular fashion, Nat & I met Anthea in her natural habitat…her youngest child Hamilton in a pram being cuddled by one staff member to another, Anthea, overseeing the room that she’d organized for her community to be inspired by a heroes journey (my Nat!!) and of course her daughter Hazel running back and forth reminding us all who was really in charge!  The values in her business place and living and breathing!I am looking forward to speaking to a leader that has forged a new model – not so much deliberately but moreso organically – constantly bringing family values into the forefront and demonstrating how powerful it really can be to operate from this platform! The Goods on Anthea:Graduating from university with an engineering degree it seemed that Anthea’s career would be one of finding solutions to problems or maximising opportunities.As the 3rd generation member of the Hammon family to take control of Scenic World , the last two years have tested all of her problem solving skills and then some.Anthea is the Managing Director of what is the most visited, privately owned attraction in Australia, attracting over one million visitors annually. Set within the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains, the company is a third generation family business. Established in 1945 (for the past 76yrs) when Harry Hammon converted the abandoned Katoomba Colliery into the Scenic Railway, it continues to be owned and operated by the same family.Anthea shares the challenges that have been presented to her on a business level since the outbreak of Covid, the joy that she gets from creating meaningful shared experiences for families and amongst all of the work in finding a way to keep a tourist business going through months of lockdown.. her family home burnt to the ground…I trust you will enjoy this conversation with a remarkably resilient woman. Contact Anthea:         LinkedIn:         Website:         Go to to become part of this growing community of DREAMERS!  
Today, we continue the conversation with a man who is full of SHIT!  Don’t get mad at me Mom for swearing, Mark Balla is actually the “Toilet Warrior” and has been advocating and changing the story about sanitation worldwide.In 2013, he founded the not-for-profit “We can’t wait”.  He then joined forces with Rotary and began using his business connections to Mumbai to change the reality for girls in that region and then the country as a whole.  Did you know that of the 1.4M schools in India, 400,000 of them do NOT have toilets?  And the schools that do have toilets, do not have separate ones for girls. So, why does this matter so much? 25% of girls in India drop out and skip school when they reach puberty.  When their menstruation begins, its just too much to go to school and be humiliated.Many of these girls homes also do NOT have toilets so after holding their bodily functions in all day, their desperate attempts to go to the bathroom results in 50% of sexual assaults occurring while these innocent girls are seeking a quiet place to do so.If you want to dive deeper into this reality that’s happening right now before our eyes, read Mark’s book the Toilet Warrior or google his TedX talk to be enthralled.As sanitation goals worldwide continued to not be met; this linguist and global supply-chain expert from Melbourne took it on.  Thanks to Mark, he is proving the truth of his own TedX quote, that “Children are the most spectacular agents for LASTING change”! The Goods on Mark:* Accomplished public speaker on humanitarian issues both in Australia and internationally, ready to change your perception of the world we live in* Founder of a charity with an international focus on improving life opportunity for girls and women in developing countries* A deep passion for opportunities in corporate social responsibility* Board level experience in both for profit and not for profit environments in both Australia, India and Globally* Committed advocate for global causes that matter* Fluent in German, Spanish and Portuguese, conversant in French* Inter-cultural business specialist* Extensive experience outsourcing to China, India and SE Asia* 15 years experienced in manufacturing, and supply chain management in China.* Five years experience with manufacturing supply chains in India.* Five years experienced with IT supply chain and IT project management in India and Sri Lanka* Knowledge of supply chain processes in Brazil. * Five years of general business experience in Germany.  Contact Mark:         LinkedIn:         TedX talk:   Get Mark’s Sister Trace’s book “Cycling Together” at (based on these incredible Indian girls) Go to to become part of this growing community of DREAMERS!
