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Truth or Fiction? 
As a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist I've seen so much misinformation when it comes to using Copaiba essential oil (Copaifera langsdorfii, Copaifera officinalis​​). Download the PDF here:
If you use Cinnamon Leaf (or Bark) you'll want to listen to the potential adverse reactions like what happened to Stacie's daughter. Learn more when you sign up for (free) 30 Days of Essential Oil Safety Files at
Can you think of more reasons?
You've probably seen the recipes for "morphine bomb" with essential oils floating around. Is it safe? I'll tell you...
I help health care professionals who are looking to enhance their own professional expertise with essential oils. Are you a good fit? Apply here: 
Whether it's soaps, room sprays, potpourri, or rollers, you MUST know the safety of the essential oils you're using in the products you're making. You need to ensure they are safe for the recipient: not interacting with medications they are on, safe for children if used with children, etc. Here are some tips. Resources mentioned: Essential Oil Safety Profiles, Essential Oil Safety Files, CLUB, Academy. 
Know the safety of the blends you are using! Here I go over some safety concerns with the most popular anti-germ blends. Check out the safety of more popular blends (free) here:
As a Certified Herbalist (yes, I have that training, too!) elderberry is my #1 go-to for viruses & colds, as it has been shown to reduce symptoms and length of illness. Elderberries are the best things to have around during cold and flu season. Taking a teaspoon a day can ward off illness, and a tablespoon a day can help your body bounce back from illness more quickly. You can make your own very easily. Download the recipe inside the Learning Center.
Someone contacted me this evening asking if it was safe for her daughter (breastfeeding a 3-month-old) to take copaiba softgels instead of Z0l0ft. I was able to share with her how dangerous it is to replace medications (especially strong mental health ones) with essential oils.PLEASE do not replace strong medications with essential oils!PLEASE do not listen to people who sell you essential oils who tell you that you can.You could rebound! You could feel worse! This must be done under supervision by a medical professional (like your doctor, or a naturopath or someone who can monitor you).Essential oils are amazing! But PLEASE use responsibly.
You may have heard people tell you they are using essential oils the "French way" to validate adding essential oils to water. Is that really how the French do it? Taking applications for Essential Oil Safety ACADEMY™ here: 
Some things about essential oil companies you may not know, things to avoid when using essential oils, and some things to do. and
Learn why hydrosols should be in everyone's arsenal! Access the full class on Hydrosols inside the CLUB:
Did you know essential oils should be diluted before being applied to the skin? Did you know some essential oils have a specific dilution % that you need to know so that you can prevent irritation, redness, itching, blisters, and sensitization? Find out what the topical max is for Spearmint and Lemongrass so you don't have an adverse reaction (and no, it's not detox). Download the Topical Max Cheat Sheets inside the CLUB 
Are you ready to kick fatigue in the face?  Use this recipe to help your energy levels. Download and print from here: 
Why is there such a discrepancy when it comes to how many drops to add when creating your own products and blends?
When skincare includes essential oils, how can we know if it is safe to use topically?
Is it safe to add essential oils to a tampon and insert it for a UTI? Let's find out...
Isn't it frustrating that most of the blends that are marketed for congestion aren't safe for kids? I share with you my best recipes for congestion that are - you guessed it - free of Eucalyptus and Peppermint and SAFE for the whole family while NOT compromising efficacy. Visit the Learning Center for the written version of the recipes: Want to snag the Guide to Congestion that lists all 71 essential oils that ROCK for congestion? Visit this page: 
Do you know when to use essential oils topically, and when to inhale? I discuss a few options here, but I'd love to hear more from you! Send your questions to and I'll answer them in an up-coming podcast. 
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