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Join Scott and Mark with their guest John Mazz as they chat about his YouTube channel and his cryptocurrency journey. John Mazz is the person behind the Side Hustle Enterprise YouTube channel. Today, he shares how he went from being a welder to a crypto miner and the story behind creating his content on YouTube. If you want to hear more crazy stories, stay tuned and enjoy the episode! YouTube Out of Necessity John was a college instructor for a number of years and had a special needs student in one of his classes. Since his student needed additional learning aids, John went to YouTube to create content for the student. What started as making content for a student ended up great for him as he made his content, breaking away from the initial plan of making learning aids. That came into fruition, and his YouTube channel, though all over the place, is gaining traction with currently 1.15k subscribers as of writing. John’s interest in cryptocurrency made him focus on that niche for his channel, so he talks about it in his videos. Getting into Cryptocurrency Having a bit of background in building computers on his own, John was thrilled when he first got to learn the concept of cryptocurrency. He got involved in crypto since its conception in 2009 when he just moved to Southwest Florida. At the time, Bitcoin can be mined with a PC, so with a small computer plugged at the back of a welding shop, John started mining Bitcoin. Before he even landed where he is now, John had a few bumps along the way. It reached the point where he sold everything he had and moved 800 miles away from Southwest Florida. Despite his success in making money out of cryptocurrency and as a YouTuber, John does not consider himself a professional trader or proficient in it. He sees himself as a masterclass welder who loves trading and cryptocurrency. About John Mazz: John Mazz is a former college instructor and a career welder/ metal fabricator. He considers himself an optimist, a growing entrepreneur, and a workaholic. John started his first business, LLC, Top Dead Center Fabrications, at 17. It has changed direction many times, but it’s still going strong, just like his family, who is the driving force behind what he does. Outline of the Episode: [01:44] Starting a YouTube channel out of necessity and stumbling across cryptocurrency. [03:19] John’s insights on the current crypto situation. [12:28] Trading strategy and preferable stable coin to use. [16:47] Thoughts on using a trading bot, so there is no need to watch the charts. [20:01] What made John get involved in DogeCoin, and what he thinks about it. [23:29] Doge conspiracies: are they plausible? [26:41] What John thinks of Robin Hood and its possibility of being among the top ten Doge wallets. [28:02] Duplicates and reproductions of coins. [33:08] Frustrations on tokenomics and exchanges. [41:17] John’s take on crypto mining, difficulty levels on various coins, and setups. [47:08] What John thinks about’s Defi app versus using the app where the card is. [49:01] The most cost-effective way to mining CRO.  [1:00:00] Is Australia real? Is there something else in Antarctica besides ice? [1:04:30] John’s guilty pleasure in music; information that feels illegal to know. [1:08:46] Where aspiring YouTubers should start. Catch John Mazz! YouTube:  Connect with AmigosPC! Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: out Offical AmigosPC Merch at: Amigospc recommended links mining OS we use mining pool
Join Scott and Mark with their guests Dave Vadala as they chat about reviewing movies and working as a stand-up comic during the pandemic. Dave Vadala is a comedian, filmmaker, movie critic, and podcast host known for his dark humor, which sometimes gets him in trouble. Today, Dave shares his thoughts on how annoying friendly neighborhoods are and why Australia could be The Matrix. You don’t want to miss this, so stay tuned and enjoy the episode! Why People Love Movies In this episode, when asked why he talks about movies in his podcast, Dave answered it with the reasoning behind each episode’s format. He admitted that he always liked the escapism that movies provided. Hence, like movies, he would start the show with a cold open, comedians making a minute or so of jokes about the movie or not. Dave would then continue to the bulk of the episode, which was the movie review. Movies have always been a passion of his. But what seals the deal was how accessible a touchstone it was, making it all the more relatable to talk about in any setting. And now that several movies are going straight to streaming services and many people are staying at home, movies stayed true to what they always were—a form of escapism anyone can rely on, that even the worst movies are still fun. Never Be Friends With Neighbors Most people would think that having friendly neighbors is lovely, and, to some extent, it is. But, if you just want to go about your day without interacting with anyone, you are not in luck if you move to Arizona. While there are pros to being friends with your neighbors, it can be awkward when you two get into a big fight because you would have to live with each other. Later in the episode, Dave and the hosts talk about why you should not be friends with your neighbors. First of all, it is never an ideal setting to suddenly