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Death by Misadventure: True Crime Paranormal

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True crime, unsolved murder mysteries, and paranormal stories of the rich and famous. Take a wild supernatural ride as we investigate the mysterious deaths and take a mystical look at those who died under infamous circumstances. Hosted by Jacy Nova, Thom Dre, and Pat Tapia.
29 Episodes
We investigate the Dark Knight of Hollywood, Heath Ledger. Join us on a supernatural journey as explore his movie career, his relationship with Michelle Williams, and what led to his tragic death. 
The haunting 1993 unsolved murder mystery of the Dragonfly nightclub owner, Brett Cantor, and the boyfriend of actress Rose McGowan, who was found dead in his Hollywood apartment.
There’s an important new true crime podcast called Scene of the Crime, and this season features the unsolved case of the Delphi murders. Join the hosts each Thursday, as they dive deep into the mystery of what happened on that dreadful Valentine's Day. Listen to the trailer now. (promotion)
On January 11th, almost exactly two years from the day he was first arrested, Aaron Swartz, Co-founder of Reddit would be found dead in his Brooklyn apartment. We investigate his tragic death and explore the dark side of justice.
The chilling tale of the DeFeo murders at the infamous Amityville horror house. We investigate the dark and horrific crime that led to the terrifying haunting of the Lutz family at 112 Ocean Avenue.
The haunting death of Chester Bennington. We tour his music history with Linkin Park, explore the mystical facts and investigate the final days leading up to his tragic death.
The haunting tale of Elvis's final days in Memphis. A supernatural journey into the Heartbreak Hotel singers music history, we investigate the conspiracy theories and his early backstage exit to the afterlife.
Take a supernatural journey as we investigate actress Sharon Tate's tragic murder and tell the chilling tale of the Manson killings that shook Hollywood in the Summer of 69.
The haunting tale of one of rock's greatest singers, Layne Staley. Join us on a supernatural journey as we tour the music history of Alice in Chains frontman, and investigate his backstage exit to the afterlife.
A few hours before showtime, a fateful encounter would leave the emo artist, Lil Peep, dead. Join us on a supernatural journey as we investigate the suspicious death of the poetic rapper and his mysterious backstage exit to the afterlife.
We investigate the mysterious death of Hollywood superstar, Paul Walker. Join us on a supernatural journey as we tour the incredible life of the Fast & Furious actor and what led up to his deadly crash.
We investigate the mysterious death of one of Hollywood's brightest stars, Brittany Murphy, and her husband Simon Monjack. The coroner stated it was a tragic accident but some believe it was murder.
Take a supernatural journey as we tour the music history of Lynyrd Skynyrd. We investigate what really happened leading up to the mysterious crash, and reveal the deadly curse that followed the band in the aftermath.
PRINCE: When Doves Cry

PRINCE: When Doves Cry


Prince took his final bow on April 21, 2016. Join us on a supernatural ride as we tour his music history, explore his mystical evolution, reveal his secret loves, and investigate his untimely death and backstage exit to the afterlife.  
On August 5, 1962, Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her home under suspicious circumstances. Join us on a supernatural journey as we explore the conspiracy theories and investigate the mysterious death of the glamorous Hollywood legend.
Gram Parsons would drive his Jag to the desert one last time to meet up with friends at Joshua Tree Inn. Two days later he would be found dead. Join us on a supernatural journey as we tour the country star's musical history and explore his mysterious death when tourists find his burning remains in a casket at Joshua Tree Park.  
The story of the mysterious death of Jimi Hendrix. Take a supernatural journey as we tour his music history, explore the mystical facts, and investigate who killed the rockstar in a Purple Haze.
On Oct 4, 1970, when Janis Joplin failed to show up at Sunset Sound Studios by 6 p.m., Paul Rothschild, her producer, knew something was wrong. One hour later, the singer would be found dead at the Landmark Hotel lying wedged between the bed and a nightstand with a broken nose, and $4.50 clutched in one hand.  Join us on a supernatural journey as we explore the musical history of Janis Joplin and her rise to rock stardom. We examine the mystical facts and investigate the deadly curse behind the 27 Club. 
Brian Jones was discovered motionless at the bottom of his pool at 11:15 PM on the night of July 2, 1969, less than a month after being kicked out of the Rolling Stones. The ambulance arrived shortly after midnight, but it was too late and Brian Jones was pronounced dead on the scene. However, the circumstances surrounding his death to this day are considered mysterious, and some believed he was murdered. Join us on a supernatural journey as we investigate the mystical facts, explore the murder conspiracy theories, and reveal the deadly rock star curse behind the 27 Club.
The legendary Chateau Marmont first opened its door in 1929 and caters to the Hollywood elite.  Over the years, the hotel's scandalous history has written a sordid tale of sex, drugs, and rock n roll. The stories told include Sharon Tate’s haunting stay weeks before her murder, John Belushi’s drug overdose in Bungalow 3, and Room 79 is rumored to be haunted by Marilyn Monroe and Jim Morrison. Join us on a supernatural journey as we explore the mystical facts, investigate the Hollywood scandals, and reveal the mysterious deaths of Chateau Marmont’s most infamous guests. This is Death by Misadventure.
Comments (43)

Steve Fogle

I really like the Whole thing except for the Astronomy and the numerology. I really think you guys still did a great job on it

Mar 11th

Monnie Moores

If 2 people died in my presence, my azz would be in jail...Her mother hated her and was jealous.If she really loved her, she would have kept all her daughter worked for.Her mother is the 👹 monster of all, pretending to love her own daughter for all those years.....then snuff her out.

Feb 15th

Toni Diane

Will you all be covering Kobe Bryant?

Feb 4th

Michelle Craig

When are you doing a new one?

Dec 11th

Jackie Grimes

celine dione lookslike a coprse.bless her.

Nov 5th

Jackie Grimes

great podcast.very interesting and love the story telling style.

Nov 4th

mia norris

sooooooo good to have you guys back!!

Oct 13th

mia norris

thankyou thankyou thankyou alice in chains are always overlooked but they are amazing. thankyou for telling this tale

Jul 5th

Randy Musick

how can I receive a reading from the astrologer in these shows?

Jun 3rd


the amount of narration changes is overwhelming. great idea but the execution is lacking.

May 27th

Emily Newton

lisa left eye lopez.. the story of her death would be something to look into as well.

May 4th

David Tucker

Should have read the description fully before listening. Explaining the events using quackery numerology. Woeful.

Mar 6th
Reply (1)

Adam Phipps

brilliant, keep them coming..

Mar 4th

Sofia Dejesus

27 club is not just an age. My drummer fiancé died at the age of 32 on 2733 n Charles street in Baltimore. He was obsessed with 222 and 777. He died of a drug overdose.

Mar 3rd

Carrie Taylor

Love the podcast; a few ideas - John Lennon, Jam Master J, Natalie Woods, Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. They would all be very interesting considering some remain unsolved.

Feb 25th


Very well told, however there is one HUGE error. Apollonia Kotero is alive and well, while Denise Matthews fka as Vanity is deceased.

Feb 10th

Paul Robinson

Cool and eerie!

Jan 22nd


Great premises but in the end disappointing. There are many interesting stories without resulting to conspiracy theories.

Jan 21st

Shawn N

I love this podcast and the way the stories are told. It's well researched, high quality production, and I love how the historical facts are combined with a mystical element. Super interesting.

Nov 28th

Sam Drake

This podcast could be brilliant if you didn't fuck it up with the astrological bullshit

Nov 6th
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