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In this podcast, I discuss and explore a range of concepts, disciplines and practies that center around discovering and living a life of deep purpose. This includes enlightenment and meaning. Leadership and responsibility, discussions of social and sexual dynamics and roles. Pyschological and personal development concepts. The method is to integrate spiritual practices and teachings with scientifical grounding and lived
experience to cast light on and empower others to make meaningful choices towards transcendence.

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17 Episodes
In this episode I take a closer look at two specific situations where men have trouble with women. A common mistake many men make is believing that women should be ____________ fill in the blank. Easier, more straight forward, less bonkers etc., etc., There are a several ways to solve the problem of finding women a challenge. Some are wise, and some are not. Today I lay out these problems and discuss them through the lense of real life situations, including my own experience, and use that to present some of the solutions and practices that can transcend these limitations.
Today I read a poem by Robert Hass and provide an analysis and commentary on the poem itself. This is both a literary and personal interpretation of the poem. Exploring the themes and techniques of form, through to the personal and universal direction of the poem, and what I believe it has to offer us in terms of living our lives.The purpose of this podcast is to explore how to live with a sense of transcendence and enlightenment in our everyday worlds. To do so, I explore discuss art, novels and invite guests on to share their personal journey in the pursuit of their purpose, as well as exploring and sharing ideas that have had a profound impact on my life and the world.If you enjoyed this episode, share it with a friend, hit the like button and comment.And, as always, please give me feedback on Twitter. What did it get you thinking about? How did it impact your actions or vision? Anything you disagree with or have a different take on? Send all your comments to @MagicthemurphyStrength and courage!Love and ChiChristieYou can find more content
In this episode, photojournalist Rokas Juozapavicius and I sit down to talk about the risks necessary to live your purpose, the importance of death, living on the edge, crane swings, flow, the beauty and power of photography, riots, breaking bad as a kid and growing up to live a life of purpose. Rokas and I discuss the challenges and pitfalls to overcome, the power of vulnerability, and the meaning to be found in living your true purpose.This episode is a rerelease with improved audio. It is exactly the same as the previous episode, however the quality has been dramatically improved by audio software auphonic.comFind Rokas website here: Instagram send your questions and comments to me at thewaywithchristiemurphy@gmail.comIf you enjoyed this episode, share it with a friend, hit the like button and comment.You can find more content on true purpose and sacred
In this episode, we sit down to talk about the risks necessary to live your purpose, the importance of death, living on the edge, crane swings, flow, the beauty and power of photography, riots, breaking bad as a kid and growing up to live a life of purpose. Rokas and I discuss the challenges and pitfalls to overcome, the power of vulnerability, and the meaning to be found in living your true purpose.Find Rokas website here: Instagram send your questions and comments to me at thewaywithchristiemurphy@gmail.comIf you enjoyed this episode, share it with a friend, hit the like button and comment.You can find more content on true purpose and sacred
Today I share the number one mistake that most men man in their lives. The false belief that freedom can be attained, and that what they are seeking and need most in the world is - 'out there'.In this episode, I explore what it means to be free, and how to live out your karmas and desires as an expression of your deepest freedom, rather than as a false search for completion.
This episode is focused on perceiving, understanding and working with the challenges and tests a woman will present to you in intimacy.Many weak men do not understand that a woman's tests are to serve both of you into deeper love. They offer you an opportunity to practice consciousness and presence, to cultivate true sensitivity, and to charge the power of sexual polarity in your relationship.A woman wants to feel her man's commitment to his higher purpose, his unfaltering love, presence and his deep integrity.All of these aspects of your intimacy ripple out into the other relationships in your life, your work and the world. Listen careful and take these test these practices.We are launching a fund raiser to improve the quality of these lessons by buying sound equipment. Send in your questions below and support on Patreon.Strength and courage!