stop in your tracks just to talk to a neighbor you happen to pass by. Not only would you get in the way of other people also trying to go about their day, the awkwardness of just standing in front of your house, talking about the most mundane things, can get real old, real fast. Second, as mentioned before, if ever you do get into a fight with your neighbor, it would just make being in that neighborhood annoying at best. And third, don’t get me started on nosy neighbors, especially the ones with whom you had a strongly-worded argument. And so, remember, never be friends with your neighbors if you do not want to get canceled in the most boomer way possible, real-life gossip. About Dave Vadala: Dave Vadala is a Boston comic seen often active online these days. Dave also hosts The Comic’s Feature Podcast, where he talks with comedians about movies that hit streaming services. Dave’s comedy is primarily silly and fun, but it is limited by his intelligence or, in some cases, supercharged. Outline of the Episode: [01:31] Dave Vadala talks about what he does on his podcast, The Comic’s Feature. [04:17] How long Dave has been doing comedy and a discussion on dark humor. [12:33] What drove him to talk about movies on the podcast and their ranking system. [17:30] Their thoughts on Entourage and Dave’s podcast idea “Upon to Rage.” [25:03] What it was like working as a stand-up in New York amid the pandemic. [27:22] Living in different states and how annoyingly friendly it is in Arizona. [32:17] Why you should not be friends with your neighbors. [36:29] More on Dave’s New York trip and how he became a joke junky. [39:46] How difficult it is to find avenues to work your craft as a stand-up. [44:50] The pressure and excitement of performing in different states in front of new crowds. [47:08] Dave Vadala’s answer to “Is Australia is real?” and why it could be The Matrix. [50:13] Dave’s favorite conspiracy and why DJ Khaled is not “real” either. [55:20] A piece of information that Dave has learned that he feels should be illegal.   Catch Dave Vadala! The Comic’s Feature:  Instagram:  Connect with AmigosPC! Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: out Offical AmigosPC Merch at: Listen to the AmigosPC podcast on the following platforms:……… 
Join Scott and Mark with their guests Dave Sarra as they chat about comedy club stories, conspiracy theories, and the age of shitty sequels. Dave Sarra is a stand-up comedian, podcast host, Twitch streamer, and Youtuber known for the most random types of humor. Today, he shares his thoughts on comedians, politics, adult sites, and Antarctica. There’s a lot to unpack, so stay tuned and enjoy the episode! Comedians and Connections In this episode, Dave shares countless stories about comedy clubs and how most of them nowadays are just there to get your name out. Back when Kill Tony was still a thing, it was a way for most up-and-coming comedians to enter the scene. But, more often than not, newer podcasts trying to emulate Kill Tony only want to bring on big names like Joe Rogan, which Mark pointed out that podcasts are not about connecting with more prominent comedians but with an actual audience. After all, an audience is what makes a star and not just the people you know. Funny enough, Dave made the same point later on, saying that it is not about fame but about having fun with the audience and your peers. Unfortunately, while Joe Rogan’s ideology that all comedians are peers, Dave Sarra believes otherwise because if it were that simple, then it would not be difficult for aspiring comedians to enter the stand-up industry. While Dave made an attempt and failed, he still tries to connect with other comedians because he genuinely enjoys the company of others like him. In the end, the connections that matter are the ones where you have the most fun. Conspiracies on Antarctica and Giant Culture Later on, Dave is asked the usual “Is Australia real?” question, which, interestingly enough, spiraled down into a discussion surrounding Antarctica. While he immediately confirmed that Australia is real, contrary to Flat Earthers’ beliefs, he still questioned why Antarctica surrounds the Earth on all its edges. For a moment, this question confused the hosts to the point that they thought Dave was a Flat Earther. Luckily, he was not, but that does not waver his concerns around Antarctica. Now, when he was asked what his favorite conspiracy theory is, to the hosts’ surprise again, Dave did not answer Antarctica but rather Giant Culture. At first, the three went on about a documentary-like show about giants, spiraling down once again into how redheads and dinosaurs prove that giants could have existed. While numerous studies have either debunked or proven it, giant culture remains a conspiracy that will always pique Dave Sarra’s interest. Outline of the Episode: [01:18] Dave talks about what he does and how he met Kelsey Hudgins. [06:50] How podcasts like Kill Tony were a way for up-and-coming comedians to be seen.   [08:22] Dave’s experience being on Kill Tony and how much he sucked the first time. [10:55] What comedy bars are open in Los Angeles, and which ones charge too much. [13:03] How comedy clubs nowadays are about getting your name out there than connecting with an audience. [16:17] How long he’d been doing stand-up, and why comedians are not the same. [19:19] The Green Room and Dave’s stories of hanging around big names like Bobby Lee and Joe Rogan. [22:45] Dave’s notes on previous guests and how the background music trips him up. [26:01] Their thoughts on magic and Dave’s Magic Castle story. [29:27] Growing up in the age of shitty sequels and why Dave loves them. [31:40] Recent movies they saw and why not having been to theaters made even the shitty ones good. [34:24] What the best Star Wars movie is and why it is not The Force Awakens. [38:21] A discussion on wrestling and politics and why Dave loves getting involved in both. [40:53] What Dave Sarra’s favorite adult site is and why he made an Xvideos account. [44:02] Their answers to Dave’s question of “If you’re stuck on an island, which pornstar’s entire videography would you have with you?” [46:01] Dave’s countless experiences in his younger years and how some of them still turn him on. [53:02] Dave Sarra’s answer to “Is Australia real?” and his question of “Why is Antarctica surrounding the earth in all edges?” [57:29] Dave’s favorite conspiracy theory and why he loves Giant Culture. [01:00:27] Why Dave is concerned about Antarctica’s existence and how conspiracy theories around ‘child pornography’ are often dismissed. [01:05:06] A continuation of the Giant Culture discussion and why redheads and dinosaurs prove it. [01:11:38] What pieces of information Dave has learned that he would think should be illegal for him to know.   Catch Dave Sarra! Website:  YouTube:  Instagram:  Twitter:  Twitch:  Connect with AmigosPC! Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: out Offical AmigosPC Merch at: Listen to the AmigosPC podcast on the following platforms:……… 
Join Scott and Mark with their guests Steven Briggs as they chat about the hierarchy of travel transits and Steven’s toilet paper giveaway. Steven Briggs is a comedian, actor, writer, and Youtuber known for his hilarious sketches. Today, he shares stories of him either witnessing someone almost getting stabbed on a Greyhound or drinking breast milk from a shot glass twice. If you want to hear more crazy stories, stay tuned and enjoy the episode!Where Do Truck Drivers Hook UpIn this episode, Steven asked the vital question, “Where do truck drivers hook up?” Now, thequestion stemmed from their conversation about “The Mile High Club.” That is, If someonehooks up on a plane and they call it “The Mile High Club,” what would they call it if someonehooked up on a bus? The three then agreed on “The Mile Marker Club,” but it eventuallyevolved into how you would even hook up on a bus, and in turn, on a truck. At first, they thoughttruck drivers would hook up on the tiny beds they would sleep on in the front of the truck. ButSteven proposed that truck drivers would hook up in the back, where the fruits and vegetablesare. Hence, while the three jokingly agreed on this idea, this also answers why your avocadosare sticky.Steven’s Toilet Paper GiveawayRight when COVID started, Steven did somewhat of a “giveaway.” He always wanted to buy abidet, and he did, which changed his life forever. But now, he had a bunch of toilet paper he nolonger needed. Hence, he put out a speaker on his balcony, played some music, andannounced that he was giving away his toilet paper. Then again, that wasn’t the best part of it.People started crowding up the place just to come and get toilet paper, and to Steven lookedlike a pigeon coming for bread crumbs. Even better, more people came by every day at around3 PM to, again, just get free toilet paper. Steven even described them as feral cats becausepeople would often end up fighting over the last rolls. In the end, it was a fun experience for bothSteven and his neighbors.About Steven BriggsSteven is an LA-based comedian, writer, and actor. In addition to his international touringschedule for Stand-up, he regularly shoots sketch comedy for his YouTube channel, which hasgrown exponentially in recent years, with videos grossing over 100k views.He has just returned from his 5th tour performing for the US troops in the Middle East and hasrecently been featured on TruTV's Laff Tracks, Hulu's Coming to the Stage, Jokesters TV CW,and is slated to appear on a new Netflix show this year. His album, Whiskey Dick, can be foundon iTunes.Outline of the Episode:● [02:23] Why Steven Briggs likes eating hot stuff and his experience eating a CarolinaReaper.● [04:15] The euphoria of sensory overload and different kinds of weed.● [08:55] What would get Mark to smoke a dab again, and what an EBT card is.● [12:37] Who do people say they look like and comments on Steven’s bleached hair.● [13:50] How horse-backing a dog is better than just riding a bus while touring the states.● [15:45] Steven’s story about seeing someone almost getting stabbed on a Greyhound.● [19:07] The hierarchy of travel transit and where cars would be on it.● [22:24] Where do truck drivers hook up, and why your avocados are sticky.● [25:34] How Steven ended up moving into a haunted apartment.● [27:59] Why drinking breast milk from a shot glass twice did not get Steven onWorldStar.● [30:59] What got Steven into sketch comedy, and how he did a toilet paper giveaway.● [37:19] Another story where Steven saw a guy bug 36 rolls of toilet paper at the height ofthe TP scare.● [39:00] Why it has been years since Steven was on a website and how AmigosPC needsto update their questions.● [45:09] Why Steven thinks “Australia is not real” and how Kangaroos are just pokemon.● [46:29] What is a piece of information that Steven learned that he feels should be illegalfor him to know.● [49:50] Where you should start if you come across Steven Briggs’ library of content.● [50:10] How Steven’s younger brother is not his mother’s favorite because she shot agun at him.● [57:32] How Mormons have sex and how “Jumpers” should be an app.,Catch Steven Briggs!Website: with AmigosPC!Website:https://www.amigospc.netFacebook: out Offical AmigosPC Merch at: to the AmigosPC podcast on the following platforms:…Join the Amigospc on Rollercoin as mentioned on this episode:
Join Scott and Mark with their guests David Mitchell Jr. as they chat about diving into cryptocurrency and the future of digital transactions. David is a YouTuber whose content ranges from real estate investing to now cryptocurrency. Today, he shares his thoughts on the “crypto as the people’s new currency” movement and how the recent hype of Dogecoin may cause the rise of other crypto forms. If you want to get ahead with digital stocks and currency, stay tuned and enjoy the episode!Crypto As The People’s CurrencyWith the promise of it stabilizing later down the line, there has been a movement to make crypto the people’s new currency recently, piquing the interest of many. David Mitchell Jr. even dove into what it could mean concerning the current economy and the dollar’s value. He believes that certain aspects have to take place. The issue of inflation has often hindered the possibility of crypto becoming the people’s currency. Take the dollar, for example. The dollar also struggles with inflation. It usually has to be attached to something to grow in value, such as gold and oil. Cryptocurrencies are no exception to this problem. The current economy is so linked to physical investments that people would more often than not take out loans for real estate, cars, education, and the like. But now that we live in a digital age where most transactions are done online, cryptocurrency can be the people’s new form of payment. Investors may be turned off by crypto due to inflation now. Still, once companies start incorporating crypto into their system, its value may stabilize because then it would have goods linked to it. Then again, another issue would be regulations surrounding transactions that use cryptocurrency, which is where the Federal Reserve comes in. Either way, many factors have to be considered before crypto can become the people’s currency, but its possibilities are just as endless.The Rise of New CryptocurrenciesIn the last five years, Dogecoin has caused plenty of hype surrounding cryptocurrency. Hence, David believes that we will see numerous cryptocurrencies popping up because of it, especially in 2021. Cryptocurrencies like Doge have already made millionaires in the past few weeks alone so, who is to say it will end there? David, for one, has said that if ever he were to gun for any of the current cryptos in the market, he would hold onto Doge and AMC. According to him, everything else, such as GameStop stocks and the like, is still traditional. And with how things are rapidly developing in the digital market, there is no guarantee that these forms of crypto will hold their own. Then again, David would still preach for people never to invest what they are afraid of losing. While people have often joked about putting their retirement fund into crypto, it is still beneficial to practice caution when it comes to crypto. The issue of inflation is still prevalent after all. That being said, the most significant loss would be if you put everything in, and then it does not take off, but when you do sell it, that is when it takes off. Therefore, patience and perseverance are still the keys to any successful investment, whether crypto or not.Outline of the Episode:•[01:53] Who David Mitchell Jr. is and his range as an online content creator.•[05:06] What got David into investing and the first related project he worked on as an investor.•[07:50] Sharing experiences with real estate and the most significant project David is currently working on.•[10:38] What prompted him to learn more about cryptocurrency, specifically Dogecoin, and his initial thoughts.•[13:40] “Crypto as the people’s currency” movement and what it could entail for the current economy.•[16:06] David’s answer to “Is it possible for cryptocurrency like Doge to be stabilized enough to become the people’s new currency?”•[19:25] The issue with stabilizing Doge at just 1$ and how the dollar itself is losing value.•[22:31] The solution to making crypto the people’s currency and how inflation can affect how we transact with businesses.•[27:32] How having an exit strategy is essential when diving into crypto and the risks behind investing in said currency.•[39:02] The Bitcoin chain and how it validates itself through exchanging the same currency.•[42:06] What type of regulations would the Federal Reserve implement with crypto if it does become the people’s currency.•[46:37] How the recent hype with Dogecoin could mark the rise of newer forms of cryptocurrency.•[53:44] The value of “only investing what you can afford to lose” mindset regarding cryptocurrency and its inflation issues.•[55:21] David Mitchell Jr.’s thoughts on the conspiracy theory “Is Australia real?”•[57:43] Why David would entertain the offer of a one-way trip to Mars and what he would want to discover there.•[01:00:49] David’s “guilty pleasure” of listening, and possibly singing along, to Disney songs on a road trip.•[01:02:06] The piece of information David knows that he thinks should be Illegal for him to know.Catch David Mitchell Jr.!YouTube: Instagram: Connect with AmigosPC!Website:https://www.amigospc.netFacebook:

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Join Scott and Mark with their guests Steve “ShortBus” Krause, as they chat about how to get into comedy and why there needs to be more genuine comics in the industry. ShortBus is a stairclimber, motivational speaker, and comedian from Pheonix, Arizona. Today, he shares what inspired him to get into stand-up and why he thinks aliens are real. There’s a lot to unpack so, stay tuned and enjoy the episode!Still Having Fun, Even in DisabilityIn this episode, ShortBus shares why he jokes about disability as an opener for his performances. While some would get rightfully offended by it, other people who sometimes have disabilities often come up to him and praise him for his work. They would tell him how included they felt and how brave he was for representing people of disability, showing the world that anyone can do comedy. ShortBus also does it because he believes he is already at a disadvantage when he goes on stage and is in a wheelchair. After all, any comic is immediately judged the second they walk out the door. Being disabled takes it to a whole other level because people would either feel sorry for him or expect him to make the same unfunny handicapped jokes. And so, ShortBus takes his disability and uses it to his advantage by breaking the ice with it. He lets people know that he is okay with being disabled and that if he doesn’t feel sorry for himself, you shouldn’t either. In the end, the audience has two options: they use their God-given legs and walk out or sit there and enjoy the ride. For ShortBus, his audience often chooses the latter.Mental Health Among ComediansWe all know mental health is an important issue everyone should address. Here, ShortBus asked the interesting question of “Why mental health is not being addressed in the comedian world right now?” and answered it best. According to him, comedians do what they do because they either hate their lives or are more screwed in the head than average. Often, comedians use their unstable mental health as fuel to the fire that is their performances. But once the fire is out, where does that fuel go? It stays in there, in their head, either until their next performance or until they burn themselves out. The worst part is, people often pretend it doesn’t ever happen and move on. ShortBus addresses this issue because the last thing he wants is to see one of his good comic friends pass away because nobody offered to help, that or they are expected to funny all the time, which should not be the case. In the end, people should see comedians are not always who they are on stage and are people too.Outline of the Episode:•[01:53] Why ShortBus uses his disability as an opener in his lineup.•[09:00] How he deals with people who get offended by his jokes.•[10:43] ShortBus, Fastpass, and his expensive fun time at Disney with his family.•[13:52] What inspired him to get into stand-up comedy and how he got started.•[20:41] Why we need more genuine comics and performers.•[25:27] How ShortBus manages to work from home and help his kids with their online classes.•[29:01] Parenting, Gaming, and Why his stepsons won’t play with him.•[32:56] The struggle of coming up with a username on Twitch and streaming.•[36:00] ShortBus shares a story about a hooker being recognized and called by their fake name.•[40:50] What ShortBus’ favorite adult site is and why it’s HBO.•[42:59] His thoughts on the conspiracy theory “Is Australia real?”•[45:33] Why Shortbus would gladly fly to Mars if given a one-way ticket to it.•[48:29] What his favorite conspiracy theory is and why our pictures of UFOs suck.•[53:56] If he wasn’t doing comedy, what would alternate universe ShortBus do?•[58:12] ShortBus shares how he survived the darkest time in his life.•[1:06:29] His advice to people who also want to quit their drinking habits.•[1:09:55] Why mental health should be addressed, especially in the comedy space.Catch Steve “ShortBus” Krause!Instagram: Facebook: Connect with AmigosPC!Website:https://www.amigospc.netFacebook:

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Join Scott and Mark with their guests Vizunary and Joe Audio as they chat about their song “Midnight GetRight” and their thoughts on different music genres. Vizunary and Joe Audio are music artists under Brown Street Entertainment, whose genres range from HipHop, Rap, Dance, and even Electronic. Today, the two share where they draw inspiration from and their plans for future releases. Stay tuned and enjoy the episode!Music Videos Then VS NowNowadays, you may have noticed the music videos playing in fast food joints and gyms. Most of them, if not all, are just people dancing for no apparent reason. While some would argue that it was a creative choice, it can be hard to believe when you have seen the same “creative choice” made for every music video. In this episode, Vizunary, Joe Audio, and the hosts talk