Today, we continue the conversation with a retired army Major turned leadership strategist and keynote speaker.  Matina Jewell joined the army at only age 17 where she earned nine military service & war medals before medically retiring in the crossfire of the Lebanon War – where she was actually stationed nearby on a peacekeeping mission for the UN.Her stories will astound you but mostly bc she actually lived to tell the tales.  From fast-ropping out of helicopters to making deals with warlords in the Solomon Islands to breaking her back in 5 places and still continuing to lead a convoy to safety and then somehow flying home on a stretcher with her eyes only inches from the overhead lockers on a plane for over 26hrs…this woman continues to thrive and serve through all that!After her enforced retirement from military service, she began to piece together the aspects of her journey that could help others – finding herself on the Prime Ministerial Advisory Council as well as facilitating Corporate Teams to build their resilience. As the bestselling author of “Caught in the CrossFire”, she is a sought after keynote speaker.Named as a Telstra Business Award Finalst, a CPA “Top 10 Australian Smart Thinker” and on the AFR 100 Women of Influence for 2018, you can see that she creates waves wherever she roams…You ready to fast-rope down into this Matina and share some of your stories??  The Goods on Matina:Major Matina Jewell grew up in the hinterland of Byron Bay and joined the Army at age 17.  During her 15 year military career Matina: ·       Served on five missions and earned nine military service & war medals ·       Is the only Australian to receive two Republic of Lebanon war medals for acts of bravery on the battlefield and being wounded in combat ·       Was the first woman in the Australian Army to complete the physically demanding Navy divers’ course ·       Served with American Navy Seals ·       Tracked-down war lords in the Solomon Islands ·       Fast-roped from helicopters and boarded smuggler ships in the Arabian Gulf, and ·       Was posted as a peacekeeper with the United Nations in Syria and Lebanon. Medically retired from injuries sustained during the 2006 Lebanon War, Matina served on the Prime Ministerial Advisory Council and continues to champion change for our injured war veterans.Among her many honorary roles, Matina is a founding ambassador for Project Thankful, a movement partnered with the United Nations to help empower women and children globally.Matina has been featured on the ABC’s Australian Story, is a best-selling author and now shares her unique insights on leadership and resilience with audiences around the word as a keynote speaker. Contact Matina:         Website: matinajewell.onlineLinkedIn: @matinajewellInsta: @matinajewell Go to to become part of this growing community of DREAMERS!
Today, we continue the conversation with a “spice evangelist”.  Not only does Melbourne-based Liz Edgecombe help people taste cuisines from around the world but her company “The Spice People” manufactures over 750,000 packets of spice each yearWith over 24yrs of business experience, Liz initially worked her spices as a side hustle until she found herself a divorced single mother with a rocket of intent firmly lit beneath her.So, she got to work…with a clear intention to increase business by 10% with each of her existing customers…until 6 months later, she had doubled her business. And yet, to this day, she champions the “tortoise over the hare” approach to longevity in business.With an “Australian Native” spice line amidst her 200 spice range, ordering spices online is just one way we can remain connected while many of our borders remain closed. You know Liz, I have to say, “Who couldn’t use a little more spice in their life?” The Goods on Liz:Liz is the Victoria-based owner of The Spice People, which is dedicated to helping people taste cuisines from around the world. Over her 24 years in business, she has grown her company from side-hustle to full-time enterprise employing 10 people. They currently manufacture over 750,000 packets of spice every year, and have over 200 varieties of spices in their range (including an “Australian Native” line).  Contact Liz:         Facebook: @thespicepeople         Website:         Instagram: @thespicepeopleaus Go to to become part of this growing community of DREAMERS! 
