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A great conversation about the power of symbols with Judith Diana Winston.
A warm and wonderful conversation between Kristin and her long-time friend Jillian Kelly about the beauty of bee keeping.
A powerful GVK about Dr. Stacey Radin's work with young women and her book Brave Girls.
A beautiful expansion on the discussion in the first GVK Miracle Chasers episode. Don't believe in miracles? Either did they necessarily. Listen up . . .
Miracles happen around us all the time. Listen to Kristin chat with two of the three women who wrote the book Miracle Chase. An opening conversation with a good non-religious definition of what a miracle is.
Ever wonder about Tarot cards? A wonderful introduction from Madison Charap as she chats with the benefits of finding spiritual validation through tarot.
A lively discussion with Shakti Sunfire about mindfulness, movement and her Rhythm Way.
An ethereal and lovely conversation between Kristin Ace and Sunny Dawn Johnston about the angels around us -- seen and unseen.
An inspiring conversation with Christy Funk about radical self love.
Jennifer Urezzio, known for developing Soul Language, which is a method of consciously connecting with your soul, was in the studio for a wonderful conversation with Kristin.
Kristin was inspired by one of Carolyn's poems she saw on Facebook, which inspired this fabulous conversation about loving our inner child and ways to honor and support our wounded inner kids. Kristin sings at the end too, so make sure you listen to the whole thing!
Kristin shares about the many changes in her world and why she loves them and loves rising like the phoenix.
Kristin tells us a hilarious and harrowing story of how she learned to drive and gives us a great illustration on remembering our divinity. Yup. She connects the dots. Gotta listen . . . and be prepared to laugh and maybe even cry a lil.
Listen to Kristin as she talks with inspiring Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati, who is the founder of Divine Shakti Foundation, which is all about lifting up women all over the world.
A fascinating discussion with Judy Schneider about her work with healing through horses.
A great conversation about finding the sacred in the mundane.
A very uplifting GVK episode featuring Margaux Joy DeNador, coach, author and radio show host.
Another riveting episode where Kristin tell us about her cats and how she ended up with a family of 5 feral cats. Wonderful storytelling. Powerful message.
Kristin and Janet Conner explore a whole new depth of experience through the chakras with Janet's new book, Soul Vows. Expansive. Inspiring. Listen . . .
What are the animals around you teaching you? Kristin and Uma Valeria Carruthers, author of The Roscoe Effect: Eternal Animal Truths to Transform Your Spirit, swap great animal stories and share what they've learned.
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Erin Busteed Shaffer

is it me or is that sound she is making necessary?

Nov 4th
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