about how music videos have changed through the years, from costing almost billions of dollars to make to only needing a phone with a good enough camera and someone to hold it. The barrier to making music videos has gone down, which means anyone can make a music video with the right equipment, software, and idea. But with an era saturated with nonsensical music videos, how can anyone stand out from the rest? Find out more in today’s episode of the AmigosPC Podcast!The Future of RapVizunary believes that today’s Rap has reached a plateau because he keeps hearing the same formula played on the radio in the last five years. It is the same process over and over, tweaked in subtle ways here and there. While some of them do sound a bit different such as Post Malone, who they consider a breath of fresh air, everything else stayed the same. Some artists tip the scale now and then, depending on who does something different first. But when an artist does something different, copies of it will follow soon after, creating another formula, another plateau. If anything, rappers nowadays, especially female rappers, are starting to sway back to how rappers used to do it more than a decade ago. Thus, the future of Rap is going back to the root of the genre.About Vizunary and Joe Audio:In 2006 Phoenix, AZ. Vizunary started recording music for his first street album Vizunz Vol. 1: The Beginning. After releasing the album in late June 2007, he realized that people enjoyed his music. Hence, he started performing at weekly shows around the Phoenix metro area. Simultaneously, Vizunary began working with Joe Audio to put out a mixtape called Arizona Vizunz, forming Brown Street Entertainment. Arizona Vizunz was released in January 2008 and started to gain notarization among local and regional artists and fans. After its release, the duo began to perform 2-4 shows weekly in the Phoenix metro area and the entire state of Arizona for the rest of the year. In 2009, the two started working on a new album called Future Desert Sounds with other artists. Around that time, Vizunary also began to work on his second album Vizunz Vol. 2. Upon releasing Future Desert Sounds in September 2009, the group performed extensively for the next six months to promote it. A year later, Vizunary decided to go on a partial hiatus for the next ten years, performing and releasing new songs sporadically. He recently finished Vizunz Vol. 2: Game Face and released it on November 27, 2020.Outline of the Episode:•[01:28] What Vizunary considers himself as.•[02:37] How he got into music and what kept him going since then.•[03:40] Why Vizunary chose not to have kids and would adopt if ever.•[06:29] Joe Audio’s struggle with names and why he does not call Vizunary by his real name.•[08:30] Where Vizunary and Joe Audio draw inspiration from for their music.•[12:53] How the two composed and produced the song “Midnight GetRight.”•[15:55] The movie magic behind their music videos like in “Midnight GetRight.”•[18:24] The difference between music videos then and now.•[22:36] How anyone can make a music video nowadays and what makes them stand out.•[27:15] Conspiracy theories on late musicians such as Tupac and Elvis.•[30:48] What Chop and Screw music is and how it changed through the years.•[36:57] Vizunary and Joe Audio’s thoughts on the connection between Older Rap and Punk.•[42:01] Where today’s Rap is and the future of the genre.•[46:28] Brown Street Entertainment’s plan for the future.•[52:15] Where to find Vizunary and Joe Audio online.Resources:Midnight GetRight Music by Vizunary feat. Joe Audio Cath Vizunary on Brown Street Entertainment!Spotify: Channel: Channel: with AmigosPC!Website:https://www.amigospc.netFacebook:

Check out Offical AmigosPC Merch at: to the AmigosPC podcast on the following platforms:………“As long as you are creative, and you are able to put things together, and make it work, you can make it happen.” — Joe Audio#hiphop #vizunary #brownstreetentertainment #joeaudio
Sit with Scott and Mark as they talk about the life and gigs of Shaun Elis as a writer for Jay Leno. In this 129th episode of the podcast Amigospc, Amigospc is a podcast that aims to feature the backstory behind the funniest people's lives in the industry of entertainment and comedy. This episode takes listeners to the life behind the nameShaun Elis and what situations he has been subjected to before the pandemic, and what he thinksabout the business; future once travel is already permitted. Laughter is the Best Medicine Like any other person in the comedy business, Shaun Eli believes that humans would be in dire need of a reason to smile during and after the pandemic. While he knows that comedy bars and show stages being closed down have been a pivotal factor in the changing economics in comedy and entertainment, he feels that because of this pandemic, more people would want to search for a reason to laugh once the lockdown ends. Preparing for a Larger Market Shaun Eli confirms that he too is trying to open up his doors towards online comedy.Nevertheless, this is not as easy as it looks because technical skills are required, which not all comedians are familiar with. As he looks back to the experiences he had as he toured on five different continents worldwide, he continues to claim that laughter will undoubtedly be effective enough in getting the morals ofthe