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It's more than just an annoyance and believe it or not, not all snoring means the same thing.  Snoring could mean something much bigger than a "hard sleeper".   It could be a risk factor for hypertension, an irregular heart beat and even death.  Today we are going to talk about this symptom and what else it could mean for your health.
When you hear speech language pathology what comes to mind?  
If you are one of the three million people in the US that have carpal tunnel syndrome or symptoms, relief may seem out of reach.  In this conversation, Wendell shares his story of having carpal tunnel release surgery on both hands and why he only wishes he did it sooner.  If you'd like to share your story or ask any questions, feel free to contact the show at
It doesn't matter your age or your fitness level, yoga is for everyone!  I sat down with Mrs. Stephanie Gaines-Bryant owner of Radio Yogi in Bowie, MD.  We talked about how yoga helped her heal her body and how she is helping to teach others the benefits of yoga for mind, body and spirit.  Keep in touch!  You can find all episodes and how to contact the show at
What images appear in your mind when you hear the word hospice?  I don't know about you but I had images that were only associated with the end of life.  I guarantee after you listen to this conversation with Chaplain Doug Simons you will come away with a fuller picture of how Hospice care is so much more than a place where you go to die.
Would you know what to do if you were talking to a loved one and all of a sudden one side of their face began to droop?  They were trying to communicate with you but you couldn't understand their words.  It appeared that their arm strength was not the same on both sides.  Would you have recognized it as a stroke and that TIME was of the essence?This week we will talk to a neruo ICU nurse who gives some insight into the world of recovery for patient's who have suffered a stroke.  
We emphasize to children the importance of telling your parents or an adult when someone violates your personal space.  We must also remember that it is just as important to help them understand that they have to say something when they get hurt on the playground.  Be it horsing around or an organized sporting event if a child falls, gets hit or feels that something is just not right, they need to say something.  Today our HouseCall guest tells the story about how a playground accident resulted in double hip replacement 30 years later! 
We're Back!  It's season 9!  Can you believe it?  HouseCall Community, we have been together for almost 5 years.  During this journey we are discovering so much.  One of the discoveries we have made is that there can be a rhythm to how you function.  That's right, season's are not just for nature.  So, let's sit down.  Let's have some conversations.  Let's connect these dots.  Let's get some straight talk.
In this world of screen time, interactive gaming and A.I. what conversations are you having in your household about how this technology is impacting your life?  
There is so much that goes into taking care of your health these days. One of them is simply finding the right fit in a physician. This isn't always as easy as it seems and not for the reasons you may think.
What if I told you that Vit. D wasn't just a vitamin? What if I told you it's a hormone. Wait...What? I can hear you saying....shut your mouth! Shhhhh! Don't you know hormone is a bad word? Well today I'm going to challenge you to open your minds and learn some fun facts about this very controversal little vita...I mean hormone.
Trigger Warning: This episode contains stories of sexual and phyiscal abuse. What do you do when you have thought about your child/children's names and what they would look like for years? You have utilized the help of modern medicine through fertilitiy treatments and yet it doesn't look like you are going to have your child/children biologically. What do you do when you realize your children have been born in your heart? Go with us as we talk to Ben and Jenni Milton as they open up their world of being foster parents and ultimately adoptive parents. We must warn you it hasn't all been pink and blue balloons and cigars passed out to friends and family. It has been long sleepless nights and days of despair but the love they have in their home has brought healing to them and their children's lives.
How is it that the rate of HPV is decreasing and the rates of Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and Syphilis are increasing? Are people using condoms anymore? Does AIDS mean anything to anyone anymore? As your young people are going away to school for the first time or back to their respective campuses are they equipped?...Literally.
It's known as "the cancer of a thousand faces". The reason it gets this name is because it presents different in different individuals and getting a definative diagnosis can be difficult. And for David Waits, what he thought was a pulled abdominal muscle turned out to be a diagnosis of this "cancer of a thousand faces".
“Sitting is the new smoking!” Sounds shocking, but in this episode, Josh Craddock connects the dots between our health, quality of life, and how much we move. Craddock is an expert in movement and kinesiology and has earned many exercise certifications. He explores how this “sitting lifestyle” and sedentary culture lead to many health-related conditions and can seriously impact our quality of life. Find out how you can move more, achieve work-life balance, and the role of nutrition in the brain-body connection. Have you heard of functional fitness? Tune in to this episode to find out why this is important for your overall health. Whether you are active are not-so-active, there is something in this episode that will help you connect those health dots!
A health scare, job loss, and emergency surgery. For Chef Cynthia Pean, who was recently featured on the Today show, these events marked a turning point in her life story and started her exploration of the connection between diet and health. In this episode, we trace Chef Pean’s journey from amateur church cook to professional chef, specializing in plant-based foods and the fusion of West African and Caribbean cooking. She draws from her roots in Liberia and Guyana, and uses fresh herbs, spices, layered flavors, and healthy ingredients to create food that looks good, tastes good...and that's good for you! Tune in to find out more about superfoods, how to take ownership of your health, and how to heal your body from within. Let’s connect those health dots!
Here we go again talking about integrative medicine. You know why we keep talking about it? Because it works! Join the conversation we are having with Dr. Denise Tyson and Dr. Cindy Tran of Advanced Integrative Health Group in Gambrills, MD. Their group practice is taking new patients and accepts most insurance plans. Click the link to make your appointment today!
When we talk about needing to have control it can manifest itself in so many different ways. It can even show up in the form of an eating disorder. What if your eating disorder gave you a heart attack? Simran Frontain blogger at Cupcakes and Cardiology lead us into the world of eating disorders, electrolyte imbalances and having a heart attack at 18 years old. Catch Simran at her blog
OMG!!!!!! We have Dr. Drai, OB-GYN and expert on Women's Health here to talk about the #1 STI...HPV. You're going to learn the Do's, the Don'ts, and some "I never thought of that"!. And for the HouseCall Community Dr. Drai is offering his e-book for FREE! Click the link below and grab your copy of 20 Things You May Not Know About The Vagina.
Join us as we explore the connection between how our brain functions and behavior.
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