Our Passion & Purpose Interview is back!This week I sit down with Mr. Bastian Ott, a man whose living his purpose to the full by changing the climate for the better. Fresh out of his Masters and driven by his insight that the world needs proactive, cautious and courageous action in the field of investment and climate change, Mr. Ott has followed his heart by taking decisions many would consider illogical only to end up being far closer to his deep purpose. Bastian turned down a fully paid scholarship at one of the best universities in his field on a hunch and intution, leading his soon to be wife in a different direction. Only to have this courage rewarded with a unique opportunity to combine his duel passions of climate science and finance in Frankfurt. Now he works directly on his mission, for a company which oversees the redistribution of huge financial investments from fossil fuels and conflict areas into sustainable and green technologies. If there's a man I know to be living his truth and discovering it one move at a time, it's Bastian.Sit back, relax and enjoy Bastian and I discuss the Way.Strength and courage, love and Chi!Christie MurphyLike, leave a comment and check out my website for more content and resources - www.christiemurphy.netTo support this podcast so that we can develop higher quality content, become our Patreon and get access to exclusive content!
In this episode I aim to introduce listeners to the Primary Practice. A simple and exceptionally powerful meditation technique which can be performed anytime, anywhere and under any circumstances to access, transmit and empower yourself and others to the deepest and most profound levels of ease, depth and energy available. The Primary Practice, if carried out diligently, has the power to transform everything from your performance right through from the board room to the bedroom. It's about more than sex or success. The Primary Practice gives you access to your Divine and Eternal nature. To consciousness. And shows you a way to feel bliss, ease and presence, regardless of whether your on a high, falling from a climb/surfboard/pair of skis, or making love to your chosen intimate partner.I hop it serves you well. Here's my website. Visit now to learn more about these techniques and to regale yourself with stories of my (mis)adventures in acquiring them here: www.christiemurphy.netSupport the channel Christie's poetry, essays and short stories and courage,Love and ChiMagic Out
Today I read a poem of mine called Innocence & Experience. Inspired by William Blake, this poem explores the journey from self-righteousness through the fall and the painful return to innocence I believe we must all make, and make many times in our lives.I hope it serves you to deeper openness, oneness and the light of your own truth.Hit the like button, subscribe and support this channel by leaving a comment.
This week, something new. In this episode I interview my first guest. Vaidas Monstavičius. Vaidas is known in the extreme sporting world of climbing as Vman the Monster. He's an old friend and one who has been living his purpose through thick and thin for at least the five years that I have known him. Battling through city living, a contempt of office work and bouts of depression to continue living and giving his passion for film, the crag and following his purpose where ever it leads him, be that of the sublime power of nature in a solo-summit of Mont Blanc, to leading men deep into the wilds of Russia, to now, building a home, pulling the trigger to get married and raising a family.Check out CookandClimb here - like, leave a comment and check out my website -
In this weeks episode, I share a poem by Kahlil Gibran and introduce one of my favourite practices for grounding myself in the source.The contemplation of poetry and sacred texts. Such a practice brings release, a form of freedom from our loneliness and personal sense of suffering. It brings us into a power greater than ourselves and even offers us healing. Often, such a practice reconciles us to the plain pain, tragedic and absurd aspects of reality through beauty and truth and connection.Try out the reading and contemplation of poetry and spiritual texts for yourself. Take time to sit with a text which brings you fully into Being, full of thought and feeling, and yet deeper than both. The Way, at its heart, is my effort to spread greater consciousness and presence out to the world. I believe we all live in various stages of resistance and enlightenment. Each moment lived in presence has purpose, and liberates us. Each moment lived without it, is diminished, a turning away from the truth. We are all here to live, give, serve and die.Contemplation of poetry and sacred texts offer us an expression of another human being's effort to express their consciousness and give their unique gift. Consciousness itself, pure and simple presence with all that occurs, that has the power to transform, and bring transcendent powers into our lives. I hope this episode serves to deepen your presence and purpose, some laughs, and food for thought. Christie out.
