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Do you have a hard time saying no and sticking to it? In this episode, I'll go over the importance of setting healthy boundaries in your business and personal life, the resistance you'll come up against when doing so and the fears that can have you stuck saying yes more often than you'd like. At the end, I'll leave you with an affirmation to remind you to keep the progress going.I also announce my upcoming book, "Get Unstuck: A 30-Day Guide to Step into Your Purpose-Driven Business." Over the course of 30 days, I'll take you through the inside work needed to make sure your business flourishes on the outside. It's currently in the editing process, and I so look forward to getting it out in the world to you.Want to work through boundary setting with me or get another sneak peek of the book? Schedule your strategy session here:
So who's ready for 2020 to be over? Most of us, right?This year hit hard, and we are ready for a change. That need for something new has many of us anticipating 2021. Yes, there's usually excitement around the new year, but this feels different. It's almost as if changing the calendar will hit a magic reset button. But that's not going to happen without some effort from you.January 1st is not some magical date that's going to make all your business and personal wishes come true. Don't set yourself up for failure by not being prepared. If you want something different to happen for you next year, now is the time to change it.In this podcast, I share a three-step process to get you started. Want to work through it with me? Schedule your strategy session at
How you start your day sets the tone for the rest of it. My most productive days come when I follow a regular routine. One of the most important pieces of it includes saying positive affirmations. We already know that our subconscious mind plays a big role in achieving our desires. If you think positively about yourself, you're more likely to do things in your best interest, for example.In this podcast, I'll share 10 of the positive affirmations I say every morning, why I chose each one and what mind trap it negates. Use these to retrain your brain each day, especially when things like lack of confidence, procrastination, fear, perfectionism or overthinking start to creep in. Join my mailing list: the full Mindset Matters Companion Guide with in-depth information on the five mind traps that most entrepreneurs face and over 20 strategies to overcome them:
Do you find yourself hesitant to invest in your business? Are you frequently taking on more projects than you can feasibly handle? If so, scarcity mindset has likely worked its way into your business. By definition, scarcity means being in short supply, that there’s not enough of whatever it is to fulfill your needs or desires. If scarcity is at play in your business, it's doing more harm than you might realize. In this podcast, I share 6 ways scarcity can be showing up in your business and how to overcome it.If you’d like personalized help, let’s chat. You can book directly with me here: If you enjoyed this podcast, please subscribe and share.
At the end of last year, I was so excited for the calendar to turn. Were you excited, too? We set our business goals, created vision boards and hit the ground running. In January and February, new products were launched, new programs were started…and then we got hit with one public crisis after another.But where does that leave us and our goals for the rest of 2020?If you’re one of those entrepreneurs who feels like your new year’s business resolutions went out the window, keep listening. In this podcast, I share three things you can do right now to make sure you set goals that get completed before the new year.Looking for a supportive community of women entrepreneurs to help you work through your goals? Join here:
As I'm recording this, we’re in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. People are working from home, if they’re fortunate enough to be working at all. Kids are home from school turning many parents into teachers for the first time. Some of the hardest hit are small business owners. In this audio training, I’ll share 10 ways you can pivot your business during this pandemic. I’ll be talking through both mindset and digital marketing tips.How have you been spending your shelter in place time? Are you taking a break? Have you been able to work on your business? What help do you need? I'm here.Join my mailing list:, this is the time when fear, overwhelm and the like can take over. Combat it with the Mindset Matters Companion Guide. Get in-depth information on the five mind traps that most entrepreneurs face and over 20 strategies to overcome them:
Mind traps, or limiting beliefs, can get in the way of running your business. To help you move through them, here’s a tool: business affirmations. Usually the word entrepreneur and the word affirmations don’t go together, but if you’ve been tracking with me and understand the importance of minimizing limiting beliefs to achieve success, you’ll want to start incorporating these into your business practice.As we learned, one way to work through a negative belief is to counter it with a positive belief instead. In this podcast, I’ve listed 10 affirmations you can start saying over your business today. Learn to retrain your brain, especially when things like lack of confidence, procrastination, fear, perfectionism or overthinking start to creep in. Join my mailing list: the full Mindset Matters Companion Guide with in-depth information on the five mind traps that most entrepreneurs face and over 20 strategies to overcome them:
Hello, and welcome to the final session of our Mindset Matters series. Over the past 3 lessons, we’ve discussed the negative consequences that having a lack of confidence, procrastination and operating in fear can have on your business. As I record this, it’s the beginning of 2020. Many of us are in the process of writing our goals and setting intentions for the new year. It was important to me that I teach on these final business traps, perfectionism and overthinking, before you got out of planning mode. Yep, you’re getting a two for one teaching this time. Why? These two issues go hand in hand when stopping you from achieving those business goals you’re super excited about right now. I want you to have your best year ever and understanding the techniques to get over these last two business traps, perfectionism and overthinking, will help.I heard your feedback! You want all the business traps and smart solutions in one place for easy access. I've created The Mindset Matters Companion Guide to do just that.Inside, you'll find...* Complete transcripts of each episode* Links to listen via Spreaker, Spotify and YouTube* BONUS: Questions to help you unpack how each of the traps have been affecting your business* BONUS: A master list of all the smart solutions needed to move past these mind traps Purchase The Mindset Matters Companion Guide now at