Today, we continue the conversation with the CEO and Co-founder of FlatWorld Integration: a Deep-Tech firm leading the way with industrial-grade data-sharing platform for the digital economy.  Her and her husband powered through more than 12yrs of R&D to have this company come to the marketplace and so you get the sense of her stamina and determination evidenced by what it took for FlatWorld to be out in the world.Kim Chandler McDonald was born in the UK, grew up in Bermuda & Barbados, moved to Canada and then back to the UK and now lives in Australia.  You can gather from this the global perspectives she holds.  As Award Winning Author of many books including Innovation: How Innovators Think, Act and Change our World; you can see why she is a sough after board member and thought leader on disruptive approaches and transformational trends: including the Entreprise Board of Griffith University, the Australia/NZ Women in AI Board, and the Paris-Based Cybersecurity Advisory Network.As a passionate activist, she got a little swallowed up by the shores of Sydney when she first moved.  It was when she created “Postcards from Tomorrow” to bring awareness to Lou’s Place, Sydney’s only daytime drop-in center for female victims of domestic violence, that she began to feel like herself again.  Contributing and collaborating in her community. You can sense the purpose she now feels with her heart centrally back on deck!The Goods on Kim:Kim is the Co-Founder and CEO of FlatWorld Integration Pty Ltd. a Deep-Tech firm leading the way with Fl@World, an industrial-grade, interoperable, data-sharing platform for the digital economy. Kim is a sought after board member and globally respected thought leader on disruptive approaches, transformational trends and innovative business strategies - particularly those involving innovation and empowerment in the global DACE (Digital, Attention and Collaboration Economies). An award-winning author of Innovation: How Innovators Think, Act and Change Our World and Flat World Navigation: Collaboration and Networking in the Global Digital Economy; she is is also the co-author of Entrepreneurial Renaissance: Cities Striving Towards an Era of Renaissance and Revival as well as the Editor/Publisher of Postcards From Tomorrow project, all profits from which are donated Lou’s Place, Sydney’s only daytime drop-in centre for female victims of domestic abuse.   Contact Kim:         Website:         Passion: Go to to become part of this growing community of DREAMERS!
Today, we continue the conversation with the award winning founder of Miracle Babies Foundation.  Learning how to run a charity from scratch when she had 3 premature babies, Melinda Cruz began local, then brought the foundation national and now global. She has raised more than $10M since the foundations inception in 2005 to improve the lives of thousands of preterm and sick babies & families.Inducted into the Busines Women’s Hall of Fame, she was also voted NSW Women of the Year – Premiers Award Finalist, while also being a trusted consumer expert to medical professionals serving on multiple Advisory Boards including co-authoring 10 medical publications.She does everything from run the NYC Marathon to raise $230,000 for the Foundation to helping the Australian Red Cross Blood Service Milk Bank Advisory Committee establish the first ever national Human Breastmilk Bank. She is relentless in her quest to improve the conditions for premature newborns and their families.Melinda, I am so happy to get the chance to sit down and discuss the journey that has allowed so many families and babies to live a better life bc of what you have created…The Goods on Melinda:Showing that you can overcome adversity to impact change, Melinda Cruz is the award winning founder of Miracle Babies Foundation. She is a published researcher, influencer and expert international speaker on topics such as not for profit start up and social entrepreneurship, health and consumer advocacy, and how being resilient can help to live a life of inspired action.Starting the Foundation in 2005 after her own experience of having three premature babies, the incredible difference Melinda has made to thousands along with her impact as a successful entrepreneur has seen her win numerous awards including the 2011 EY Social Entrepreneur of the Year and be a regular guest on radio, TV, podcasts and speaker at national and international conferences. In 2013 she was inducted into the Australian Businesswomens Hall of Fame and was a 2015 NSW Woman of the Year - Premiers Award finalist.Since the Foundation’s inception, more than $10 million has been raised to improve the lives of thousands of preterm and sick babies and their families. Melinda is a trusted consumer expert to medical professionals seeking to improve treatments and understanding of premature and sick babies and the impact a birth has on the family unit. In 2012, she was awarded the title of Honorary Research Associate by the University of Sydney, Medical School and was the first parent to be invited as an Associate Investigator (2012) and a Chief Investigator (2019) on a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) funded neonatal trial. In 2015, she joined the Australian Red Cross Blood Service Milk Bank Advisory Committee helping to establish the first national Human Breastmilk Bank. To date, Melinda has co-authored 10 medical publications and is a contributor to THRIVE Global.   Having never run before and taking on a challenge from the then CEO of Bankwest, Melinda ran the New York City Marathon with him and 17 others raising more than $230,000 for Miracle Babies.Contact Melinda:         Website:         Twitter:         Instagram:          LinkedIn: Go to to become part of this growing community of DREAMERS!
