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We believe that people want to be part of a community that supports their efforts to be their "BEST ME". Our goal is to educate with tips, articles, and videos, applaud successes through stories and appreciate via recognition....all the while building your belief that what you once thought to be impossible can now be possible. It's what the Big Dreamers' Club is all about. Together, we can help people to dream and watch their contribution to others become even bigger.
7 Episodes
What does it take to become a master at any one thing? Why do some succeed while others fail? Is it physical ability, intellect or even circumstance that dictates someone's ability to be the best? Listen in as we share three laws that apply to everyone who has become an expert, or master in what they achieve in life. These laws can be applied and used to get better results.
The extra effort has started- life has thrown some challenges. All of a sudden 90 days looks REALLY long and you are wondering if you can keep your goals! The answer is YES! Listen to the call to learn some strategies to stay focused, excited and ON TRACK!!
Listen in as Jay asks: What if you could attract the RIGHT person into your business? Imagine that it didn't require you pushing them or prodding them to move forward, wouldn't that be FUN? Learn 5 quick lessons on how to become a better leader who creates better efficiency, productivity and mastery in dealing with people. Allowing you to find the right 2-3% people who produce 80% of the revenue.
What if you had a simple strategy for moving forward when the voice inside your head put up the roadblocks, would you have more confidence? And what if you were able to create relationships with the people you respect to and provide value to them, would that help you reach your goals? Listen in as Dani outlines a simple and effective way to unleashing your strengths and having fun with your conversations.
Listen in as we invite master trainer, entrepreneur, self-made millionaire and friend David T S Wood to share how he has created his Dream Life. More importantly, how he does it on a daily basis. David takes through the journey of dropping out of school at 15 and sleeping on rooftops to travelling to over 50 countries and now partnering with Sir Richard Branson on a future project. Join us if you want to be a Big Dreamer.
Listen in as Jay Herbert details how using the Power of Intention, specifically 5 simple principles, can help create more success in your business and in your relationships. Better results start with improved beliefs systems and it's easy.
Listen as Dani interviews two beautiful women Janine Finney & Lory Muirhead, both professional network marketers. Janine worked corporately for 30 years and knows what it is like to be over whelmed, overworked, underpaid and losing hope. Lory, Janine’s daughter graduated from college with so much hope for her future but once she joined corporate America, began to see that this WAS not what she had signed up for. She didn’t think it was okay to be waking up to an alarm clock, driving through an insane amount of traffic just to sit in a ridiculously small space called an office!!! But then they got involved in a network marketing company and became top earners!!! They loved the profession and what it had given them so much that they wanted to help others- so they wrote the wildly successful book entitled: The Flip Flop CEO. Listen in as they tell their stories, talk about the book and give their top 3 tips to creating abundance through network marketing!
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