people back up again. Why ComedyShaun Eli uses his experiences and makes them into written comedy to present to his audience.The value of relatability makes it easier for his audience to understand and connect with his spills. In the long run, he continues to think of his jokes as his possessions allowing him to provide the laughter his audience needs. He even keeps the jokes he created and rejected for possible future revisions. Right now he has more than 5000 word jokes in his documents which he plans topolish and use again soon. Outline of the Episode  04:03 You can earn more by being a clean comedian because you can tell your jokes to a larger market  04:30 Clean Comedy brings you forward to your growth in the industry  19:50 People are starved with entertainment; once we can travel again, there’ll be a lot of work  20:03 I’ve done shows in five continents  20:08 the best country for me was Ireland:  39:08 it’s the “charity” that makes the people think they are expert in everything  39:00 professional gigs are much better than charity ones  1:15:20 Expired comedy; 50,000 words with a lot of [unused] jokes Resources: can Catch Shaun Eli at: Website: Merch sure to check us out at's connect on Social Media.Facebook http://www.Amigospc.netListen to us on iTunes on Spreaker on iHeart Radio
Today, join Scott and Mark with this episode's guest, Brandon Black, as they talk about comedy, how he got started, and his whole thing going forward as a comedian. When it comes to writing his material, Brandon opens up about how he prefers to just go for whatever subject possible, even if that could include anything that hits close to home. Anything for the laughs.Because of the pandemic, many industries were hit and were forced to adjust – including live comedy shows. For Brandon, restricting live events and resorting to online shows has been a real challenge. Far different from the experience people get from live comedy stand-ups, for him, any online show could lack the energy and connection comedians feed off from their live audience.As you get deeper into the randomness, listen as Brandon and your hosts talk more about the whole Funny AF experience, the etiquette needed in live shows, cryptocurrency and mining, Apple products, and so much more crazy theories and stuff!About Brandon Black:Brandon Black is the unofficial-official #HoodHumor king reigning straight out of Los Angeles, who continues to sell out The Hollywood Improv, and he is next to shine on the REVOLT Studios stage. Quickly making a name for himself, Black has garnered online and onstage attention as one of the city's best performers. Brandon Black is an L.A. native-born and raised near Florence and Normandie in the city's South Central section. He first realized he was funny while roasting classmates during lunch at Westchester High School.Even though he was a natural comedian, he was focused on music. He didn't pursue stand-up comedy until many years later after running into a friend outside a club who encouraged him to do an open mic. Some of his influences are the late Richard Pryor, Bernie Mac, and Patrice O'Neal. Other influences include Dave Chapelle and Mike Epps.Outline of the episode:•[05:55] The pandemic made me do online shows.•[07:54] On upcoming shows and projects.•[11:10]The story of being a Big Black Sign.•[12:38]Experiencing Funny AF.•[17:20]Is personal life a sensitive subject source for comedy material?•[20:12]On meeting Warren G.•[25:13]Thoughts on how to enjoy live events; Live show etiquette.•[29:38]What Apple doesn't allow you to do.•[35:21] The better pick/brand for mining.•[45:28]Theories theories theories; Should we shelve this episode?•[50:37]What could be going around in prisons.•[57:55]Trash Talk Segment; Brandon's last google search.Resources:Facebook: The Brandon Black Show on: out Offical AmigosPC Merch at: AmigosPC on:Website: to the AmigosPC podcast on the following platforms:
Arizona Native Mo From 93.3 ALTAZ and her recently started podcast Mostalgia join's the Amigos to discuss how she got started in radio and her Journey on how she got to where she is now in Radio, The Amigos Fanboy a little as we have been listening to Mo from her early KUPD days, we have some fun Mostalgia talk unintentionally finding out about her new podcast and we finally bring Trash talk back and let the questions unfold from there!You can find Mo every weekday 10am - 3pm on phoenix airwaves at 93.3 ALT Az check her out at all the links below. can find the Amigospc at all the links below AmigosPC Merch sure to check us out at's connect on Social Media.Facebook http://www.Amigospc.netListen to us on iTunes on Spreaker on iHeart Radio
Kim Lombard writer of Pink is in joins the Amigospc to tell us stories of the show and his previous bands, how he got into writing and acting. Come listen and join us on the journey he details out for us. Check out more of Kim's work below: Merch sure to check us out at's connect on Social Media.Facebook http://www.Amigospc.netListen to us on iTunes on Spreaker on iHeart Radio
Phoenix comedian and soon to be bound Austin comedian Jon Carden Joins us for a Mashup with the Amigospc and Stephen Settanni of A Comedy Advice podcast while we record in an actual Studio. The conversation goes sideways as we try to keep to Stephen agenda he nicely prepared for us all. Sit back and enjoy this one.