Today, we continue the conversation with a man who was awarded the equivalent of the Nobel Prize for Engineering. Professor James Trevelyan from Perth is well known for his pioneering research on Sheep Shearing Robots from 1975-1993 at the U of Western Australia – where he was awarded many international engineering and robotic awards.He then moved into the research of Landmine Clearing Methods where he made a big impact in countries like Afghanistan, Cambodia, the Balkans, and many Africa countries.He then took on local schools in Islamabad, where together with his father-in-law, they architected toilet access for young kids.And now, as Western Australian of the Year, at the ripe age of 65, he founded “Close Comfort”, where he and his students engineered a personal air conditioning unit which has been made affordable for countries such as Pakistan - which aligns w his belief that safe respite from dangerous heat conditions should be a basic human right.In 2013, his TedTalk titled “Ending Poverty: what engineers can do”, was a real reflection of his commitment to contributing engineering services on behalf of the rights that all humans possess. The Goods on James:Prof. James has always been passionate about creating a positive impact on other people’s lives. He has led quite a journey from being a researcher, an academician, an educator, a world-recognised engineer, an author and so on. At 65 years old, he believed his contribution to solving some of humanity's greatest challenges wasn't over; he started Close Comfort to provide safe access to affordable cooling solutions to billions of people at risk of exposure to increasingly dangerous heat conditions without warming the planet! On the way, he was awarded the prestigious Engineers Australia medal and was recognised as 2018 Western Australian of the Year in the Professions category. Close Comfort is just another example of James's belief that his role as an engineer and as a human is to give back to communities.·       In the past, he has developed sheep shearing robots that would cover the eyes and shield sheep from the shears cutting the wool while helping them fall asleep. The innovation was awarded the engineers equivalent of the Nobel prize and put him in a position "to devote the rest of my career to researching problems that truly mattered, that would help solve some of the tough challenges facing humanity".·       Instead of retiring after reaching the top of his engineer career, he turned his expertise and knowledge to clearing landmines from countries like Afghanistan, Cambodia, the Balkans in southeast Europe, and many countries in Africa.·       Or in term of being literally safe from harmful heat conditions: in Pakistan and most parts of the globe, air conditioning is costly, and for the few that can afford this luxury, the energy-hungry appliances prove too much for the energy grid to handle, leading to power outages. So, Pr James launched Close Comfort at 65 y.o, believing that safe respite from dangerous heat conditions, far from a luxury, should be a basic human right. Contact James:         Website:         Close Comfort:        Books:  @books Go to to become part of this growing community of DREAMERS!
Today, we continue the conversation with a warrior.  Guylaine Dumont is considered the best volleyball player in Canadian history and yet, that doesn’t even begin to tell the tale...  Growing up in a small town in the Province of Quebec, her early years were filled with a father who beat her mother, and 3 sisters trying to rally together to survive it all.  At only age 13, Guylaine was moved out of home to begin playing sport full-time.  This was right around the time that her closest sister Nathalie went missing…As the youngest player ever on the Canadian national team right into adoring fans during her pro career in Italy; the darkness of her upbringing shadowed most of her career.  Consistent humiliation and abuse from coaches seemed all too familiar for her. But when the news that her sister had been found dead, reached her in Italy; you wonder how she ever rose to the heights in sport that she did.Longing for an Olympic dream - twice she would shut the door on it – bc the price you needed to pay seemed too high. It took a player 10yrs her Junior to sweep her up out of retirement and reach the Athens Olympics to score the best ever result in Canadian female beach volleyball history!Now married with 2 daughters, Guylaine has devoted her life to helping athletes be supported through their own traumas in sport.  As co-founder of “Sport-Aide” (loosely translated as “Sport Help”), she rallied more than $2M from the Quebec government to bolster her program and passionately charged up a “help line” for athletes.  