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Philly People, Now Deceased: A History Podcast
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Philly People, Now Deceased: A History Podcast

Author: Michiko and Leonard

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Welcome to the Philly People, Now Deceased, a Philadelphia History Brother and Sister Podcast. Each time we meet, Michiko, who lives in Pennsauken and Leonard, who lives in West Philly, talk about the sordid, exalted, infamous and famous lives of interesting Philadelphians with one caveat...they are all already deceased, May their souls rest in peace. Follow us on Twitter: @DeadPhillyPeeps or like us on facebook
13 Episodes
This episode is in honor of all the medical workers and nurses taking care of us right now. We look at the beautiful life of compassion of Mother Mary Gonzaga Grace, our very own Florence Nightingale of Philly,  and the massive Mower and Satterlee Hospitals.  Check out our visuals here. Support the show (
Today we’re talking about a place that is gone gone gone, not a person.  Join history Professor Kristen O-Brassill-Kulfan, expert on poverty and prisons in the early American republic, and Candace McKinley, Lead Organizer for the Philadelphia Community Bail Fund, as we discuss the prison you didn’t know existed - Arch Street Prison, Vagrancy, and the Cholera Epidemic of 1832.  Support the show (
Thanks for joining episode 1, season 2 where we visit Tacony, and talk about the biggest Philly corporation you’ve never heard of, Solar Energy, and Philly’s first planned interracial community.  Welcome!References: Northeast Philadelphia; a Brief History, Dr. Harry Silcox and Frank HollingsworthWorkshopoftheworld. "Disston & Sons, Keystone Saw Works." Workshopoftheworld, n.d.,, Harry C. “Henry Disston's Model Industrial Community: Nineteenth-Century Paternalism in Tacony, Philadelphia.” The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, vol. 114, no. 4, 1990, pp. 483–515. JSTOR, "Roosevelt Barlow Biography - Black, Department, Fire, and Firefighters - JRank Articles." Biography, n.d., "Morris Milgram, 81; Built Interracial Housing - The New York Times." Nytimes, n.d., page for Tacony the show (
In Episode 7 we look at the life of  oilman William Gray Warden, the South Philly Atlantic Refinery he built that has been exploding since 1860, the gas layer under our streets and how one unsung hero prevented Philnobyl. Support the show (
Thanks for joining Episode 6, Part 2. In this episode we continue discussing the Delaware Lenni Lenape, the Ulster Settlers and how the Paxton boys formed Pennsylvania’s first terrorist movement. Welcome. Plus with Bonus rants on Thomas Jefferson, lies by omission in the retelling of history and the Liberty Bell.Support the show (
Thanks for joining Episode 6, Part 1. Today we center on the Conestoga as tragic victims in the destruction of William Penn’s Holy Experiment at the hands of his sons Thomas and John,  including the biggest land fraud in US History. Welcome.Support the show (
Thanks for joining Episode 5. Today we discuss James Forten, one of the richest men in Philadelphia in the early 1800s.  Born a free African American in 1766, James Forten loved his country, and lived most of his teens on ships; ranging from the infamous prison ship the HMS Jersey, to the Commerce, to many many other ships that he outfitted with sails. He lived to become one of the most pre-eminent Philadelphians and Abolitionists of our time.Support the show (
Today we are talking 10 things you didn't know about Cornelius McGillicuddy.  Like maybe that his name is, in fact, Cornelius McGillicuddy!  Connie Mack is our topic and the 1929 World Series game we all forgot about. Support the show (
Today on  Episode 3 we draw an arc of good works through some pretty hard times.  Join us as we discuss Sex Workers, Poverty, Riots,Design Schools, Sarah Peter and Anna Russell Jones.ResourcesAnna Russell JonesDisorderly City, Disorderly WomenHistory of Moore College of ArtA Guide to the Stranger, or Pocket Companion for the FancyAppeal to the Wealthy of the Land, Ladies as Well as Gentlemen, on the Character, Conduct, Situation, and Prospects of Those Whose Sole Dependence for Subsistence Is on the Labour of Their Hands Support the show (
Thanks for Joining Episode 2 of the Philly People Now Deceased Podcast.  In this episode we discuss the zombie apocalypse of 1793 aka Yellow Fever and the heroic efforts of Philly’s free black community, led by Richard Allen and Absalom Jones to nurse the sick.Support the show (
Leonard and Michiko talk about the King of Bootleggers and the greatest gangster you've never heard of ; Max "Boo Boo" Hoff.  Why don't Philly gangsters get the respect they deserve? We also talk about the diversion of industrial alcohol, Philadelphia during prohibition, Hugh McCloon and the 1928 Grand Jury on Bootlegging. Support the show (
Join us as we discuss Philadelphian Samuel Morton who set out to prove racial inferiority based on skull sizes.  Guest Co-Host Nathaniel Miller joins Michiko as we look at Morton's skull measuring methods, a little bit about the potential origins of black-face mummers, and a smattering of Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Dumas, and repatriation of the remains of enslaved people.References:  Take Action: petition Samuel Morton Americana of human crania in the collection of the Academy of Natural Sciences of PhiladelphiaPenn Museum Morton Cranial Collection in Jacksonian America + reference to the Fancy Balls Lapsansky, Emma Jones. “‘Since They Got Those Separate Churches’: Afro-Americans and Racism in Jacksonian Philadelphia.” American Quarterly, vol. 32, no. 1, 1980, pp. 54–78. JSTOR, Accessed 2 Mar. 2020.Edward Clay’s Racist Political Cartoons about Rich Black Philadelphians can’t tell your race Sarah Tishkoff Jefferson and his Slave Profit Calculations Mismeasure of Man Superior: the Return of Race Science the show (
2 Minute Intro

2 Minute Intro


Just describing what we're doing... full episode coming soon!Support the show (
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Christina Koebernik

Love that there is finally a Philly History Podcast. I had never known about any of these figures. Great job! I do wish the hosts introduced themselves in the beginning of each episode, though.

May 2nd
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