Los Angeles Comedian Susie Sitcom joins the Amigos and Right off the bat we get into parenting into todays age as well as Parenting kids who act. We get a deep dive into Susie's journey coming from the windy city Chicago and discovering stand up to her "brave" move to Los Angeles. A must watch or listen episode. you can find all of Susies content on her Patreon: all the Amigos links belowAmigosPC Merch sure to check us out at's connect on Social Media.Facebook http://www.Amigospc.netListen to us on iTunes on Spreaker on iHeart Radio #amigospc #parenting
Antion Vikram Singh Aka Vic Briggs Guitarist with The Animals joins the Amigospc to discuss stories of his music career and his current yoga album a couple of which songs you can hear through out this recording (with his permission of course) His Mrs, Elandra Meredith joins in to discuss the up coming album Antion dropping later this year. More Of Antion: https://healthhealing.org more Amigospc: AmigosPC Merch sure to check us out at's connect on Social Media.Facebook http://www.Amigospc.netListen to us on iTunes on Spreaker on iHeart Radio
The Amigos pull a page our of history and retell the story of how George Washington founded our great land we call America and who he really intended he wrote the declarations of independence for. A wild rabbit hole and the Amigos find themselves in an array of other topics. LIke, Subcribe and share. find exclusive content @ Merch sure to check us out at's connect on Social Media.Facebook http://www.Amigospc.netListen to us on iTunes on Spreaker on iHeart Radio
Stephanie Tejada self proclaimed New Queen of Comedy joins the Amigos as we discuss her career, what and how she is doing in covid our favorite hot sauces and much more. #teamtejadaYou can find Stephanie @ www.Stephanietejada.comAmigosPC Merch sure to check us out at's connect on Social Media.Facebook http://www.Amigospc.netListen to us on iTunes on Spreaker on iHeart Radio
120. Oh my Mamba

120. Oh my Mamba


This Episode we discuss a slew of topics from the shit show that happened at the capital to crypto currency and how to make some free crypto of your own. check more of us out at the links below: AmigosPC Merch sure to check us out at's connect on Social Media.Facebook http://www.Amigospc.netListen to us on iTunes on Spreaker on iHeart Radio
This Episode we have one of the Amigos bothers on. We discuss Carne Asada, our worst high on weed. and a hand full of other things. Dont miss this episode as we have a special guest star Bob the beard loving cat. AmigosPC Merch sure to check us out at's connect on Social Media.Facebook http://www.Amigospc.netListen to us on iTunes on Spreaker on iHeart Radio
118. Amigos Foodporn

118. Amigos Foodporn


The Amigos make a return from a long break due to unforeseen circumstances, once we get in the grove of things we come swinging hard. we discuss thanksgiving favorites, we start to make valid comparables with big out porn companies and big boy grocery chains. The science is there just believe us! AmigosPC Merch sure to check us out at's connect on Social Media.Facebook http://www.Amigospc.netListen to us on iTunes on Spreaker on iHeart Radio
AmigosPC Merch sure to check us out at's connect on Social Media.Facebook http://www.Amigospc.netListen to us on iTunes on Spreaker on iHeart Radio
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