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Twenty three minute audio of expository ministry from #sundayatgraceSupport the show (
Mark 14 vv 43-52.mp3

Mark 14 vv 43-52.mp3


Twenty minutes on Jesus on trial before the Sanhedrin and how it is they just can't see the obviousSupport the show (
Under ten minutes on presenting the Kingdom of God to those who are found to have authority issuesSupport the show (
Twenty four minutes on the injustice of Jesus's trial before Pilate ... Jesus found guilty of being Who He wasSupport the show (
Thirty minute audio on the whole point about Jesus.Support the show (
Forty minutes on why we believe in one God: Father, Son & Holy Spirit at Lampeter TSD C U 15-10-15 Slides to accompany this talk are here: the show (
Twenty eight minutes on finding courage in the disciples' darkest hour ...Support the show (
Thirty minutes of audio on the main point of MarkSupport the show (
Twenty nine minute audio in the series 'Recycling Broken Disciples' from y GRWP at Milo Chapel November 1st 2015Support the show (
About thirty minutes on seeing everything but the significance of what you are looking at, to accompany the slides on the webpage the show (
30 minutes or so on how Jesus sets about restoring broken disciples on the Road to Emmaus from #sundayatgrace Slides to accompany this are here: the show (
About 32 minutes on Jesus recycling 'broken' disciples - making the shift between 'seeing' and 'believing'Support the show (
Thirty minute radio programme from Grace Rural Wales Partnership focusing on the challenge of the Lord's Prayer Slides can be found on (Search for 'GRWP Radio 2015-11-29) Group discussion materials are accessed through the websiteSupport the show (
Thirty minutes of interviews and Biblical comment on Community and the difficulties Christmas can poseSupport the show (
Twenty three minutes on Zechariah's song from the farm meeting before Christmas at LlanybydderSupport the show (
Twenty eight minutes on Luke 2:25-35 .... Contentment: the Key to Kingdom LivingSupport the show (
Twenty two minutes of background to the Christian Experience of God and why it's really ever so important!Support the show (
Thirty minutes on the Spirit bringing conviction to a critical world ... mebbe ... from John 16Support the show (
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