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Weekly podcast of music from Washington, DC
201 Episodes
Paul goes vegan for January, while Tony shows off his new Mountain Dew cookbook. Tracklisting: DoubleMotorcycle – Year’s Gone, Bye [III] Xendi – Give It All [Give It All/Backseat] Enoch 7th Prophet – RYS [1 Moment, Please] Half Bath – Michigan [Michigan/Mother] KTW – Mary Anne [single] Wordless Flight – Another Morning [Emergence] Subscribe to […]
It’s our 200th episode! Paul & Tony look back at the podcast’s history, and reveal their favorite Christmas gifts. Tracklisting: Annie Stokes – Real Good [single] Shamans of Sound – District Vibes [DJ single] The Crowd Scene – Records You Love the Most [South Circular] No One Sphere – Bad Behavior [single] Prowess the Testament […]
It’s our annual episode filled with holiday-themed DC music and cheer! Tracklisting: Astra Via – Merry Christmas, We Got This [single] Lauren Calve – Christmas Is Where The Heart Is [single] Dumi Right – The Best Time of the Year [single] My Kid Brother – White Christmas [single] Too Free – Glue (On You) [single] […]
The Luce Listening Party, our collaboration with the Luce Foundation Center in the Smithsonian American Art Museum, continues with special guest Jamal aka Terracotta Blue! Tracklisting: Terracotta Blue – Rolling Hills [Shenandoah 2] Kuniva – Until It’s Over [Alpha Underdog] Diamond District – I Mean Business [In The Ruff] Ari Lennox feat Cozz – Backseat […]
Paul goes on a hike, while Tony captures curious scenes from around his building. Tracklisting: Bailey Avenue – Auditory Love Affair [Tied Down, Tied Up] KNO1 – Basic Training [Tripping] STAFFERS – Fuck the Brixton [In The Pigeon Hole] Lightmare – Chanson de Peur [single] East Ghost – 10 x 20 Gardens [Fin] Zen Warship […]
The Luce Listening Party, our collaboration with the Luce Foundation Center in the Smithsonian American Art Museum, debuts with special guest Sasha from Lotion Princess! Tracklisting: Lotion Princess – In The Summer [single] Asha Santee – Rock [Gingko] Knyves Escobar – Phantom Limb [single] Lotion Princess – Poetry [Take Care] Oh He Dead – Lonely […]
Paul contributes to a neighborhood yard sale, while Tony gets called for jury duty. Tracklisting: Hiphopmcdougal – Killer Party, Man 2: Sick Puppy Bites Back! [single] Kiri No Mikito – Siren [single] TCB – What You See [single] Coup Sauvage & The Snips – Requiem for a Mountaintop (Atoms Apart Remix) [Requiem for a Mountaintop […]
Paul DJs a baby shower on Zoom, while Tony finds a beloved musician on a compelling TV series. Tracklisting: Franklin Gotham – Keeping On [single] Bartees Strange – Mustang [Live Forever] Mettabbana – Latlal [Anticuario] Moozy – Don’t U Need Somebody [single] Broke Royals – U + Me + WWIII [single] Mary Madden – Charmer […]
Paul tries unusual ice cream flavors, while Tony sacrifices blankets to record an audiobook. Tracklisting: The Mighty Heard – Butt That Funk [WORD] Thalia Falcon – Kiss Me [single] Suburban Hermit – Lake FX [single] Knope – Broken Couch [An Exercise In Patience] Maryjo Mattea feat. Rogério Naressi – Help Me Understand / Mentiras no […]
Paul finds a new source for birthday cards, while David Blaine rides balloons to 24,000 feet and parachutes back to earth. Tracklisting: Don’t Mute Us Collaboration – You Can’t Mute Us [music video] Wim Tapley – The Woodlands [The Woodlands] Dreamcastmoe – (301) 341-7207 [Lamont EP] Roddyrod – Grimis Speaks + Cushions [Built EP] Ari […]
Paul gets foiled by Instagram Live, while Tony finds something in his taco. Tracklisting: Terracotta Blue – Rio Red Hot [single] Maddi Mae – Sorry ‘Bout Your Boyfriend [single] Tanner Carlton – Free Leaf Vinyl [single] Columbia Breakers – Brother, You Are [single] Night Train 357 – Where You At [The Nightlife] Sol Power All […]
Tony has eye troubles, while Paul orders dessert through Instagram. Tracklisting: Christylez Bacon – Quarantined [single] Marine Anthropology – Semiconscious [single] A-LEO feat. Jarreau Williams – Call Me [single] Kokayi – Pressure [single] Soulside – This Ship [This Ship] Amy K Bormet – Surreal McCoy [single] Subscribe to the Hometown Sounds podcast in Apple Podcasts, […]
Tony analyzes a wayward postcard, while Paul gets a trim. Tracklisting: Mister Goblin – Punk Band [I Used To Play In A Punk Band] Den-Mate – Think Like You Should [Hypnagogia] Bottled Up – Kilo [Kilo / Full Yum] Teething Veils – A House After a Hurricane [Canopy of Crimson] Glue Factory – Solitude [Sever […]
Paul tries some new Instagram-worthy sodas, while Tony picks up the ukelele. Tracklisting: Kill Lincoln – Confession Obsession [Can’t Complain] Clones of Clones – If I Was a Number [Super Available] Stray Fossa – For What Was [single] The Infinite Daisy Chains – Wake Up [Wake Up / Melting into You] Too Much – I […]
Paul livestreams more mashup DJing, while Tony has the floor pulled out from under him. Tracklisting: The Frontier – It’s You [single] Golden Browne – Get Down [single] Babbling April – Narcissism [Days of Retreat] The Southern Ocean – Friday Night [single] Continuals – Privacy [Three Songs from Exile] Stripmall Ballads – What Will We […]
We turned this week’s show over to rapper Ardamus and soulful songwriter Cecily to pick the songs and reflect on life. Tracklisting: Cecily – Hope [Songs of Love and Freedom] Ardamus & Height Keech – Too Close To Danger [Astro Blocks] Fertile Ground – Black Is [Black Is….] RNLification – Starving Artist [Build A Better […]
Tony adds a new dessert to his life, while Paul further develops his livestream DJing. Tracklisting: Black Masala – Afterglow [single] Frass Green – The Band Is Breaking Up [Death of Pop] Makeup Girl – My Time [single] Smoke King – Paper Bag [single] Scott Grim – New Old Flame [single] Jon Camp Trio – […]
Paul recounts a helicopter ride, while Tony binge-watches a dystopian TV series. Tracklisting: Flowerbomb – Sorry [single] Raw Poetic & Damu the Fudgemunk – Nappy Heads [Moment of Change] Yes Vacancy – Heavy Now [single] Jasmine Gillison – Concrete [single] The Sweater Set – Being Alone [Fly On The Wall] Anthony Pirog – The Shape […]
Tony throws back to Windows 95 pinball, while Paul figures out how to set up a DJ livestream. Tracklisting: Smokin on Planes – Interspecies Love [single] Brushes – Mars & Me [Mars & Me] Griefcat – Marseille [Griefcat] Kromanauts feat. Kool Keith – Heavyweight Building [DJ single] Big Like Bear – Dancing in the Rain […]
Hear our recap of the 2020 DC Web Fest, where Hometown Sounds was honored with a Local Heroes Award! Tracklisting: Bad Moves – Party With the Kids Who Wanna Party With You [Untenable] Blue Streak – Damaged [Damaged b/w Raleigh (demo)] Lotion Princess – Think of Me [single] Martin Royle – Pop Bottles: A pop […]
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