Finally, being able to provide the lifeline she never felt she could call!As her own healing journey continues with its natural highs and lows, I am honoured to be speaking to a woman that has come through the ashes of her own abuse to be able to create not only change for future athletes but more importantly, a space for healing… The Goods on Guylaine:Guylaine Dumont (born October 9, 1967 in St-Etienne-de-Lauzon, Quebec) is a Canadian female beach volleyball player. She lives in Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly.Together with partner Annie Martin, Guylaine Dumont recorded the best ever Olympic result for Canadian women in beach volleyball with a fifth-place finish at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, losing to the Americans Misty May and Kerry Walsh in the quarter-final.Regarded as one of the top Canadian women’s volleyball players of all-time, Dumont began her career as a member of the Canadian national team in 1985 at just 17 years of age.In 2002, Dumont returned to the sport full-time and began competing alongside Martin in the beach volleyball discipline. She retired from competitive volleyball for a second time following the 2004 Olympic Games.Dumont is married to 1988 Canadian long track speed skating Olympian, Gregor Jelonek and now, he is the coach of the Canadian long track speed skating team. He was in Torino, Vancouver and Sotchi as a coach in 2006–2010 and 2014.Dumont is currently a helping relationship therapist specialized in sport and a motivational speaker. Contact Guylaine:         Facebook: @guylaine.kikau.7 Go to to become part of this growing community of DREAMERS!       
Today is a unique conversation with the icon, the magical, the infamous…Santa Claus!  Creating magic for children for the past 34yrs as a “professional Santa”, he has been employed by the iconic Myer Brand in Australia for 30yrs to tote his white beard and nurturing spirit upon all children who grace his lap!But who is the man underneath the suit?Rod Hyatt, at age 74, has been a passionate philanthropist for more than 10 years after he finished teaching English and become the Chairman of Habit for Humanity.  He is committed to addressing the plight of people who do not sleep securely at night.He has gone on to continue his work in a more focussed way under the banner of Hope ReBuilders and I cannot wait to hear more about the ongoing work he is doing…especially during this past Covid year.The Goods on Santa Rod:Professional Santa for 34 years and with the Myer Centre for 30 years, with a small stint in Japan in 1998 when I was on TV and played Santa in the Japanese production of Enid Blyton's " Naughtiest School Girl"Now, back to the man underneath the cloth…I have a wealth of experience & knowledge across many of fields, after 74 trips around the sun. 12 years ago it was time to give back and get involved in addressing the plight of people who do not sleep securely at night. Habitat For Humanity had been a favourite NFP Organisation since the Northridge Earthquake in Los Angeles 17 January 1994. Retirement from the Education sector allowed time to become more supportive where I became involved in starting up the Brisbane Chapter, served as Chairman of the Queensland affiliate and then stepped into a management role after the 2011 South East Queensland floods.May 2013 - Having spent 2 years as Development Manager for Habitat For Humanity Brisbane, I spread my wings and moved into a role where I can be of service to a wider community of people needing safe secure housing. My passion has not changed. In fact it has deepened to a point where I believe the current Habitat model is not effective in fully addressing the problem. We need to get back to a more "grassroots" approach in line with Millard Fuller's original dream of partnership housing - a place where people are more important than personalities - a place where God's work is not corporatised - a place where we can be more flexible and nimble in helping the vulnerable members of our community.September 2013 - Chief Operating Officer of Fuller Center for Housing, Queensland, Australia, following the lead of Millard Fuller, the founder of both Habitat for Humanity and Fuller Center for Housing, in getting back to a more grassroots approach to tackling the problem of substandard housing.April 2018 - I am continuing on the work started all those years ago by Millard Fuller. We are still addressing the needs of those who are less fortunate and who have been socially marginalised. Having recently undergone a name change to Hope ReBuilders we are relaunching with a new vision and vigour for better addressing the situation in Australia nad South East Asia.  Contact Santa Rod:         Facebook:         Twitter:         LinkedIn: Go to to become part of this growing community of DREAMERS! 
