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Author: Chase Clymer

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Shopify expert Chase Clymer and his guests provide online store owners with honest, actionable advice to increase their sales and grow their business.
65 Episodes
Jaryd Krause is the host of the Buying Online Businesses Podcast which is ranked in the top 3 best passive income podcasts by Feedspot.  On this podcast, we talk about the importance of great niches and great products, jumping on trends, what buyers look for when buying online stores, and getting stuff off of your plate as a store owner. To learn more, visit: Resources: Jaryd’s LinkedIn Page: Buying Online Businesses website: Buying Online Businesses podcast:
Matt Bahr is the founder & CEO of Enquire Labs. Enquire Labs helps DTC brands solve attribution problems via post-purchase surveys.  On this podcast, we talk about how and why attribution helps business, how marketing channels are changing, and how post-purchase attribution surveys help online stores. To learn more, visit: Resources: Enquire Labs’ website: Matt’s LinkedIn page: Get a free 14-day trial on Enquire Labs at
Mike Stoychev is the CEO of SMSBump who helps more than 25,000 Shopify store owners to fully automate all notification and marketing processes in their stores. On this podcast, we talk about building out your SMS list, the different uses for your SMS list, automation, the best practices for SMS marketing, and how it benefits small store owners. To learn more, visit: Resources: Send Mike or Chris an email at or, mention that you are a listener of the Honest Ecommerce podcast and you’ll get your first month with SMSBump for free, have a $20 worth of credit in SMSBump and you’ll even have a white-glove onboarding! Mike’s LinkedIn page: SMSBump Website:
Kelly Vaughn is the founder of The Taproom, a full-service agency specializing in complex development solutions for Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants.  On this podcast, we talk about how Kelly came into ecommerce, the right mindset of store owners when working with agencies or consultants, Kelly’s optimization tips, and her infamous spaghetti recipe. To learn more, visit: Resources: Kelly’s Agency: The Taproom Email Kelly at Kelly’s podcast: Ladybug Podcast Kelly’s Twitter: @kvlly Kelly’s store:
Chris Meade is the co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer of CROSSNET, the world's first four-way outdoor and indoor volleyball game. On this podcast, we talk about how Chris and his co-founders thought of the concept of CROSSNET, how they marketed a fairly expensive product for Ecommerce, conversion tactics, the Shopify apps that CROSSNET uses and the sales they had last year. To learn more, visit: Resources: CROSSNET’s website:  CROSSNET’s Instagram page: @crossnetgame Chris’s LinkedIn page:
Sahil Gupta is the founder and CEO of Spase. Spase turns flat photos of products into 3D models. Gupta has degrees in Computer Science and Economics from Yale University and has previously worked for SpaceX, Microsoft, and Tesla. In this podcast, we talk about GLB universal file type, technology catching up for online stores to adopt 3D, VR, and AR product displays, and the future of Ecommerce. To learn more, visit: Resources: Sahil Gupta’s LinkedIn Spase’s website Spase’s LinkedIn
Mike Volkin is the lead instructor at He has built and sold 4 companies, written 5 books, one-best seller and now he is on a mission to help freelancers capture the freedom and money they deserve.  In this podcast, we talk about how Mike wrote his best-selling book, creative visualization, neuroplasticity, and some easy tips to boost your own neuroplasticity. To learn more, visit: Resources: Mike’s website Mike’s entrepreneur coaching program  For part-time Ecommerce owners and part-time freelancers. Free 4-course webinar from Freelancer Masterclass
Julian Plouffe is a Canadian living in Miami, Florida. He is the co-founder of Moonglow Jewelry.  Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, he decided to build a brand and start his own business with a product that he believes in. In this podcast, we talk about the marketing benefits of wholesale, date-specific marketing, and how a little creativity can make it easier for you to get the information you need from a customer. To learn more, visit: Resources: Moonglow’s website: Moonglow’s Instagram: @moonglowjewelry Julien’s LinkedIn:
Mark Fachler is the Founder and CEO of Veestro, the leading plant-based meal delivery company in the US.  In this podcast, we talk about Mark’s journey from an investment banker to founding Veestro, the difference between using Magento and using Shopify, using influencers and more! To learn more, visit: Resources: Mark Fachler’s LinkedIn Page: Veestro’s website: Type HONEST on Veestro’s checkout to have a 30% off any order.
