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Can you imagine a world where nonprofits increase their impact and move the needle on the impossible problems they often take on? Looking to bring the urgency of a profit motive to every initiative, inclusive finance promoter Tolu Oyekan shares the mindset that can help any business meet its goals with speed and precision. After the talk, Modupe shares more specific examples of tech that is increasing financial inclusion (and agricultural innovation) across the continent.
In a constantly changing world, it's impossible for leaders to provide employees with the assurance they want, says Vimeo CEO Anjali Sud. Her solution: lead with humanity and flexibility. In conversation with veteran journalist Stephanie Mehta, Sud discusses her experience connecting remote employees worldwide, addressing burnout and adapting company practices for the needs of the next generation. After the talk, Modupe shares some tips on embracing the unknown at work -- and practical advice on how to handle Q&As as a leader.
Nai’a is a product operations manager at an education technology company that has gone through a major restructuring. With a shifting team and a brand new manager, she struggles to make sure her colleagues recognize the value of her work and what she needs to continue achieving success in her role. Anne and Frances help Nai’a reframe her mindset to be around approaching the situation with curiosity rather than judgment, effectively communicating her needs, and seeing her manager as a collaborator. This is an episode of Fixable, another podcast from the TED Audio Collective. You can follow Fixable wherever you are listening to this.
After more than two decades as an anchor for ABC News, Dan Harris had a panic attack on-air . After that, he devoted himself to a life of meditation and mindfulness. But then an anonymous survey of his family, friends and colleagues turned up some brutal feedback -- he was still kind of a jerk. In a wise, funny talk, he shares his years-long quest to improve his relationships with everyone (starting with himself) and explains the science behind loving-kindness meditation, and how it can boost your resiliency, quiet your inner critic and simply make you more pleasant to be around. After the talk, Dan joins Modupe with some updates and tips on self-transformation.
David and his brother have co-founded a non-profit helping Black youth in Miami… but David still has a full-time job. Wanting to turn his passion project into paid, full-time work, David asks Anne and Frances how he can grow his organization without losing his energy. After, Anne and Frances share strategies for fundraising and approaching non-profit work like an entrepreneur. This is an episode of Fixable, another podcast from the TED Audio Collective. You can follow Fixable wherever you are listening to this.
Artist and TED Fellow Constance Hockaday shares how the captain of a trans-Atlantic community raft taught her how to voice her hopes and desires, inspiring a vision of possibility for the future. The question from the trip that stuck with her changed everything: What does inclusive leadership look like? Hockaday calls for mentors and aspiring leaders everywhere to answer that crucial question to unlock their agency and power. After the talk, Modupe shares a framework for achieving goals – both at work and in your personal life.
Teresa is the head of strategy at a small food startup, and she's having trouble balancing her desire to think things through with the fast-paced decision-making her role requires. After she shares stories of the collateral damage from the startup’s quick choices, Anne and Frances help Teresa reframe her concerns and discuss how the problem isn’t necessarily about speed, but trust. This is an episode of Fixable, another podcast from the TED Audio Collective. You can follow Fixable wherever you are listening to this.
Love him or hate him, ever since his debut in Star Wars Episode 1, Jar Jar Binks has been one of the most divisive characters in movie history. And the backlash against him? It almost destroyed the man who played him. Host Dylan Marron goes back in time to learn what we got wrong about Jar Jar the first time around. Coming June 28 from the TED Audio Collective. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts or visit
Remote work, while redefining the workplace landscape, seems stuck behind endless video conference calls that hinder free-flowing conversation and collaboration. In the 21st century, is that really the best we can do? Digital anthropologist Josephine Eyre makes the case for embracing the metaverse as an immersive meeting place that could help reignite creativity and communication. After the talk, TED Tech host Sherrell Dorsey shares thoughts on the future of big tech in the workplace. If you'd like to hear more ideas on how tech is transforming humanity, follow TED Tech wherever you're listening to this.
This week we're revisiting a talk all about your money habits -- they reveal a lot about you: your hopes, fears, dreams and other deep personal truths you may not even be aware of, says accountant Robert A. Belle. He shares how taking stock of your transaction history can unlock surprisingly valuable insights about what drives you to spend (and save) -- and provides practical tips on how to perform an "emotional audit" of your expenses. Join our host Modupe Akinola after the talk to learn about another kind of audit that may help you take stock of your work time.
Depending on where you stand, you may see the status quo as a result of unearned privilege or a simple reflection of merit. Backed by research and personal stories, lawyer Mariam Veiszadeh offers a much-needed perspective shift on the water-downed DEI conversations in business today, calling for real change in workplace diversity and inclusion that routs out biases rather than replicating them. After the talk, Modupe dives deeper into accepting your own privilege and the positive changes that can bring.
Kelli is a nurse at a leading teaching hospital where communication issues are not only leading to resentment – they could also be affecting patient care. After hearing from Kelli about the larger problems at play in the healthcare space, Anne and Frances discuss the link between communication and transparency and guide Kelli into taking matters into her own hands. This is an episode of Fixable, another podcast from the TED Audio Collective. You can follow Fixable wherever you are listening to this.
Paul Catchlove believes strongly in the power of reflection. Through every career he's held -- from priest to opera singer to senior management consultant -- he's benefitted from a habit of analyzing his goals, needs and performance. Learn more about how a regular practice of reflection can improve your decision-making, career and relationships. After the talk, Modupe shares actionable ways to incorporate a bit of reflection on the job, every day.
Youth leader Shreya Joshi shows why having "uncomfortable conversations" with people you disagree with is crucial to bridging the political divide. "When we are able to recognize what unites us, it becomes so much easier to have conversations about what divides us," she says. Join Modupe after the talk for some useful tips on navigating difficult conversations at work.
Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) boost creativity and profits, but progress has been slow: Today, nearly 90 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs are white males. It's time for leaders to become "rock stars" of inclusion -- and that starts with pushing through discomfort says veteran broadcaster and diversity leader June Sarpong. "When it comes to diversity and inclusion, we need bold disruptors who are uncomfortable with the status quo, even if the status quo benefits them," Sarpong says. After the talk, Modupe highlights proven strategies that increase representation and inclusion in the workplace.
How do you raise kids to step outside of their comfort zones and unlock their inner potential? Mother and business owner Tameka Montgomery makes the case for cultivating an entrepreneurial outlook at an early age -- and offers five strategies for emboldening young minds to embrace opportunities and solve their own problems, no matter the path they choose. After the talk, Modupe shares practical advice on how to give feedback that helps people step out of their comfort zones -- and find their inner entrepreneurs.
Women and girls are conditioned to believe success is "a seat at the table." Creator, actress and author Lilly Singh thinks we need to build a better table. In this hilarious, incisive talk, Singh traces the arc of her career from up-and-coming YouTuber to history-making late-night talk show host, offering four ways to build a more inclusive society where girls are encouraged and empowered to do great things. After the talk, our host Modupe shares telltale signs a workspace isn’t built with everyone in mind – and how small changes can make a big impact on making all people feel welcome.
When it comes to sports, is there anything more evocative –and elusive– than “the zone”? That mythical place an athlete goes to where focus is laser-sharp, nothing can go wrong, and time just vanishes. In this episode, Jody talks to NBA All-Star great Steph Curry about what “the zone” means for him – and whether or not it even exists. Then Jody works on his mental game with sports psychologist Dr. Nicole Detling, and follows Olympic biathlete Clare Egan in a step-by-step guide on how to foster mental resilience after failure.
Restaurateur Will Guidara's life changed when he decided to serve a two-dollar hot dog in his Michelin-rated restaurant, creating a personalized experience for some out-of-town customers craving authentic New York City street food. The move earned such a positive reaction that Guidara began pursuing "unreasonable hospitality" full-time, seeking out ways to create extraordinary experiences and give people more than they expect. In this funny and heartwarming talk, he shares three steps to crafting truly memorable moments centered in human connection -- no matter what business you're in. After the talk, Modupe shares a collaboration-sparking activity to help you connect with the people you work with.
Climate action has historically had a gender-neutral lens, but this lack of intentionality has actually negatively impacted women, says gender and climate researcher Zineb Sqalli. Using real-world, gender-equal programs as examples Sqalli offers solutions for advancing both sustainability and gender equality – at the same time. After the talk, Modupe shares ways organizations can increase gender diversity and promote inclusion.
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this is amazing ❤️