Today, we continue the conversation with the CEO and Founder of AI company Catlepoint Systems, who’s vision it is to change the way the world manages information so that people, communities and companies are safer and smarter.  Rachael Greaves is an industry expert in information and records compliance, control and security. She recognized a problem that was not being addressed in the marketplace around the enormous influx of data that companies, organizations and governments were facing – it just seemed too big and too overwhelming so their information remained exposed and at risk because there was no viable solution for them.In comes the brave Rachael in her 30s (who has 5 kids btw) and husband Gavin to solve one of the biggest issues facing business worldwide.  They may have lacked much of the expertise to pull this off – but they did it anyway!I am so grateful that we get some moments with Rachael as you can imagine that a Mother of 5 kids building this billion dollar engine doesn’t have extra moments on her hands?!?The Goods on Rachael:Rachael Greaves, CEO and Founder - Castlepoint SystemsRachael Greaves (CIP, CISA, CISM) is an industry expert in information and records compliance, control and security, with over 13 years’ experience with government.Contact Rachael:         LinkedIn:         Facebook: @rachael.greaves.923         Website: Go to to become part of this growing community of DREAMERS!
**Special Event** Wine-Down for 2020 – Register for FREE here, we continue the conversation with a Dr of Traditional Chinese medicine who specializes in womb medicine.  Dr Tharshini (Tash) has been helping women liberate themselves from the suffering and trauma held in the womb for over 17 years.As the recent founder of ‘Fertile Seeds of Life’, she is on the crux of finalizing her first book: Awaken and Heal your Womb. Streaming a 12-part series on ‘The Gift of energetic fertility’ through Awake TV in the US, she is reaching couples worldwide so they know they are more than an age on a paper and a lab result from a test tube!Awakening the cells and DNA of the body, Tharshini works with various modalities to reinvigourate life force in our bodies so we can birth not only children but create ideas wanting to come out of us!Living through a traumatic upbringing in Sri Lanka, her own healing has allowed her to be a nurturing force in the medical industry here in Australia and around the world!The Goods on Dr Tharshini:Dr Tharshini is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor, a Global Energetic specialist, a Womb Medicine Teacher, teaching and awakening the creative power of the womb, and the founder of Fertile Seeds of Life.  She has been on Awake TV network in the US and was the host of a 12-part episode series, her show was called, The Gift of energetic fertility healing which was live streamed around the world. Helping couples realise they are more than just their age and lab results when it comes to fertility. Dr Tharshini’s passion and mission is helping women liberate themselves from the suffering and trauma held in the womb. Her experience in this field has shown her that women are lacking the education to understand their bodies. Beginning all the way back to their first period. As a result, many women are suffering from gynaecological issues, fertility problems, hormone imbalances, menopausal symptoms to hysterectomies.She believes it’s the birthright of every woman to know the knowledge of the womb.She is a nurturing and passionate doctor who has extensive knowledge and 17 yrs. experience in the health industry. This gives her a deep understanding of Western Medicine Science, Eastern Medicine and Energy Medicine which she combines together to transform people’s lives. She has created programs with a new spiritual technology that is strengthening and configuring the true potential of our womb and reproductive health of women and men.  Her healings are awakening the cells of the body, light codes and DNA. Activating the life force energy of the body to co create and birth your reality into existence in all areas of your life.  Her program reconnects parts of ourselves that are fragmented, disconnected, in pain, suffering, alone and feel separated in the world to come together and be whole again. Healing in ways that open up different dimensions of womb consciousness within. Activating both men and women to return to the beginning of who they truly are. The divine balance of the divine feminine and sacred masculine within. Contact Dr Tharshini:         Website:         Insta: @dr_tharshini/        Facebook: @drtharshini/... Go to to become part of this growing community of DREAMERS! 