Val Geisler is the Chief Email Officer of Fix My Churn, a team of specialists dedicated to keeping customers around longer through a better lifecycle and transactional email campaigns. In this podcast, we talk about the importance of looking beyond the list and remembering the human behind the email segments, providing a great email experience, and how to prevent your brand feeling like a vending machine. To learn more, visit: Resources: Val Geisler’s website Fix My Churn’s website Fix My Churn’s The Dinner Party Strategy
Duane Brown is the founder & head of Strategy of Take Some Risk Inc., a digital marketing agency. He uses his curiosity for people and love for people watching to run better marketing campaigns for clients.  In this podcast, we talk about the eCommerce Holiday hustle, taking breaks, being patient with campaigns, how to properly work with agencies, dropshipping, and more! To learn more, visit: Resources: Duane’s LinkedIn Page: Take Some Risk website: Take Some Risk’s PPC Audit Guide:
Mehdi Farsi is the co-founder of State Bicycle Co., a digitally native and innovative bike company specializing in bikes, gear, and apparel.  He is the visionary behind the company’s products and designs, as well as the driving force of the company’s marketing and large social media presence. On this podcast, we talk about State Bicycle Co.’s origin story, how communities give startups their initial growth, and how they beat the odds by successfully selling online what’s considered a luxury item that’s traditionally bought on physical stores. To learn more, visit: Resources: State Bicycle Co.’s Website: Mehdi’s LinkedIn Page: Mehdi’s Bio on State Bicycle Co.:
Dave has been online since 1980, which is pre-Internet, making him a tech pioneer and tech expert. He's also the Dave Taylor of and YouTube fame. On this podcast, we talk about Dave’s involvement with the history of the internet, how to come up with ideas for products, video production tips, and much more! To learn more, visit: Resources: Dave’s website: Dave’s YouTube channel: youtube/AskDaveTaylor Dave’s tutorial on how to leave a review on Apple Podcasts Dave’s book on software internationalization
Pat Ahern is a Partner at Junto, a marketing agency that specializes in WordPress web development and driving online sales through long-form content creation. In this podcast, we talk about Technical SEO analogies, ways for eCom store owners to come up with content ideas, strategic intent in blogging, and much more! To learn more, visit: Resources: Junto’s step-by-step process to help clients scale their online sales through content marketing:  Backlinko’s study of 1 Million search results Ahref’s study of how long it takes a post to rank
John Roman is the CMO and co-founder of BattlBox and Managing Partner of Carnivore Club, and he has six other brands in the eCommerce space in his portfolio.  In this podcast, we talk about the heyday of Facebook ads and their low acquisition costs, multi-platform strategies and John’s journey through his eCommerce brands. To learn more, visit: Resources: Battlbox Carnivore Club Going Gear 
John Hagan is the Director of Growth at PURELEI. He specializes in all things Performance Marketing. His current position is focused on transitioning success in Europe to other various platforms and markets. He has played a pivotal role in constructing a unique strategy for PURELEI that produces eight figures of yearly revenue with explosive growth.  In this podcast, we talked about dropshipping, TikTok as a marketing platform, transparency vs. competitiveness and John’s half million euro strategy at PURELEI. To learn more, visit: Resources: PURELEI website John’s LinkedIn Profile Know how to seamlessly bring product launches, influencers, paid media and events together using PURELEI’s strategy. Join their Facebook group to learn more
Michael Lawson and Woody Austin are on the Data Science team at Klaviyo, the leading growth marketing platform chosen by more than 20,000 online businesses.  On this podcast, we talk about data science, its philosophies and Klaviyo’s features. Michael and Woody share the most interesting and underutilized features in Klaviyo--observed through the lens of data science.  To learn more, visit: Resources: Klaviyo website: Klaviyo Boston Klaviyo’s newest holiday guide: 
Alex Ikonn is a dreamer and a creator. He co-founded Intelligent Change and Luxy Hair. He is also an angel investor in great companies like Calm and June.  In this podcast, we talk about turning bad experiences into good experiences, the journey of selling a business to being an investor, and the best mindset for businesses. To learn more, visit: Resources: Intelligent Change Website Alex’s Instagram @alexikonn Alex’s YouTube Channel Alex Ikonn
Adam Turner is the CEO of, an SMS Marketing tool working with thousands of Shopify stores, including Brooklinen, Steve Madden, and Native.  On this podcast, we talk about TCPA compliance, respecting your customers and using SMS marketing to give customers great experiences. To learn more, visit: Resources: Adam’s LinkedIn page: Postscript website: Postscript’s compliance guide Text “compliance” to 29071 to get a link to the compliance guide. Text “honest” to 29071 to get your first 30 days with Postscript free!
To say that Jordan Rolband is an e-commerce veteran is a big understatement. He was one of the first “Power Sellers” on eBay even before Paypal existed! Jordan is the President and Co-Founder of DFO Global, a performance marketing agency that uses technology to deliver measurable results for e-commerce businesses. In this podcast, we talked to Jordan about his early success in e-commerce since 1997, the right time to buy paid media, performance based marketing, and the importance of focusing on your core business. To learn more, visit: Resources: DFO Global website:  Jordan’s LinkedIn:
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