May 9th

Farhad Rad

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Oct 9th


oh shit here we go again

Sep 11th

Goudarz JZ

Jun 8th

salehe abbasi


Mar 14th

Dan Gleadle

this is incredibly simplistic and unhelpful. seems like propaganda to me.

Sep 1st

Ken O Donoghue

Such horse shit

Jun 7th

Jeremiah Etim

great one

May 31st

Dani Malawista

Anyone else unable to hear any audio on this clip?

Mar 22nd

Burhan L

great episode, thanks for the knowledge/guidance.

Dec 20th

Mir Media

Here's a good OKR. Pay your fucking taxes.

Oct 26th

Zoe Effa

It is by grace that we are saved through faith grounded in compassion and love.

Sep 29th

Riad Zalihic

well done. admire your effort and fights 🙌

Sep 23rd
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Haider Baker

if it's simple, ask for assistance... if its urgent then ask for help.

Aug 1st

Oche Chula

...lawyers happened... 😁

Jul 22nd


this is beautiful. thanks for sharing

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Jargalmaa Jamiyandorj

k oo l^&;2m8k

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Dec 11th


Talk seems great on surface but her statements sort of contradict here and there. On one hand she is asking not to depend on technology but then saying we have great inventiveness and we should use it. What we will build with that inventiveness if not technology? But I agree that efficiency can't work in each situation and we need friends in tough times.

Nov 8th
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