Today, we continue the conversation with an Iranian writer/filmmaker who traveled to Afghanistan in 2006 to uncover why women at alarming rates were self-burning as a form of suicide! Sanaz Fotouhi obtained her Masters at the University of HK and later her PhD at the University of NSW in Australia.  Exploring the meaning and identity of the mass dispersion of Iranians since the Islamic Revolution, she brings her own life experience to the books she writes and the movies she makes.As one of the founding members of the Persian Film Festival in Australia, you might assume that she creates documentaries and writes books and everyone laps them up.  Her story is much more real than that.  This conversation is about the resilience and journey of a woman who believes that a book needs to be read so much that she persisted with publishers for 14 years!!It is with celebration of that determination to “stay in the game” that we speak on the precipice of her launch of Love Marriage in Kabul…14 years in the making J The Goods on Sanaz:Sanaz Fotouhi was born in Iran soon after the revolution, during the Iran-Iraq war. Her father’s job as a banker took her and her family to many countries.Sanaz holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Philosophy from the University of Hong Kong. The thesis of her PhD at the University of New South Wales was published as The Literature of the Iranian Diaspora: Meaning and Identity since the Islamic Revolution (I.B. Tauris, 2015).As a creative writer, Sanaz has been published in anthologies and journals across Australia and Asia. She is also the co-producer of two documentary films – Hidden Generation, a short documentary examining the reasons for the increase of women’s self-burning as a form of suicide in Afghanistan, and Love Marriage in Kabul, a multi-award feature documentary following a young couple as they try to get married against all odds.Sanaz is one of the founding members of the Persian Film Festival in Australia, and is the former director of Asia Pacific Writers and Translators Inc., a literary networking organisation that brings together people from the creative writing and publishing industries.Contact Sanaz:         Facebook:         Twitter: @sanazfotouhi         Buy ‘Love Marriage in Kabul’: Go to to become part of this growing community of DREAMERS!  
Today, we continue the conversation with an octopus!!  I say that because Canadian-born Susan Sly needs that many arms to be a tech investor, a bestselling author, a speaker, a trainer, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, an IronWoman, and a Mother to 5 kids!She has appeared on CNN, CNBC, has built channel sales teams producing over $1.6B in sales, has completed the Boston Marathon 6X and still finds time to liberate girls from trafficking and invest in girls education around the globe!I told you she was an octopus!Oh, and by the way, she remains young, sexy, healthy, is doing an MIT course in AI to support her Silicon Valley company Radius AI…and more than all that, she’s “thoughtful and considerate” and has helped develop more than 47 millionaires in her network marketing business.This is where Nat & I were embraced by Susan, in our much-loved company Isagenix almost 8yrs ago where she provided much of the nurture required for us to find a home in networking. All the way from Arizona…Susan…you ready for thisThe Goods on Susan:Susan Sly is a tech investor, best-selling author, speaker, trainer and entrepreneur.  She has appeared on CNN, CNBC, Fox, Lifetime Television, The CBN, The Morning Show in Australia and been quoted in Forbes Magazine Online.  Susan is the author of 7 books.  Her book project with NY Times Best Selling Author, Jack Canfield, made six Amazon Best Selling lists.  Susan has built channel sales teams that have produced over $1.6 billion in sales.She is currently the Co-CEO, and cofounder, of Radius AI – a Silicon Valley and Phoenix based AI company.  Susan is also currently studying part-time at MIT with a focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning.Susan has completed the Boston Marathon 6X and placed Top 10 in the Pro Division of the Ironman Triathlon in Malaysia.  Susan is passionate about philanthropy and has dedicated a significant amount of time and money working to liberate girls from trafficking and invest in education to support women and girls who have survived trauma and abuse both domestically and overseas.Susan is the mother of five children and resides with her husband in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Find out more about Susan at www.susansly.comSusan truly believes we can have it all.Contact Susan:         Website:         Facebook: @SusanSlyLive         LinkedIn: Go to to become part of this growing community of DREAMERS!
