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ep·i·taph [ˈepəˌtaf]


1. a speech or written passage composed in commemoration of a dead person

2. a final judgment on a person or thing

Epitaph is a bi-weekly, paranormal podcast dedicated to doing more than just sharing ghost stories and lore. We follow the ghosts back to the where their stories began.

We will share the legends, but we will also dig deep into the historical record -- newspaper archives, genealogical records, and other primary source documents -- to find out just who these ghosts were before, steal a glimpse into their lives and, then, share their stories with you.

We will try to discover how they died, what things they may have left unfinished, and how their stories fit within the legends they've become.

And maybe, by telling their stories, we can help them finally find rest.
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Resurrection Mary is one of Chicago's most famous ghosts.For decades, people fascinated with the story have been trying to answer the question: Who was she?Over the years, a number of "candidates" have been put forth. And, in researching this episode, we found one of our own.On this episode, we present the story of Mary Kovac who, we believe, may have been the young woman whose ghost Jerry Palus met at the Liberty Grove and Hall in 1939: The original Resurrection Mary.
Resurrection Mary is one of Chicago's most famous ghosts and, over the years, a number of "candidates" have been put to answer the question: Who was she?Mary Bregovy, like the girl in the Resurrection Mary legend, had lived on Damen Avenue and had died in an automobile accident in the 1930s. But, despite people who knew her while she was alive having reported seeing her on Archer Avenue after her death, Mary Bregovy didn't look like the girl who is normally described in Resurrection Mary sightings.On this episode, we discuss how she fits into the Resurrection Mary legend.
The Waldheim Flapper

The Waldheim Flapper


Chicago's most famous Vanishing Hitchhiker is, without a doubt, the ghost of the young woman (or women) who has come to be called Resurrection Mary. But, we'll come back to that.On this episode, we explore the story of one of Chicago's other vanishing hitchhikers: The Waldheim Flapper.
Between the towns of Uniondale and Willowmore, witnesses have reported encounters with Maria Roux, perhaps better known one of South Africa’s most famous ghosts: the Uniondale Hitchhiker.
The story is unbelievable, like something out of a bad horror film: A girl walking home along Wilfred Barrett Drive on the Central Coast of Australia is brutally assaulted and left for dead on Jenny Dixon Beach. After dying of the injuries they'd inflicted, her ghost seeks vengeance on the men who had attacked her, ending their lives one by one.While the lore that surrounds it may have been embellished to the point of unbelievability, at its core, the story is true.And what's more, her murder may have had ties to one of Australia's most famous unsolved crimes.
A girl walking quietly beside the road before disappearing. An old woman in a black tartan shawl carrying a bundle of sticks or heather, A girl who steps into traffic, disappearing after being struck. And a pari of Vanishing Hitchhikers.Join us on this episode as we discuss the Many Ghosts of Blue Bell Hill.
Today, on the eighth anniversary of the disaster, we remember its victims through the stories told by Japan's taxi drivers of the Phantom Fares of Ishinomaki.
The Lady of White Rock Lake

The Lady of White Rock Lake


Since the late 1930s, reports have surfaced of people seeing the spectral apparation of a young woman who'd drowned beneath the waves of White Rock Lake.And, she isn't content to just ask strangers to drive her home.
The Ghost of 22 Mountain

The Ghost of 22 Mountain


Clarence Stephenson wrestled to corpse to the side of the road and, then, panted and grunted as he pushed the body of a woman he’d once considered a friend into a gully and watched it disappear into a bramble of blackberry thorns.He thought she’d never be seen again.He was wrong.
Two mountains. One legend.An encounter with the Ghost of the Buckhorn launched two weeks of nightly ghost hunts in 1938. Dozens of people reported having seen her, having given her a ride or, even, having chased her through the mountains. And, before it was over, she'd been seen by hundreds of school children.But, who was the Ghost of the Buckhorn?
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