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Video Games stole ideas from D&D first, alright?The brothers are joined this week by a gentleman that absorbs and masters games. His skills make opponents feel like their hands and eyes are encased in tiny gelatinous cubes. Discussion is had about takeaways from the hugely successful Mass Effect 2, including roleplay concepts, mechanics, and a very good NPC named Legion.Supporting Content: Special Guest: Tanner Relationship BuilderCreated by: lyra256Inspired by: FiascoCharacter Builds:Legion
Inspiration for fiendish warlocks everywhere. Everyone feels a little down sometimes. In the world of D&D, you can just worship your local superpowered fiend, and they’ll fix all your problems, hooking you up with dark powers to boot! What kind of bargain will they make? The brothers discuss who they are and what they want in this episode.   Supporting Content:Ash Character SheetBoomstickBMW “Beat the Devil” short film
Magic, now with more juicy flavour in every spell component. We’ve all cast a magical spell that broke the laws of the universe, and yet, still felt like a conjurer of cheap tricks. Well, here’s inspiration on casting like a Balrog blasting bad-ass. By the end, we have some game improving strategies, some immersion enhancing languages, and some complete package spells for use wherever they’re needed. Supporting Content:Fantasy language translators at time of episode release:Dohvasul -’vi - - - - https://www.dothraki.orgKlingon -
Need 3 quick tips that help make a reliably hilarious character? The answer is yes, we all do.Attempting to craft comedic genius is challenging. Characters can very easily drop off the razors edge of funny and heartfelt and instead fall into annoying or frustrating. Well not with these three patented tips from live musical comic and theatrical comedy genius Robyn Slack who joins the brothers for a conversation on what small steps can make playing comedic characters as easy as 1, 2, 3.Special Guest: Robyn SlackSupporting Content:Success 5000: 5000 Facebook: webcomic: Permalink
A growing list of things a DM can do to prep for a great session D&D is even harder to play when the DM doesn’t prep correctly. If my DM brings a shakeweight, some heavy metal music, and statblocks for a family of Ancient Dragons, I’m going to have a bad time. Here’s the brothers with their second expanding checklist: What DM’s can bring to the table to play great games.Supporting Content: Checklist:
A growing list of things a player can do to prepare for a great sessionD&D can be played no matter what one brings. I could bring my old skis, 3 slices of ham, and an unsealed bucket of bees, but my friends would not appreciate that, and they would be confused. Way better when a little proper preparation is done. The brothers go over an ever-growing checklist of preparation players can do to create great games.Supporting Content: Checklist:
Meet a reddit watermammal that shares unlimited D&D knowledgeAnother edition, this one completely surprising! The brothers convinced the D&D subreddit superstar u/FamousHippopotamus to join us, and share years of DMing expertise with us. Specifically, we learn a new way to build a world, or a campaign, in less time than it takes to drown a crocodile.Special Guest: FamousHippopotamusSupporting Content:Main Subreddit: Building Post:
Meet some bugs. Then stab them. The Brothers chat about the most universally loved lifeforms, ones with more than 4 legs. More legs, more love, right? Insects, bugs and creepy crawlies make great enemies for D&D because they provide a universal point of reference. Every human ever has been creeped out by a bug. Supporting Content:Algrobs:
 Meet the Brothers and the Worst Massager In this very first number 1 ever made episode the brothers introduce themselves and hopefully build a little rapport with their new audience. You’re really looking good today, by the way. They give you tools to get into D&D or recruit new players, and then manifest a bartender.   Episodes RSS
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Yako Machaco

Would love to hear your thoughts on guns, explosives, and more modern weapons in dnd

Jun 18th

Travis Bonnough

Where's those comments? What class, race or game feature do you want to hear on the show?

Oct 18th
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