Today, we continue the conversation with a “launch coach”.  “What is that?” you might ask?? Stick with me…we will get there…Taliah-Kate Byron is only 30 years old and I say that bc she dove into the multi-billion $$ self-development and coaching industry when she was only 17.   Getting stellar grades in Grammar school growing up…she chose a path less traveled than the oft worn path of University - she ”designed” her own education.  Whether it was a degree in NLP, experiential game design, Vipassana meditation, speech and drama or micro business design…she kept growing herself.I met TK when a chapter of my life as a pro athlete was coming to a close and I was upskilling with NLP.  I was older than she is now and she was only in her teens!  I was struck by that.  Her level of engagement and participation was inspiring and I was drawn to the spark that she had brimming in her.We have traveled many a PD road together (me always being 15 or so years older than her) and here we are again, but this time, she’s my COACH.  She is helping me craft my offer and “launch” my new signature coaching program for women just like me called The Awakened Mama.  I have learned so much from this clever wiper snapper…but her coaching goes so much deeper than what her smart brain can produce.  She “tunes in” when she needs to nail a brief, she has “mental clearing processes” before she does an ‘impact post’, she can write copy that just lands with people, and she creates marketing templates that make it easy for someone like me to step my words into – it just comes to life!Clearly, I’m a fan!  And I know after you hear more about her, you will be too!The Goods on TK:With over a decade in the personal development industry, my love for this work started at 17 and quickly became a passionate side-hustle. I started keynote speaking and volunteering at youth leadership camps across Australia. When those camps struggled to get ongoing funding, it became my mission to learn everything about marketing so that coaches who were making a difference in people's lives could keep their doors open by having money in their back pocket. Contact TK:         Facebook: @taliahkate         LinkedIn: @tkbyron         Website: www.badassbeings.comGo to to become part of this growing community of DREAMERS!
Today, we continue the conversation with Amazon gurus Jamie Paros & Michael Fenech.  These boys have come together to form the much-acclaimed and engaged Network Group End Game: focusing on supporting the Amazon Selling community. With Jamie posting a record year of close to 7-figures in 2019 selling on Amazon and Michael having over 700 SKU's being sold in the US via Facebook and Google shopping – their brands are respected and looked up to.It hasn’t always been lucrative and easy for these boys – Jamie working 14hr days driving a truck and Michael trying his hand at many a StartUp in the tech space before hitting the “success button”.But they have discovered this world of “Micro-Brands” and if I’m honest…I don’t even have a clue about - it’s a whole new language that I am looking forward to learning more about.As the economy proves to challenge over these next 2-5 years - more and more people are searching for different ways to create side-income.  I am committed to providing alternate ways for people to earn additional money that loosens the squeeze they are under. And I do lean toward those methods that sit outside the conventional 9-5 “trading time for money” space.  Shall we dive in boys??The Goods on Jamie:From a young age, it was clear that Jamie had that entrepreneurial spirit built into his DNA. He started a transport business at age 22 and soon realised that he could not sustain such long hours swapping time for money. Too much of his time was spent away from his family. Jamie's hunger and motivation for change led him to discover the Amazon FBA business model. He intuitively knew that Amazon would help him leave the daily trucking grind behind. Jamie's incredible work ethic and "Get Shit Done" war cry led him to become one of the real rock stars in the Amazon world, turning over $1,000,000 in sales in the USA. Now, Jamie is giving back to the Amazon community and also reinventing supply chain processes through various software ventures. The Goods on Michael:Michael Fenech Michael has gained extensive business experience in both tech and e-commerce across the globe. He has successfully raised capital in the US and Australia, run successful e-commerce sites, and has partnered with some of the biggest companies in the world. Michael is also fortunate to have been mentored by some of the biggest names in tech. His e-commerce experience has come from having over 700 SKU's being sold in the US via Facebook and Google shopping. Michael then ventured into Amazon and by using his incredible product research skills, found a product that was an instant winner. Michael now has a range of products being launched under his well-respected brand. Contact “The Boys”:         End Game Network:         Michael on Insta: @michaelfenech (Daily BUSINESS LESSONS)         Website: Go to to become part of this growing community of DREAMERS! 
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