Episode Six:Only be with women through men. To live a life of purpose means to be at your edge. Maintaining the delicate precision necessary to stay on your edge is not something you can accomplish alone. Being with a woman in deep communion and true love is not something you can maintain without the energy and inspiration you receive from maintaining your edge. That is why you must only be with women through men. True brotherhood is the key to maintaining your time at your edge. This comes from the presence, growth and a healthy sense of challenge other men give to offer you. The best type of men to be around are those living lives of purpose and dedication. Men who are willing to call you out on your bullshit, and help you install consequences for laziness and freezing in the face of fear. Men who see the truth of you, and challenge you, goad you, and wrestle you beyond your fears. Encouraging you to stay present. This practice deepens your trustability. Both for women and men. It is the cultivation of this ability to commune beyond the fear of the moment, which is the fear of death that gives you the clarity to know what you where you are, what you want and how you are going to get there. These are the some of the greatest gifts you have to offer a woman. It is only through these interactions with other men will you be able to penetrate the hidden fears which rests at the bedrock of your life and limits the clarity of your perception and thus the potency of your purpose and polarity.
Today I talk to the heart of a process which has been of frequent and considerable challenge in my own life. One which can, and often is, the source of tremendous growth, clarity and freedom - if we have the discipline, and understanding - to respond to it with wisdom.Closing to pain and suffering is an unskillful response to such an invitation for growth. Instead, choosing presence, stillness and awareness invites depth, and a resurgence of energy and directional masculine energy back into our lives.Spending time in stillness and deep negative emotion, if done with awareness and skill in this way, develops a strength beyond that of the material and physical. It transcends our circumstances. And can give us clarity, presence and a renewed sense of purpose. Qualities which cannot be taken from us, but can only be given away. Purpose, courage and love to you today and far in to the future!ChristieSources & InspirationsPaul Check: Deida: On Saving Time -
Today I talk about the process of a Vision Quest. The why, the how and what of this transformational process and it's origins and how I am creating a new form of Vision Quest in the Dolomites for the brave and passionate few.
Earn Her Trust. Today I speak about the Divine Feminine. The essential element of yin, and how this powerful energetic principle expresses itself in our intimate relationships. Most women's core is feminine. In this podcast, I cover examples of how this essence expresses itself in loving challenge - a gift - to the masculine core of her man. What she wants is his energy of direction, persistence and consciousness. I go on to describe practical approaches for how to move into the stormy, empty, or fiery moments in our intimacies. Men often don't understand how to respond when a woman is upset, or acting in a way he finds difficult. Many blame themselves, or try to resolve the issue with talking or rationalising. This is not what she wants. This podcast will describe what the Divine Feminine in your woman really needs. And specifically explores how understanding a woman's true essence empowers us to act with courage, wisdom and creativity towards freedom and love.
A purpose council is a group of people who come together for a single cause: to act as an engine and vehicle for the growth of each of its members.Listen to this podcast to discover how it works, it's benefits and practical examples of the different ways it can be utilised for breaking through fear into meaningful growth. A regular and consistent council will serve to clarify who you are, what your chosen life purpose is, and to provide you with drive and equipment necessary to step out from your habitual zone of comfort and into the fire of Becoming.
Episode I: What About Love?

Episode I: What About Love?


In this podcast I take a first shot at tackling the challenges posed by modern social and sexual dynamics here in the West. I seek to address the major grievances of the modern men's movements, typified by MGTOW, RedPill and PUA. I touch on the challenges posed by the most recent wave of femininism in the West.The Way to transcend these dark elements of our nature and modern culture is the same as the ancient. A life of purpose. A life lived towards what we love. There is no substitute for a life lived in with purpose, in the service of love. Such a life is complete unto itself and transcends the biological limitations and social injustices of the current system.
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Ria Degel

Listening to this fascinating interview while painting.. "You have to be selfish enough to go for the thing that really means something to you" is a hard pill to swallow but a pill of truth. Very inspiring to hear both your stories and the risks you take to follow your purpose.

Aug 19th

Christie Murphy

Hello, I'm Christie Murphy. Founder of The Way Podcast. Thank you for tuning in. Please leave your comments below, give us your opinion and feedback on our episodes, guests and/formats you would like to see. Such as a Q&A or conversation.

Jan 21st
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