Welcome! This is the third episode in the Mindset Matters series. In it, we’ve been tackling those mindset traps that can hinder the growth of our businesses. First, we talked about lack of confidence. Then we took on procrastination. This time, we delve into something a little deeper: fear. I’m going to cover five types of fear that you’ll have to push through as an entrepreneur in order to grow yourself and your business. Specifically, I'll cover these five fears.1. Fear of failure2. Fear of rejection3. Fear of success4. Fear of letting go5. Fear of leaving others behindYour clients are out there waiting for you. There are people who need what you have to offer so they can get closer to their own goals. While you may not completely get over your fears, you can push through them, get out there and serve.Thank you to everyone who’s given feedback on the Mindset Matters series so far. I appreciate you and your thoughts. One thing I’ve heard several times is that you’d like a way to keep track of all the mind traps I’ve shared as well as the tips to move past them. Well, I’ve got something special for you next week. I’ll be releasing a companion guide, complete with text transcripts, quick links to each audio lesson, prompts to get you to dig deeper and more. I’ll share the link with you next week, so make sure you tune in or subscribe to get notified when the next podcast is available.Want to work through this one-on-one? Book time with me online: http://www.inspiredmarketinginc.comWant to access the pricing class I shared during this podcast:
As our Mindset Matter series continues, we delve into procrastination. It's the whole idea of putting something off until…never. Often, procrastination is the symptom of something larger. We don't put off tasks just for the sake of not doing them. Most of us know our delay is hurting us but put tasks off anyway. Why do we do it? There's a deeper reason.In this podcast, I'll talk about what might be behind your procrastination, share what was behind mine and give you five tips to help you move from inaction to action. Note, this first appeared in my newsletter, so you'll hear reference to that in the audio. Want to subscribe? Click here: to work through this one-on-one? Book time with me online: Need additional support? Join my Facebook community for women entrepreneurs:
This week kicks off a series called "Mindset Matters." Each week, we'll dive into a different "trap" that's holding you back in your business. I'll also give you tools to bust through them. As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.” I'm going to help you realize you can.You CAN feel confident in your abilities.You CAN charge what your products and services are worth and still get clients.You CAN live a life of financial abundance working for yourself.You CAN create a clear and focused vision for your company.You CAN have a successful business and get things done. I'm going to kick off the Mindset Matters Series with Trap #1 - Lack of Confidence. I'll talk about how lack of confidence is holding you back from fully showing up in your business and being successful. I'll also give you 5 tips to help immediately give you a boost.Want to work through this one-on-one? Book time with me online: - Need additional support? Join my Facebook community for women entrepreneurs:
In this lesson, I talk about 5 pieces of conflicting business advice you'll hear and how they don't necessarily have to be part of your business plan.A couple are if you don't make $100,000 a year, you're not successful and you need to wake up at the crack of dawn to be productive.CHALLENGE: Examine your business goals and work behaviors. Are you doing what's best for you and your business or doing what you think you're supposed to do?Is there anything you need to change? If so, post it below. Heard some "popular" business advice that doesn't resonate with you? Post that below, too. Have a great week!Let's connect online:-
In this episode, I'm sharing 8 ways to navigate the dream killers in our lives, you know, those people who never seem to have anything good to say about the goals you're pursuing.Here are a few of them:- Be observant- Be quiet- Celebrate your winsNow is not the time to give up. Even if support feels few and far between, know that you're not alone. In fact, I created a community for women entrepreneurs just like you. The space is especially for women whose families and friends don't fully understand why they'd leave the "safety" of a regular paycheck to pursue their dreams or start a side hustle instead of just getting a "better" job.Surrounding yourself with like-minded leaders is crucial to business success. Welcome to your support system.Want to join us? We'd be happy to have you:
Do you find yourself investing in everyone's needs except your own and those of your business? In this teaching, I share 3 reasons why it's important to invest yourself and what this issue is really about (it usually has nothing to do with money). Then, I will share a tip to help silence your inner critic. Remember: You are worthy of investment!I'm here to help. Schedule your 30-minute business boosting session now at so that we can work together to clear your inner clutter and develop a solid plan to market your business.
Here's a teaching on the importance of being yourself and pushing forward, even when you're scared. Enjoy the message and share as you feel led.What scary thing are you going to do for your business today?For more information on developing your mindset for success, check out my book, Know Yourself. Learn a step-by-step process for silencing your inner critic. Full-sized worksheets available:
It's the end of the year, which means it's time to start reflecting on all you've accomplished...and what you didn't. In this episode, learn how to properly assess the last few months in a way that leaves you rejuvenated and ready to hit the ground running when the New Year arrives, not discouraged.I'll share the two things I want to get done by the end of the year and even give you an innovative way to record your success. Remember, the year isn't over yet. There's still time to win!
Sometimes, you have to stop talking and start doing. This lesson shows you how. I bet you're full of great ideas to move your life and your business forward, but sadly, many of them never leave your notebook. Why not? It's usually because we have convinced ourselves three phrases are true. I'm going to share these three phrases with you, show you why they're not true and then issue you a challenge at the end of this lesson.Interested in more tips on getting your mind set on success? Check out my eBook, Know Yourself: How to Develop a Winner's Mindset & Grow Your Business,
Despite the success you've had in your life and business, do you still feel like a fraud sometimes? In this podcast, learn where those feelings may have come from and three ways to get over them today. Learn to let your best self show up for your clients every time.Interested in more tips on developing a winner's mindset? Let's chat -
If everything you said about your business came true, would you start talking about it differently to people? Would you start thinking differently? Learn why speaking life into your business is so important and then take the 48 hour positivity challenge.
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It can be easy to go from admiring the accomplishments of others to being envious and wishing they were our own. Don't get snagged by the comparison trap. In this morning motivation, learn why it's important to define success on YOUR terms.
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